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In 1985, Lawrence & Gertrude went to Community Centre for taking Leisure Courses. They met in Social Dance Class. Since then, they have fallen into the Circle of elegant dresses, beautiful music, exquisite body movements – Ballroom & Latin American Dancing. Lives become energetic, classical and special. They have then opened up their successful, spectacular & legendary dancing career. Wow! Ha Ha! That is not exaggeration. You won ' t believe there is on earth such a combination of sports, arts and dance that would allow you to enjoy listening to beautiful melody in graceful attire & costume! This is the website of Ballroom Dance / Social Dance / DanceSport. This is also the website of Lawrence Chan & Gertrude Ko.
Both of them have gone through a lot of frustrations before they decided to quit their jobs with good prospects and high salaries and dedicated fully in dancing.
Especially for Lawrence, as far as in 1994, he had had the preparations of turning into full time dancing. Not long after he had submitted his Resignation Letter to the Police Force, he then received the Accepting Letter from the Independent Commissions Against Corruption. The image, integrity & reputation of ICAC changed his mind. After he had worked for ICAC for more than three years, he felt that he could not concentrate in his dance training. The idea of resignation resurfaced. Ironically, he was promoted at this time! To thank ICAC, he carried on his work for another two years. At the end of the day, he felt guilty towards ICAC as he could not fully commit himself for his duties. In March 1999, he officially retired from ICAC. His superiors had persuaded him to stay with better promotion future. He would never regret!
Gertrude Ko was a Project & Managing Director with a Building Company. In 2000, Gertrude & Lawrence were invited to perform at World Ballroom & Latin-American Dance Spectrum with several top overseas couples in Queen Elizabeth Stadium. In order to fully commit to the preparations for this show, she decisively quitted her job. This is the beginning of her full time dancing career, which has brought Lawrence & her many honours and satisfactions.


A real dance learning place! Lots dancing events held, spectacular, learning & friendships!

9B Wing Lee Building, 27 Kimberley Road, TST, Kln, HK
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