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Body and soul healing experience—IYASHI 超やし

IYASHI 失やし aims to provide you with a different healing experience of body and soul, helping you to achieve harmony and healing of body, mind and soul. There are seven chakras in the human body, distributed in different parts on the central axis of the body, which have an important impact on people's physical and psychological states. In IYASHI's course of treatment, the healing method mainly achieves the best curative effect by regulating the chakras of the energy center of the human body. The therapist will adjust the chakras according to individual needs, help balance and activate the chakras, so as to effectively relieve physical fatigue, stress and psychological discomfort.

Multi-variety massage therapy helps to relieve health and shape the body

IYASHI is a series of treatments to help you gradually restore the balance and health of your body and mind. We especially recommend "Pure Natural Aromatherapy All-round Therapy". According to your physical condition, you can use home-made essential oils, scented and functional all-natural aromatherapy essential oils to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, relax muscles, eliminate fatigue and remove edema, etc. Efficacy, suitable for office workers who are busy and do little exercise. In addition, the "seven-wheel frequency modulation massage" will detect the value of the seven major chakras through testing, and use chakra frequency modulation and manual massage to improve imbalance problems and comprehensively improve the state of mind and body. Ladies' favorite treatments must be "Scraping and Detoxification", "Exilis Ultra 360 Body Sculpting Collagen Gun" and "Healthy Meridian Apparatus". Detoxification helps all beauty-loving women realize their multiple wishes of health preservation, body shaping and beauty.

Personalized Exclusive Experience

IYASHI's professional therapists will provide you with detailed consultation, customize the most suitable course of treatment for you according to your physical condition and needs, ensure you get the best healing effect, and improve various problems in a targeted manner. If you choose body, mind and soul massage therapy, IYASHI will specially prepare the aroma diffuser oil that suits you or you like, so that the aroma will accompany you throughout the course of treatment, giving you an unprecedented sense of healing.

Designed to achieve your body, mind and soul balance and health

In order to allow you to obtain the best healing effect, IYASHI has specially set up a healing area to provide a highly private space for you to completely relax your body and mind for spiritual healing. During the course of treatment, the therapist will prepare a comfortable bed and melodious music for you, allowing you to have a healing massage in the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. IYASHIyuやし hopes that this pleasant and relaxing treatment experience can help you better restore the balance and health of your body and mind.

IYASHI brings you 5 healing feelings

1) Hearing enjoyment: Play FM music, vibration and frequency are very important to human life, although they are invisible forces, they affect our life all the time. The soft and warm audio in the IYASHI 失やし store can make you feel relaxed and has healing effects; 2) Touch enjoyment: Different from general beauty massage treatments, the therapist focuses on healing through hands, allowing guests to completely release, massage therapy Combined with natural aromatherapy essential oils, you can get better healing effects physically and mentally; 3) Visual enjoyment: The store decoration adopts the earth-colored cream style, simple and natural colors and designs, allowing customers to feel immediately when they enter the store Relaxing and healing atmosphere; 4) Taste enjoyment: After the treatment, IYASHI will also provide you with fragrant seasonal flower tea and exquisite desserts, so that you can add a little sweetness, so that you can enjoy the healing process 5) Smell enjoyment: Fragrance can effectively change people's emotions, so the store sets up different functions of essential oils in each area, and corresponding to different situations, it is necessary to carry out aromatherapy to achieve The enjoyment of olfactory healing.
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環境舒服relax, 可以好好放鬆既地方,花茶好飲


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