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導師教得好好,好有heart, 特别係Niki, 地点好方便,上網book課程又清晰好用,在這裡上瑜珈,令我上癮😄

Chu Billbill
為了改善下交叉綜合症的問題,最近跟 NIKI 老師上瑜伽堂,強化了比較弱的腹肌、臂部肌肉及拉鬆了比較繃緊的肌肉,再加上自行配合飲食,成功控制了體重及改善了此症的問題,謝謝老師用心的教導,我會繼續努力學習,Namaste!

Bill Chan

Modern people have a fast-paced life, camp every day, and we play different roles and communicate with different people every day. Do you have time to do it yourself and communicate with your body? Have you ever thought about it every day? Are you still living? Are you suffering from various pains, frequent colds, allergies, edema, insomnia or emotions? That is the body that sends you a message, you are neglecting her, she wants to communicate with you. The body is the treasure house of the soul, and it is also a tool for the expression of thought. The hectic and stressful life will make many people ignore the importance of taking care of their health. By practicing yoga asana, with breathing, you can easily and safely stimulate your body's tendons and meridians, increase blood circulation, understand yourself, relieve stress and improve immunity.
Good Yoga offers a comfortable, quiet, concise and hygienic environment, as well as different types and levels of yoga classes. Students of any age, gender and degree are welcome. I hope that everyone can exercise moderately and safely, put down pressure, precipitate the mind, communicate with the body, and listen to the inner whispers. Namaste!

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