School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

What CUSCS offers can broadly be categorised into general courses and award-bearing programmes. General courses, normally lasting for two to four months, have no specific admission requirement, and are generally for self-enrichment. Since 1979, CUSCS has been offering award-bearing programmes at advanced diploma, professional diploma, diploma, and certificate levels. These programmes have specific admission requirements and are designed in accordance with the guidelines and standards set by CUHK. They will lead to academic awards or professional qualifications for learners who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in their particular fields of study.

CUSCS courses and programmes cover a wide range of disciplines including Art and Design, Humanities, Creative Media, Music, Business and Management, Accounting and Finance, Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Languages, Health Care, Information Technology and Technology Management as well as Nature and the Environment.

In support of the Government's initiatives to provide secondary school leavers with additional pathways to pursue higher education in Hong Kong, the School has been offering a variety of Higher Diploma Programmes since 2002. In response to the implementation of the “334” academic structure, the School introduces the 2-year full-time Higher Diploma Programmes for HKDSE students from the 2012-13 academic year. CUSCS offers a 1-year full-time Diploma Programme in Foundation Studies from 2014-15 to provide DSE graduates an alternative option for further studies.

CUSCS also offers tailored corporate training courses to private companies, government departments and non-government organisations, schools and universities in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, and overseas. They aim to improve participants’ knowledge and skills in both English and Chinese, Information Technology, China Business, Administrative Management, School Leadership and Management, Bilingual Teaching, Journalism, Accounting, Law, Public Administration, City Planning, Landscape Design and Management, Crisis Management and Negotiation Skills, Psychology, Positive Discipline, Public Health Management, Nutrition and Health Products, etc. Commendations have been received on both the course design and academic standard of these courses.

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