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Toby No Hard Sell Certification

JC Beauty is awarded with the Toby No Hard Sell Certification, which guarantees that you will not face any lengthy, high-pressure hard selling and bombarding, so that you can enjoy your treatment in complete peace and quiet.
Want to know how Toby No Hard Sell Certification can protect you? Please refer to https://toby.fyi/5VCNO2 for more details.

About the merchant

【Pricing is Up to You】
JC Beauty believes everyone is beautiful and provides good service, quality products, effective equipment in combination with our experienced skills. All of our customers can obtain fast, natural long-lasting and effective beauty treatments.
JC Beauty established「single payment」,number of treatments is completely up to the customer. There are no high beauty fees, we give you customized suitable treatments so you can enjoy yourself. JC Beauty also believes everyone can be beautiful and uses high quality and effective equipments.
【Products and service quality in JC Beauty’s treatments】
Aside from doing our best to provide high-quality beauty services so our customers can have effective and long-lasting treatments, JC Beauty also values service attitude. Our employees have many years of experience and are familiar with different kinds of beauty techniques. We also have affordable pricing to win customers’ support. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEHp4rvUE7Y

Popular Treatments

【Only One in Hong Kong R4 German originated false lash regeneration treatment】
False real lashes 13mm
🔹Does not contain chemicals, steroids, safe and effective
🔹no dark circles, red eyes or negative side effect
🔹German quality products recognized by SGsS
🔹Recovery rate 98%
3x in One Treatment, Results are Long-Lasting
【World ranked, Pico-second】
JC Beauty charges a single transaction and provides top authentic Picosecond
【Skin Quality Turner】
JC Beauty solves your problems from the skin to cells and is the fastest upgrade effect ⬆

Knowledge Sharing

【Acne Causes】
Why should acne cover your beautiful cheeks? Why is your face greasy in the hot weather?Acne muscles are the most common skin problems but many people feel helpless against it. To cure acne, we need to first find the cause of it.
<<Causes of Acne>>
Acne are a kind of chronic hair follicle sebaceous gland inflammation which is caused by excessive secretion of hormones in the body, which accumulates in hair follicles to form fat plugs, and secondary bacteria infections form red and swollen acne. The pores of oily skin are larger than those of ordinary people, and the stratum corneum is thicker. In the summer, the face is shiny, especially the oil in the T zone. Excessive oil secretion can clog pores and cause acne formation. Eating habits - high fat, spicy foods and other irritating food can cause acne, so avoid irritating the sweat glands of the skin and causing abnormal oil secretion. There are many other causes also.
Try JC Beauty’s latest skin quality treatment if you often have black heads, acne, stone sores, or you are often sensitive and reddened and you have been moisturizing and glycerin every day, yet the skin does not seem to improve.
【Why do I have large pores?】
1.Excessive secretion of sebaceous glance enlarges pores
2.The aging of the skin causes our pores to loosen
3. Incorrect skin care - water and oil balance
4.Acne prone problematic skin
JC Beauty has two picoseconds:
- The world’s fastest and most efficient “Super Pico 300”
- “PicoSecond II” picosecond can help you quickly solve pore problems!
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No Hard Sell


Kate Yiu

Miss Hung
呢間真係唔hard sell,用效果吸引你再去,我打一次斑已經無左7-8成斑,可惜我有日曬親,要再打過

Miss Hung
職員友善過程無sell, 完左有介紹plan 但一啲都唔hard sell, 療程好有效,激光在3-4日後甩左焦後就見到明顯效果,用效果來證明佢值得!

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Pay Per Visit
Good Reputation
Private Room
Regular Use of Sanitizer Spray
Compulsory Hand Sanitizing for Customers
Body Temperature Check for Customers
Compulsory Hand Sanitizing for Staff
One-Off & Individually Packed Tools
Additional Cleaning for Machines and Equipments
Body Temperature Check for Staff
All Staff Wear Masks
Exclusive Product
Personalized Treatment