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Customer Reviews
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Aug 23 2022

He is good at what he does. On time arrival, great communication with guest, good ideas for poses.

Jess Chow
Jun 29 2022

Andy 好細心 影出嚟嘅相我哋好滿意 多謝佢令到我哋baby shower party 有一個美滿嘅回憶☺️期待搞其他派對再有機會合作!

Jun 12 2022

Andy服務非常認真,又早到,而且仲好快收到相,比預期中快好多!朋友都讚跟得好足! 多謝哂Andy為我地party拍攝,留下好多美好回憶:) 慶幸有搵到你幫我地攝影! 推介俾其他搵緊攝影師既人:)

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Actual Photography Services Requests

  • "Looking for a professional wedding photographer"


    Which service are you interested in?Wedding Photography
    Where do you need the wedding photographer?Other indoor venues
    Do you need hair and make-up services for wedding photography?No
  • "Need a photographer for company event"

     Hillview Avenue

    Which service are you interested in?Event Photography
    What type of event is the photography service for?Award ceremony
    How many guests are you expecting for the event?100 - 300
  • "Looking for a freelance photographer (to take family photos)"


    Which service are you interested in?Family Photography
    Where is your desired photo shooting location for the family photography?Your home
    Will there be pets or toddlers in the family photography?Both

About Photographers Singapore / Freelance Photographers / Freelance Photographers Rates / Wedding Photographer / Event Photogapher

Photographs are like portals that take you back to a cherished moment. Be it a wedding or a child’s first birthday, the moment will pass but only the photographs remain to remind you of the good times you spent. To do justice to these beautiful moments of your life, you need professional photographers who can turn dreams into reality. It is not a simple task finding out the perfect photographer to capture your life’s memories. With better equipment and editing tools becoming readily accessible, almost everyone claims to be a photographer these. But to find the best among hundreds, you will need to compare.

How do I choose the best photographer to cover my wedding?

There are a lot of things to look into before deciding on a wedding photographer. It is the most special day of your life, and you cannot leave anything to chance. First and most important is your budget. There are hundreds of amazing photographers and studios out there, but like all other services, the better the quality, the higher will be the price. So we can't always hope to get the best of the best to fit within our budget, but if you can afford it, definitely go ahead. Next, you need to go through their portfolio and look at the kind of work they do. Not all wedding photographers produce the same pictures. Some are good at candid photography while some are better at posed and movie-poster-like photos. What you want for your big day is your choice. Go through the reviews and testimonials written by other clients to gauge how professional the team is.

Do photographers always offer prints and albums for the events they cover?

This usually depends on the type of package you choose. Yes, most professional photographers do offer packages wherein a limited number of edited prints and an album are covered. The number of prints and the type of album, though, will depend on the price of your package again. Check with your photographer before-hand about this to avoid any confusions later.

Can I hire any freelance photographer for a corporate photo shoot at my office?

It is advisable to go through the photographer's portfolio in detail before hiring. Not all photographers cover all kinds of events. If you are looking for someone to cover a corporate photo shoot, you will probably need someone good at the portrait and indoor photography. A wildlife or wedding photographer will not serve your purpose in this regard. Although it is true that some photographers do cover multiple genres and may do equally well in a corporate photo shoot or a wedding. So go through the profile and look at their previous work before you decide.

I am not comfortable posing for the camera. How do I make sure I have good photographs at an upcoming event?

If it is you who is hiring the photographer and paying for it, make sure that you let them know what you're comfortable with. As a professional photographer, he or she will have the talent to bring out some excellent pictures without you having to pose. Photos look good only when you are comfortable and natural in them. So don't force yourself to pose awkwardly while the photographer clicks away. Talk to them and sort things out before-hand.

I am not much of an expert in this field. How do I decide which photographer is skilled and which is not?

It is not that difficult to figure out which photographer has real talent and who depends mostly on their computer software to work. You just need to pay attention to the detail in their work. When photos are highly edited to enhance everything from color to lighting to skin tone, you should know that the photographer probably depends mostly on editing tools. A photographer with real skills will play well with natural light and frame their pictures well with the surroundings. The composition of the picture that is things like the position of the subject of the photo, the direction from which the lights shines, the background will let you know how skilled the photographer is and how artful his or her work is.

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