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The new concept of Hefeng·Health Preservation opens a short-term exotic relaxation trip

Hefeng Health is a brand-new concept of massage and health parlor, which combines Japanese and Thai elements, so that you can feel the exotic atmosphere even though you are in the downtown area of Yuen Long, and experience the feeling of being in Japan and Thailand, just like going to A short trip, away from the hustle and bustle, cleanses the soul.
Hefeng·Health covers an area of more than 2,000 feet, with a quiet and comfortable environment. The Japanese-style maple furniture, bamboo pieces and plant decorations in the store create a sense of Japanese tranquility and nature, which makes people unconsciously slow down the pace, while the service staff in the store They are all dressed in kimonos, and will serve you homemade cakes, Japanese-style brown rice tea or peach-flavored fruit tea. The environment and even the small details reveal the local Japanese culture, and take you to experience Japanese massage parlors in Hong Kong. At the same time, in addition to Japanese massage, Hefeng·Health also provides authentic traditional Thai massage, which is managed by a certified Thai professional master, making you feel like you are in Thailand when you are in Hong Kong. Close your eyes and become nourished Body and mind, forget worries for a short time, relax stress, and restore positive energy.

Sincerely introduce Thai experts to be different from ordinary Thai massage

Many massage parlors offer Thai massage service, how is it different from Fengyang Health?
The answer lies in the fact that most of the Thai masters hired by Hefeng Yangsheng are professionals from Thailand. Inspired by the local massage culture in Thailand, Hefeng Health has introduced a large number of Thai massage professionals to come to Hong Kong for mutual exchange. Cai came to work in Hong Kong, and carried forward the Thai massage culture in Hong Kong. And the masters introduced by Hefeng Yangsheng have an average of 20 years of experience. It can be seen that the masters have deep knowledge and skills, and they guarantee that you can experience the same massage service as in Thailand.

Choose Thai ancient herbal balls with natural massage oils

In addition to hiring Thai masters, Hefeng Health Health is also paying more attention to the selection of massage products. First of all, the essential oils and massage creams used in the store are all natural ingredients and made locally in Thailand. Secondly, the grass balls used by Hefeng Yangsheng are also authentic medicinal grass balls imported from Thailand. Thailand is rich in natural herbs and Chinese herbal medicines. Thai medicinal herb balls are mixed with more than ten kinds of Thai herbal materials according to the ancient formula. The penetration of heat stimulates the body to achieve a relaxing effect, relieves muscles and improves fatigue.
There is a heart-warming story behind the Thai medicinal herb balls. The grass balls used by Hefeng Yangsheng are manufactured by the local elderly association in Thailand. When Hefeng Yangsheng introduced it, it is also in...
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環境好,服務好,唔會太hard sell

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