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膠原槍全面、眼部及頸部+ DEP膠原漲卜卜療程
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FDA認證 Stella M22全面療程「抗色素+抗光老化+美肌」-送少女肌抗敏補水療程


Toby No Hard Sell Certification

Beverly Skin Refining Center is awarded with the Toby No Hard Sell Certification, which guarantees that you will not face any lengthy, high-pressure hard selling and bombarding, so that you can enjoy your treatment in complete peace and quiet.
Want to know how Toby No Hard Sell Certification can protect you? Please refer to for more details.

About the Merchant

【Understanding customers’ needs and no hard-sell】
Never hard sell and respect the wishes of the customers is a necessary part of sales. The Beverly Skin Refining Center knows that the conditions of the customers are different, and when it advises the customers on the treatments, the wishes and needs of the customers are first thing. The most important thing is that customers understand their skin problems and how to solve them is an important part of our professional field. Furthermore, the price is reasonable compared to the service. The salon understands that customers and the salon must first establish a trusting relationship before they can truly provide the beauty treatment. Service enables customers to reliably solve skin problems.
【Using our beauty medical knowledge to help you provide beauty service】
Beverly Skin Refining Center team uses medical aesthetics knowledge to tailor professional beauty service for individual’s needs. The salon uses international high-quality medical equipments that have received FDA, CE approval so the equipments are safe. Beauty treatment services is similar to mixing an alcoholic cocktail. For example, whiskey + cola is a long island, whiskey and soda is a highball. Each device has its own advantages. The laser cocktail therapy is to use the advantages of different laser devices and other treatment courses to make the effect 1+1 greater than 2, and will be based on skin goals of each customer to solve the problem more effectively.
【Professional service to give you effective treatment】
Beverly Skin believes that providing professional skills and effects to solve the skin problems is the first thing that must be done, so the therapist goes through extensive training and operation and learning such as picosecond laser Hifu instrument (ultrafomer 3), needleless thread embedding, collagen. High-energy instruments such as guns, ceramic muscles, laser hair removal, carbon oxygen cell activation treatment, Venus legacy goddess machine, etc. Make the treatment effect the most effective. After professional training and understanding of the operation, the therapist can apply the skin structure and external factors that affect the skin quality and other knowledge to provide guests with more knowledge. We also believe that carefulness, understanding and communication are the bridge to providing the best beauty services.
【Targerting customers’ needs to solve beauty problems】
Beverly Skin treatments target customers’ skin problems. Sinc eeveryone’s skin condition isdifferent, with different life practices, we use skin analysis equipment to analyze each customers’ skin. We ensure each customer chooses the treatment that is suitable for them based on their skin problems and get the most effective results.

Popular Treatments

All new third generation Picosecond laser with 755 mn wave lengths for faster effect
【Remove surface color】
We have usual facial spots such as freckles, sunburns, birthmarks, age spots, acne marks, milk coffee spots, congenital maternal spots and sunlight stains. Melanocytes are located in the bottom layer of the epidermis. For this kind of marks, you only need to repel the surface melanin and make it metabolized so it can discharge, be effectively diluted and removed. ​
【Patent treatment of concave-convex holes honeycomb head】​
【No damage treatment, recovery is perfect 】
​【Especially treats difficult to treat areas】
Normal 28-day regeneration cycvle:
Thermatrix Collagen gun helps collagen self-generate collagen BB to support your skin !
The korean medical grade instrument Theramtrix, also known as collagen gun/collagen BB gun/collagen eye bag gun uses grid heating to transmit grid-like energy to the epidermis, causing the epidermis to produce a thermal effect of 60-70 degrees. The fibers of the dermal layers underneath are evenly heated,
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多謝尖沙咀阿mon 一直幫我,專業又細心,介紹適合療程比我,依家無哂斑皮膚靚左好多!


Kay Lam
多謝尖沙咀分店Rachel ,我啲斑淡咗好多☺️

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Room 3B, 3/F, Mangan Building 18-20 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
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