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R4 Generation German Eyelash Regeneration Technology
Using cutting-edge instruments, open the absorption tube at the root of the eyelashes to activate the hair follicle tissue
[New Customer Promotion] R4 Generation German Eyelash Regeneration Technology
・R4 Generation German Eye Lash Regrowth Technology ・Complementary lower eyelash, R4 generation 1x eyelash growth serum (price: $780) ・Complementary JC Beauty 1x half price facial Coupon About the Treatment - Exclusive in Hong Kong R4 Generation German Eye Lash Regrowth Technology - Miraculously long real eyelashes, maximum length 13mm - Does not contain drugs, stimulants, is safe and effective - Will not have dark eyebags, no side effects - Germany high-quality materials, SGS testing approved - Thermodynamic activity low, survival rate 98% 🥇3x Per Treatment, Effective 1-2 years‼ Principles: JC Beauty’s eyelash regrowth uses cutting-edge equipment, absorb through the roots of eyelashes, activate hair follicle tissue, replenish nutrients, eyelash will grow naturally, no side effects, is safe and effective. Lashes are not planted, no fake eyelashes! No need to spend money on implanting false eyelashes every month! Treatment duration 45 to 60 minutes. About the Merchant JC Beauty’s mission is to help everyone unveil their beauty, with good service, quality products, effective and safe equipments and our techniques to help every customer achieve fast and effective regrowth. This is the most effective and long lasting beauty treatment. JC Beauty has established a one-time paying model, and customers can choose the number of treatments to undertake. Customers won’t have to spend a lot of money and can enjoy treatments that are custom designed for them. Believing everyone can be beautiful, JC Beauty strives to use high quality products and highly effective equipments, a one-time payment will cover a complete treatment.


【One-Time Charge】
JC Beauty's philosophy is everyone can be beautiful. With excellent service, quality products, effective and safe equipments and our rich experience we allow every customer to experience the most effective, natural, quickest and most long-lasting beauty procedure.
JC Beauty has established a single fee model where the customer determines the number of treatments. You don't have to bear the high cost of beauty treatments and you can enjoy the appropriate treatments based on your needs. Maintaining the concept of "everyone can be beautiful", JC Beauty insists on using high-quality products and high-efficiency safety equipment to give customers a complete experience at a one-time charge, which is extremely cost-effective!
【JC Beauty's Treatments Focus on Quality and Thorough Service】
In addition to striving to provide the best beauty treatments so customers can enjoy the most effective and long-lasting treatment. JC Beauty attaches great importance to a hospitable service attitude and all employees have rich experience and are familiar with various beauty techniques. We firmly believe that a reasonable fee model coupled with high-quality service can win the support of customers.

Popular Treatments

【Hong Kong Exclusive R4 Generation German Eyelash Regeneration】
Real long eyelashes up to 13mm
🔹 Does not contain medicine or hormones, is safe and effective
🔹Will not have dark eye circles, red eyes, no side-effects
🔹German high-quality materials SGS testing and approval
🔹Active low molecules 98% survival rate
🥇3x per treatment Effects last for 1~2 years‼️
World's Most Effective Super Picosecond】
JC Beauty's one-time charge model,enjoy top true picoseconds
🔹the world's fastest crushing of various stains, whitening, minimize pores and anti-wrinkle
🔹Quickly remove acne marks, eczema marks and remove pigmentation
🔹Peak energy ⬆️stimulates comprehensive collagen regeneration and removes bumps🥇
🔸Safe, painless and non-invasive, no longer like elastic
🔸No scabbing, no damage, can apply make-up instantly https://staticfiles2.hellotoby.com/gallery/2020/04/90572366.jpeg
【Skin Quality】
JC Beauty From the root of the skin problem, you can directly solve the cell problem and the latest upgrade has the effect of repairing inside and outside⬆️
✅Eliminate defective cells
✅Upgrade repair and rearrange cell U
✅Immediately open the cell absorption tube by 5 times
✅ Restore skin and cells' healthy condition
✅ Update and repair "damaged and aging skin"
✅Purifies and detoxifies the skin, brighten the skin color
✅ Increase the skin's immunity

