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About Us

About Us

Wish Interior Design 是一間裝修設計公司,擅長於無印、 簡約、北歐、奶油、輕奢風格等工程。除了承接基本裝修工程外,亦可提供設計服務,設計方面會提供360度效果圖,平面圖和施工圖。如果客人工程額滿20萬,公司會免費贈送設計方案。用裝修師傅的價錢,提供專業設計服務。 同時,我們特別重視環保健康裝修,例如用料上會使用低甲醛板材,環保油漆,抗菌地磚等,可迎合注重環保和健康的客人。至於裝修工程上每一部分都會用到年資超過十年的師傅,確保工程質素。我們亦是電業承辦商,特別重視水電工程,由於有機會涉及到人身安全,進行工程的師傅都是持牌電工,給客人更大的信心。 我們於觀塘設有工作室,客人亦可親身到工作室選購瓷磚,木門,pd門,枱面石,雲石,傢俬飾面,油漆,環保油漆等用料,確保用料質素,令客人放心。

Remarkable Style


Toby Exclusive

Participated in TOBY design consulting program
Free interior measurement before quotation
Accept TOBY onsite inspection prior to customer move-in
Accept TOBY escrow service
Improve project quality based on TOBY consultant advice
Free site visiting prior to contract signing

Remarkable Design Services

Expertise in building material and colour matching
Re-planning the spatial capabilities
Enhancing the sense of space for small units
Expertise in lighting design and functionality

Construction Strengths

Able to keep the construction site clean
Own in-house construction team
Mostly complete and deliver the project on schedule
Expertise in providing furniture's interface details finishing services
Expertise in manufacturing curved edge cabinet and curved furniture
Able to use imported hardware

Audit report

Toby conducts a rating audit for each prospective franchisee. The audit is divided into three parts. The first part is license review; the second part is engineering knowledge test (there are 100 questions in tota; with increasing difficulty, and are all open-ended questions. This is the most effective way to judge the knowledge of the supervisor in-depth. The most challenging topic is to look at pictures to locate engineering problems. The clearance rate is 30%); the third part is on-site manual assessment, based on carpentry, mud water, water and electricity according to internal standards to do a quality rating analysis. Every part has...

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Service Notes and Fees

Minimum Charge
純裝修 $100,000 起 純設計 $20,000 起 裝修設計 $150,000 起
Available Service
Design only
Renovation only
Partial renovation
Design and renovation
Available Flat Type
Public Estate、HOS、House or Village House、Apartment、Office
Business & Company Registration
Warranty Period
1 Year

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