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Angel Beauty is a professional beauty agency that is both a classic and modern and trendy beauty chain store. Today, Angel Beauty adopts the traditional French hairdressing culture. The salon’s core themes are to aspire to live an elegant, intellectual, care-free and rich life and offers to customers an enjoyable, comprehensive, professional and personable top-quality beauty salon. Angel Beauty’s machineries and equipment originate from well-known designers in France and even the raw materials all come from Europe. Angel Beauty is the desired salon of successful people. Here, you can slow down your schedule, drop all your worries and stress and quietly experience this beautiful sanctuary retreat. Your soul will experience real peacefulness, privacy and quietness allowing you to easily drop all the troubles in the world.

Popular Treatments

【Co2 laser】
Co2 laser is a safe and effective choice to quickly remove warts and fat. The treatment uses carbon dioxide laser (Co2 Laser) technology to remove moles. Laser is a low-trauma treatment. The laser instrument used for mole removal can generate a unique wavelength of 10600-10800 nm, is equipped with high energy and penetrability and can concentrate energy to produce light waves. Because the carbon dioxide laser has a longer wavelength than ordinary lasers, it can more effectively penetrate the epidermis and dermis and effectively separate the melanin under the skin.
【BB Youthful Eyebag Removal Beauty Gun】
BB youthful eyebag removal beauty gun automatically tracks radio frequency, has accurate aim, is painless, and activates collagen growth to produce more collagen BB. The thermal effect of the collagen radio frequency can reach the subcutaneous layer. The increase in temperature can cause a series of biochemical reactions that can promote the metabolism of collagen. The automatic frequency tracking radio frequency mainly generates a collagen radio frequency field in a specific depth under the skin through automatic adjustment causing the polar water molecules in the skin and subcutaneous tissue to generate high-speed rotation and vibration so that the collagen is rapidly heated.
The increase in temperature promotes the activity of subcutaneous collagen, stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen and elastic fibers, increases collagen BB level, tightens the skin, increase the elasticity of the skin and gives you more youthful skin.
【One Hundred Pulse Peaceful Head Treatment】
There are four meridians in the head, the Du meridian, the Bladder meridian, the gallbladder meridian and the three energy meridian. These four meridians correspond to the brain, spleen, kidney, liver and heart respectively. We dredge the four meridians in the head and indirectly regulate them and this is beneficial for insomnia and headaches. More importantly, the meridians prevent brain diseases, stroke, cerebral infraction, cerebral thrombosis and the need for bigger surgeries! Without requiring needles or medicine, and using only bioelectric technology, the treatment will quickly dredge the meridians, open up the meridians, release nodules, unblock blockages, improve relaxation, beautify and diminish spots, improve sleep and relieve anxiety.
【Health-Preserving Warm Palace Massage Treatment】
Health-preserving hot stone can excrete damp heat and cold air in corresponding parts of the body. Health-preserving hot stone can ease women’s menstrual discomfort, warm the meridians, remove blood stasis and regulate the body. Health-preserving hot stones are not ordinary stones, the main mineral components are calcite microcrystalline stone. Its texture is very delicate, calms the nerves, regulates qi and clears the meridians. TITLE:Newest Promotions

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