[Instant Refund] 3 Sessions SHISEIDO LUMINOGENIC Hair Care Treatment + Shampoo, Cut and Blow Dry for $1200

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Deal Details
Deal Details
Price Breakdown
3x SHISEIDO LUMINOGENIC Treatment + Shampoo, Cut, Blow Dry and Styling$2454
Toby's Offer-$1254
Deal Price:$1200



3 x Shiseido 亮色護髮
3 x 專業剪髮
3 x 洗吹服務


+$180 多選1隻顏色
+$280 挑染
+$280 漂淺 1次

日本【SHISEIDO 亮色護髮】+ 洗剪吹髮型設計服務 3次套票 - 套票簡介

- 單次優惠價$818,套票價每次只需$400,每次節省$418
- 3次總共節省$1254
- 可約3個朋友同時使用







Terms and Conditions
“Instant Refund” Guarantee
1. You can receive a full refund if you have not redeemed any service. 2. If you wish to receive a refund for the remaining sessions, the redeemed sessions will be charged at a “Single Session Price” of $818. For example, if you have already redeemed 1 session, the “Redeemed Price” is $818 x 1 = $818 and the “Refundable Price” equals to “Package Price” minus by “Redeemed Price”, which is $1200 - $818= $382. 3. If the “Redeemed Price” is more than the cost of the package, you will receive no refund. 4. If the merchant chose to terminate the service, you can receive a full refund for the remaining sessions and the redeemed sessions will be calculated based on the “Package Price”, which is $400.
Effective Period
Within 60 days of purchase
How to Apply for a Refund?
For refunds, please email storesupport@hellotoby.com and include information such as Order Number (in Confirmation Email), your email address and telephone number. The refund process will take approximately 10-14 business days.
How to Redeem
1. A confirmation email will be sent to you after the payment has been received. Please make your booking with the merchant at your earliest convenience. 2. Before consuming the service, please present your Redemption Code (stated in the confirmation email or under “My Voucher“ in your account) to the merchant to redeem the service.
Terms and Conditions
1. This voucher can only be redeemed once and cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. 2. This voucher is valid within 60 days of purchase. Strictly no extension will be allowed. 3. All services on this voucher must be redeemed on the same day unless stated otherwise. 4. For hair coloring, the merchant has the right to charge extra for hair blenching. Please confirm with the merchant before consuming the service. 5. The Redemption Code must be presented to the merchant and verified for redemption. 6. In case of a dispute, Toby reserves the right of the final decision on the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.
How to Redeem?
1. A confirmation email will be sent to you after payment. Please check and make your booking with the merchant as soon as possible. 2. Before you consume the service, please show your Redemption Code (stated in the email or check it on “My Voucher” in the account) with the merchant to redeem the service.
1. Please make your booking in advance. 2. The treatment should take 1-2 hours. 3. Please inform the merchant 2 days in advance if you need to reschedule. 4. A confirmation email will be sent within the next 5 minutes after successful payment. If you do not receive it, it is possible that the email has been caught by the spam filter. Please check the spam folder of your email account. In the future, kindly ensure all emails from Toby are marked as "Not Spam".

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