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Facial Care
Face Slimming/Firming
Body Care
Breast Enhancement
Eyebag Removal
Mole & Wart Removal
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Plason Plasma Flawless BB Skin
Plasma regains BB muscles
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SONIC RF Cell Filler
Intense moisturizing, restore goddess skin
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Ultra Spa Moisturizer
Exfoliate and clean skin
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Toby never sells certification

Re-Origin Skincare Center has been certified by Toby Never Hard Sell, which guarantees that you will stay away from lengthy, high-pressure sales and fatigue bombing, and you can perform services with peace of mind.
Want to know how the Toby Never Hard Sell certification can protect you? For details, please refer to

Experienced beauticians provide you with professional services

Re-Origin Skincare Center provides you with experienced beauticians, all of whom have more than 10 years of experience, so that you can safely leave your skin problems to the professional team. Want to strengthen skin moisture lock and moisturize in autumn and winter? Or improve skin acne, blackheads, acne, pores and other problems in spring and summer? The beautician will not only carry out the course of treatment, but also conduct professional skin analysis for the customer before the course of treatment, and tailor-made the beauty treatment course to ensure that the skin condition can be improved according to the problem and skin quality. After the treatment is completed, the beautician will follow up and provide relevant home skin care knowledge to ensure that the skin has the best results after the treatment.

The ingredients of the product are natural and the equipment has obtained international certification, which is a guarantee of confidence

In consideration of your skin health, all treatments at Re-Origin Skincare Center are carefully selected by beauticians for skin care products and essences. All products are imported from France and Switzerland with natural ingredients, which can care for your skin while reducing the burden on the skin and the chance of sensitization during the course of treatment. Whether it is facial medical beauty, or breast enhancement, endocrine regulation and other treatments, Re-Origin Skincare Center provides you with the best experience in terms of products and care, and takes care of every detail. In addition, the beauty equipment used in the beauty salon has obtained international certification to ensure safety and effectiveness. It cooperates with professionally trained beauticians to achieve the best results and ensure that you can enjoy the treatment with peace of mind. For example, the triple safety and non-burning technology of the flagship "Micro-sculpture Comprehensive Lifting Treatment" has been patented. Using MFU+4RF+FL three-effect mixed synergistic treatment, it has the miraculous effect of shaping and firming the loose skin.

Let you enjoy physical and mental relaxation

Re-Origin Skincare Center values your experience and needs more than you, and is committed to providing you with the most relaxing and safe beauty treatments.
I believe that a comfortable, clean and tidy environment will make you enjoy the treatment more, feel the process of joy and worry-free. The Re-Origin Skincare Center store adopts a small and fresh decoration style, with simple design and fashionable taste. At the same time, Re-Origin Skincare Center believes that a good customer experience is hidden in the details, so it will carefully prepare scented tea and snacks for guests, so that you can enjoy every moment during the treatment. I hope these small thoughtful actions can make you feel valued and cared for.
No Hard Sell
FDA/CE Approved
Over 10 Years Of Experience


Very good service & quality


網上book左hifu,第一次上嚟環境好舒適,同埋儀器都係名廠,有好多證書驗證,安全又放心, 同埋治療師手勢好好,我好滿意,一定要俾個好評,會再來

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