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Hair are women's life. As they say , beautiful hairstyle which brings colors in the daily life of women so is important. However, in Chiba prefecture where we born and brought up, we felt that there are very less women with beautiful hairstyle.
I think inspite of the factors underlying the changes in the age and region, there are many ways to enjoy life, women do not get attracted to the beauty salon and there are some situations where you do not expect much.
Of course, this is not the case for all beauty salon and hairdresser. Some of such as Ginza and Aoyama where we provide high quality design, technology, services in addition to that we give enough time to provide good service.Though price is expensive, the style is not familiar to others and many women are not necessarily seating at one time.
On the other hand, the hair salons which are close and are easy to go to often leaves the training to the individual hair stylist. Therefore it is a fact that the quality differs hugely per salon and per person these days. With that, no wonder many females do not feel attracted to go to hair salons anymore.
How can we offer more beautiful hairstyle to women? It would be very nice if all our staffs can offer as excellent a design, technique, and service as any hairdresser who has the highest level of in Aoyama and Ginza. We have been thinking about realizing this idea for 30 years. This is the vision of DAYBYDAY.
We want to offer beautiful hairstyles to more women.
Nowadays, we have suceeded in raising quality of hundreds or thousands of hairstylists. It was acheived by the harmony between the hair salon PEEK-A-BOO, which has standardised the technique of hair design and upgraded it to the highest level, and our habit that we carry out a thorough investigation whenever we find good ones. This is amazing. I can feel that all of hairstylists of DAYBYDAY Group are improving their quality.
We'd like to open a new store in Chiba Prefecture to make the hair style of Chiba girls, and women as well even more gorgeous as we have done in other regions where our existing shops are placed.
Provide females with beautiful hair styles
1.I think a beautiful hair style is something
(1)the customer can be satisfied with
(2)looks beautiful at every angle
(3)shiny and easy to care
(4)a little trendy based on the classic
(5)people around say pretty
2.The methods of ""the offer"" that we consider
(1)Never keep customers waiting
(2)Quick and attentive
(3)Pleasant attitudes
5 Promises
1.We will provide the top level of skills with stable qualities through the nation, no matter who is in charge of.
Has a store in Aoyama, Ginza, in the cooperation of Mr. Mitsuhiko Takasawa PEEK-A-BOO is one of the most popular domestic hairdresser, every day training is able to provide to our customers as the same way as any person in charge of the 12 carefully selected style. Erase the fear of customer about [Can not always rely on the person who is not in charge]
2.Customer's time is very important
We make sure to tell the needed time counseling session. For booking time we use [ start.End].
3.We will held a counseling session that is easy to understand
We help the customer in order to select the hairstyle of customer's choice plus do the counseling to book the unique hairstyle. Among the 200 hairstyles which were born using the technology developed in training, customer just have to say ""This!"".At the time of counseling while confirming the hairstyle of customer's choice with hairstyle photos we will finish the procedure toghether with just explaining the pricing details.
4.We use chemicals which are safe and secure for hair and skin.
Using only first-class drug manufacturers in accordance with the condition of the hair, we will bring you shiny hair much more. For those who think that ""hair is damaged by the color"" and ""color must be the same with whichever ""Salon"" or ""home"", I promise the voice of joy and surprise will come up to you.
5.Guarantee the quality of the hair style.。
10 days from the visit, please do not hesitate to contact us again and again that if there is even a little inconvenient to the condition of the hair. ""Price"" that is the price received from customers that includes after-sales service. We will respond as many times until we are satisfied.


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