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Room 603, Express Commercial Building, 46-48 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
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About Us

About Us

Introduction - There are three key members of the team, who have been in the industry for 10 to 12 years. Gen Lee is responsible for customer service follow-up, design and engineering, Rex Chan is responsible for design and drawing, and there is a master Ye, who inherits his father's business. Years of experience in hotel and large-scale commercial building projects, our team has also received visits from comfort zones, online financial channels and other project matching platforms Engineering - All the projects of our company are done by our own team, and there is no sub-distribution or outsourcing. The advantage is that it is convenient for management. According to different design styles and needs, different teams are appointed to be responsible. In today's era of diversified design and attention to detail, different The team has different advantages, skills and strengths. The right team will definitely play the best effect in terms of efficiency and finished products. The contract is also named. There is no subdivision and outsourcing projects, which will give customers an extra layer of protection. Commitment - The production cost and construction period are one of the more important considerations for customers. Before signing the contract, the company will list all the projects and the completion date of the fee in detail. In a hurry to receive orders, falsely reported the price and completion date of the detailed works. The renovation project is actually a hand-made and artistic project. We always believe in the principle of slow work and fine goods. We also understand the psychological and actual concerns of customers due to project delays. The detailed planning timetable can help customers budget. and convenient Features - The unique feature of the team is that they are willing to spend a lot of time communicating with customers, which is also different from the design companies in the market that charge a meeting fee. For experienced or novice customers, if you need to know more detailed practices, etc., we will It will be explained in detail, and will also provide customers' opinions~ For example, if the customer's request is not feasible or the efficiency is low, we will directly provide the customer with a better solution to the customer~ Another design company in the market is small to do , we will change the map unlimited times, and we must make changes to the customer's satisfaction first. Except for a few basic elements, each of our designs and projects will have a unique feature in the content, so as to make us as happy as possible. The design does not repeat the colors, materials and styles~ In addition, we emphasize that the design and price do not need to be linked. The same basic decoration price, in fact, as long as you put your thoughts and ideas into it, you can become a unit with design elements. We hope to break the concept of some customers in the market, that it will be expensive when it comes to design, but it is our company's philosophy that ideas are more important than money! Finally, according to some feedback from our customers, we feel that we are very enthusiastic, which is actually the most important thing for a design project.

Remarkable Style


Toby Exclusive

Participated in TOBY design consulting program
Free interior measurement before quotation
Conduct site construction based on TOBY schedule
Accept TOBY onsite inspection prior to customer move-in
Accept TOBY escrow service
Improve project quality based on TOBY consultant advice
Free site visiting prior to contract signing

Remarkable Design Services

Geometrical line design
Mosaic art design
Enhancing the sense of space for small units
Expertise in lighting design and functionality
Intelligent housing design
Hidden storage furniture compartment
Re-planning the spatial capabilities
Expertise in building material and colour matching

Construction Strengths

Able to keep the construction site clean
Own in-house construction team
Mostly complete and deliver the project on schedule
Expertise in providing furniture's interface details finishing services
Expertise in manufacturing curved edge cabinet and curved furniture
Able to use imported hardware

Design Award


Audit report

Toby conducts a rating audit for each prospective franchisee. The audit is divided into three parts. The first part is license review; the second part is engineering knowledge test (there are 100 questions in tota; with increasing difficulty, and are all open-ended questions. This is the most effective way to judge the knowledge of the supervisor in-depth. The most challenging topic is to look at pictures to locate engineering problems. The clearance rate is 30%); the third part is on-site manual assessment, based on carpentry, mud water, water and electricity according to internal standards to do a quality rating analysis. Every part has...

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Service Notes and Fees

Available Service
Design only
Renovation only
Design and renovation
Partial renovation
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Public Estate、HOS、Office、House or Village House、Apartment、Shop、Restaurant、Hotel
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