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Ear Cleaning
Far Infrared Therapy
Navel Candling
Neck and Shoulder Massage
Foot Massage
Foot Peel
Acupressure Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Chinese Massage
Hot Stone
Magnetic Massage
Thai Herbal Ball Massage
Deep Tissues Massage
Meridian Massage
Womb Warming
Lymph Drainage Massage
Thai Massage
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20 minutes ear candling
keep your ears clean


Senior massage therapist manages the massage shop

The holiday is hosted by six experienced masseuses, and the average seniority of the masseuses is 10 years. In order to provide high-quality and safe massage services, some masters have obtained some certificates and professional qualifications. On the other hand, Muri understands that the needs of each customer are different, so it provides massage oils with different scents for guests to choose from, such as: Bulgarian Rose Cocoa Oil, Lavender Sweet Almond Oil and Gentle Coconut Essential Oil. Different types of massage oil will bring different effects to guests. The massage oils used by Muri are all produced in Hong Kong. While Muri supports local products, it also ensures that customers receive high-quality massage services.

Massage Parlors for Every Need

In order to meet the different needs of each customer, Muri provides different types of massage services for guests to choose from, such as: far-infrared sweat steaming and detoxifying foot bath bucket and Shanghai-style manicure, so that all guests can get the right massage during Muri. You can relax your body and mind during the sunbathing.

Make the client's body really improve

Mu Ri understands the needs and preferences of customers before the treatment. According to the physical discomfort of the guests, the masseuse will formulate a treatment program that suits the guests, and will explain the effects of the recommended treatment to the guests in detail. In addition, masseurs will also let customers choose the appropriate massage oil according to their personal preferences. After each course of treatment, the masseur will also ask the customer for their opinions on the course of treatment, such as strength, comfort and immediate effect, and improve it in the next course of treatment, so that the efficacy of the course of treatment can be maximized and the body of the guest will be improved. The condition really improved after receiving the course of treatment.
Holiday also attaches great importance to customer experience. During the course of the customer's treatment experience, seasonal teas will be provided for guests to drink, such as: hawthorn mangosteen tea. In addition, the store also provides WiFi and chargers for guests to use. There are also independent rooms for holidays, so that guests can enjoy massage treatments in a high privacy and tranquil environment, hoping that customers will feel at home during the process. Muri also pays great attention to environmental sanitation. All the utensils used in the treatment are disposable. After each treatment, the whole room will be disinfected to ensure that guests can enjoy the massage treatment safely.
Over 10 Years Of Experience
Self Selected Aroma Oil
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Sau Sze Wai
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Jenny Ti

Jenny Ti

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