Additional Information

【Why Acne Scars Form?】
Why should acne cover your beautiful face? Why is it that when it is hot season, your face gets oily and shiny? Acne is a common skin problem but many people do not know how to handle it. If you want to get rid of acne, you need to know its cause in order to completely treat and eradicate them.
<<Causes of Acne>>
Pimples and acne are a kind of chronic hair follicle sebaceous gland inflammation which is caused by excessive secretion of male hormones which accumulates in the pores as oil plugs and infection by bacteria causes the red and swollen acne. Oily skin would often have bigger pores than other skin types with a thick stratum corneum. When it is summer time, the face gets very oily especially in the T zone of the nose. Excessive oil secretion can clog pores and cause acne formation. Your food and drinking habits, high fat and consuming spicy food and other food that is stimulating can cause acne formation. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid irritating the sweat glands of the skin and causing abnormal oil secretion.
Resting time can also greatly affect your acne problems. Disruptions in resting time can lead to endocrine disorders. Make the hair follicle sebaceous duct abnormal keratinization and hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands will then cause acne.
Cleaning: improper cleaning and care will cause the skin to lose the weak acid protection of the natural sebum membrane and cause bacteria to develop into acne.
Once we know the cause of acne, we need to pay particular attention to it. Choosing the most effective skin treatment, destroy and remove the acne!
Try JC Beauty's latest skin quality quick fix.
If you often have acne, pimple, stone acne,is often sensitive and flushed and already moisturizes everyday then this treatment is right for you.
✅Targeting acne, pimples, dark spots and etc.
✅Eliminate defective cells
✅Repair and rearrange cells to healthy ones
✅Repair damaged and aging skin
✅Improve skin complexion, clean and detoxify skin
Solve the root cause of the cell problem, reorganize the cell channel and directly turn into healthy cells.
Try this treatment for 3-5x and the skin will become more neutral.
【Why are pores always bothering me?】
Big pores is a common problem that many people share. People also have black heads causing concern. However once you know the cause of big pores you can use the right treatment to solve the problem. Pores is a common problem that can be caused by various reasons and the four main reasons are as below:
1.Sebaceous glands secrete excess sebum causing the pores to enlarge
Strong sebaceous gland secretion causing the secretion to be very complicated and the sebum accumulates on the skin enlarging the pores.
2.Aging skin causes pores to loosen and expand
As our bodies age and are exposed to the sun and pollution, the skin will age and collagen level will reduce. The collagen functions to support our pores, if the collagen level is reduced then our pores will also loosen and expand.
3. Incorrect skin care – oil and water balance. If you ignore the importance of moisturizing causing an imbalance in water and oil level combined with excess sebum secretion, pores will enlarge.
4.Acne (problematic skin)
Acne causes our skin to be rough and not only destroys the dermal structure it also destroys pore structure causing the pores to become bigger。
After knowing the cause of pore problems, we need to choose scientific skin care methods and follow professional advice so we can spend less money and effectively and quickly eliminate pore problems.
JC Beauty has two picoseconds:
- The world’s most effective and fastest ”super picosecond 300”
-“PicoSecond second generation “picosecond
to help you instantly solve your pore problems!
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CaCa Manying H
做咗一個孕睫療程真係好有驚喜,睫毛粗咗同密咗好多,不枉一路以來咁比心機搽精華,宜家搽少少睫毛液效果已經好誇張,bye bye植睫毛,bye bye 假睫毛🤗

Queenie Chan
仲記得第一次去JC度,係做黑眼圈加孕睫。直到依家都繼續keep住做,都已經9個月。當中雖然有時都隔左個幾2個月先做,不過都已經不經不覺,黑眼圈淡左,睫毛粗左長左又密左。化妝可能都遮到黑眼圈,但睫毛真係好易睇,好多人都問我點解睫毛咁長咁密,我真係暗暗高興� 依家除左黑眼圈同孕睫,仲做埋皮秒。JC勁好比我皮秒做落背,我本身冇暗瘡印,純粹係自己手多r佢好易整損然後有印,依家只係做左2次已經好明顯有改善� 最衰留言冇得up相,唔係真係比你地睇到啲效果真係唔得了� JC真係我去過最friendly,

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