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Singapore is a place where having tattoos equate to fashion statements, and with so many of the best tattoo studios in Singapore, who can blame the nation for wanting more tattoos?

The best tattoo studios in Singapore don't just give good tattoos, but a safe experience as well.

Call up any of these places and consult with tattoo artists from Singapore to find out about different procedures, price ranges, and everything else you could want to know about getting a tattoo in Singapore!

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May 05 2023

姐姐好好 好隨和好細心 我地溝通交流得好好

Tang Koki
Feb 24 2023


Feb 20 2023


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Actual Tattoo Service Requests

  • "Wanna get a small tattoo in my arm"


    What kind of tattoo service do you need?New tattoo
    Do you need the Pro to design the tattoo for you?Yes
    Does your health condition need special attention?No
  • "Looking for tattoo studio near me"

    North East - Punggol

    What kind of tattoo service do you need?Removal
    Do you need the Pro to design the tattoo for you?No
    Does your health condition need special attention?No
  • "Want a flower tattoo, looking for tattoo artist in singapore"


    What kind of tattoo service do you need?New tattoo
    Do you need the Pro to design the tattoo for you?No
    Does your health condition need special attention?No

About Tattoo Singapore / Traditional Tattoo Singapore / Tattoo Artists Singapore / Tattoo Studios Singapore

The Art of Tattooing is one of the oldest aesthetic traditions that continue to be all the rage today. There are distinct changes in how people perceived tattoos throughout historiography and how they are viewed in contemporary times. The earliest evidence of a tattoo on a human was discovered on a mummy dated to have existed roughly between 3370 BC and 3100 BC. His name was Otzi the Iceman, and he had 61 tattoos on his body. Researchers discovered that either ash from the fireplace or soot was used to mark the man.

Tattoos have meant different things across time. They have been used as markers of healing, to showcase victory on the bodies of proud warriors and even to punish wrongdoers.  

Is getting a tattoo safe?

There is no risk in getting a tattoo from a hygienic and established tattoo parlor, however the same cannot be said for every place providing tattoo services. The main thing you need to look out for whenever you get a tattoo is whether the syringe the artist is using to give you the tattoo is new or used. You must never allow anyone to touch you with a used syringe as that can bring in its wake severe health issues, some of which are life-threatening. Always ask the tattoo artist to open the seal of the syringe they will use right in front of you.

As long as the tattoo parlor in Singapore you have gone to is a clean, hygienic place and the artist shows you that the syringe they will be using in your session, it is generally safe to get a tattoo.

Is it extremely painful to get a tattoo?

The right answer to this is that the pain you experience is both dependent on where on your body you get the tattoo and the skills of the piano artist in Singapore you chose to work with.

Bonier parts of your body will feel more pain in the fleshier parts. The spine or the face are the places where you may experience the most pain, while the navel area is relatively free from pain.

How do I know to pick the right tattoo artist in Singapore?

Tattoo artistry is a highly subjective discipline with people bringing their twists to the field. In order to find the right tattoo parlor in Singapore for you must first look through different artists specializing in the kind of tattoo you want. Some artists excel at dragons while others are renowned for flowers or animals, typography or design.

With different people bringing different things to the table, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to tattoo parlors in Singapore. Find the artist you resonate with the most and have a meeting session with them to understand if they can give you what you want.

What should I do if I have a tattoo and I don't like it?

There can be many reasons behind why you regret your tattoo, from the artistry being adverse to the symbolism behind the tattoo becoming irrelevant. But just because you have a tattoo you dislike does not mean that you have to live with it.

The main two options you can opt for, both of which are available at the best tattoo parlors in Singapore, are either correcting the tattoo or removing the tattoo. If you choose the tattoo correction direction, then the tattoo artist in Singapore will either try to fix your existing tattoo, or if it is irredeemable or you want an . with this as during the period of pregnancy, their stomach expands and so does the tattoo. By the time the stomach recedes, depending on how heavy the pregnancy was, the tattoo may need to be reworked by a good tattoo artist in Singapore.

Other places on your body you need to think about before getting a tattoo are your face, neck, and spine. Not even the best tattoo parlors in Singapore can entirely get rid of the pain associated with getting tattoos in these places, primarily as the tattoo syringe is closer to the bones in these areas. , and you should be sure that you are comfortable with that before you get the tattoo.

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