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Looking for Full body Health checkup & Screening Packages? Regular health screening for you and your family is important. Toby has listed and compared Hong Kong's top-notch medical centres, clinics and hospitals in which you may undergo your comprehensive body checkup. Provide checkups for: Gastroscopy, Eye Exam, Ultrasonography, Pelvic Exam, Cardiac Checkup, Colonoscopy, Premarital Check Up, Blood Test, DHA Test, HPV Vaccine, etc. Enjoy our exclusive discount on various medical checkup packages. Book your Comprehensive Health Screening in Hong Kong’s Top Medical Centre Online.


Why Toby?

Toby is the largest service-booking platform in Hong Kong. With our extensive list of partners and merchants, we can provide the best discounted deals on services from medical checkup, home cleaning, beauty and spa treatments, haircuts, and tutoring services. Toby users also provide their honest reviews of all the services we have so you can be rest assured before committing to a service.

How does Toby provide such discounted prices?

Toby negotiates with merchants on the platform for exclusive pricing to continue to bring our users a variety of exciting services.

How do I book a service?

To book a service on Toby, simply choose the service and medical centre you want, fill out your contact info, then complete the purchase online. You will receive a confirmation email soon after which means that your booking was successfully completed. If you are already a Toby user, you can log in at any time to view the reservation details and promo code. If you are a new user, we will send you temporary login information via SMS after successful booking and a link to create an account and set your new password. Now, all your future Toby bookings will be in one place. That's it! Toby Tip: if you don’t see an email confirmation shortly after completing purchase, please check your Spam folder. To prevent this from happening in the future, be sure to mark Toby emails as “Not Spam”!

Does Toby charge a handling fee?

Toby does not charge any handling fees. Any applicable fees will be clearly listed in your order review before you complete the purchase.

Why do I need to get a Health Checkup?

For all adults over the age of 20, it is suggested to get a body check once every 1-5 years, depending on your age, medical condition, family history, and lifestyle. It is better to get a comprehensive Health Checkup and be assessed by a doctor as regularly as you age to safeguard your health. Researches found that your body performance, muscle strength, heart and lung functions will decline after years. When you have a Health Checkup, you may find health care conditions that need treatment and risk factors for a disease. Get professional advice from a doctor to get follow-up and preventive care after getting a Health Checkup in a medical centre. You are taking important steps towards living a longer and healthier life.

Where can I get a body check in Hong Kong?

While we always highlight the importance of Regular Check-Ups, it may be difficult for choose the best-suited medical centre for health screening test. In Hong Kong, there are a variety of body Health checkup & Screening Packages. You may access body checks in private clinics and medical centres. While choosing one, get more details about the packages, costs, locations and user experience because all these may vary greatly depending on the provider. Toby makes it easier for you by listing and comparing Hong Kong's top-notch medical centres.

What is included in a full body checkup?

Full body check-up is not mandatory for everyone, unless if you have any health issues or you need an accurate health screening tests for disease. A full body checkup usually encompasses items such as: blood pressure, blood count, blood sugar level, cholesterol and lipid profile, uric acid level, stress test, BMI (body height and weight) vision test, thyroid testing, kidney and liver function test,cancer marker test, infectious disease screening, etc. You can get your general check-up or full body check-up done in medical centre. Above are the checkup items as per the advice of doctors. Apart from this, there are other health screening tests as recommended by a doctore based on your age, medical condition, family history, lifestyle choices, etc.

Which body check package should I pick in a medical centre?

There are multiple types of medical checkup schemes for various purposes, in which the checkup items differ depending on your health index and individual needs. You may choose plans including Basic Body Check for Children, Female, Male and Elderly, Pre-Marital Health Check up, Heart Disease Screening, Gastroscopy, Eye Exam, Ultrasonography, Pelvic Exam, Cardiac Checkup, Colonoscopy, Blood Test, DHA Test, HPV Vaccine, etc. You may get recommendations on the medical checkup plan that best suits your needs. Consultants from medical centres will provide you with professional advice. After the health screening test, doctors will provide preventive treatment and medical advice with a comprehensive body check report. In addition, many medical centres provides high flexibility in combining several check-up items with tailor-made plans for individuals and corporate groups.

Instructions for preparation for body checkup:

1. Get sufficient rest. Get enough sleep for at least 6 hours prior to the check-up. Lack of sleep may affect blood pressure, heart beat, and body temperature. 2. Do not consume alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the appointment as this might affect the results. 3. If you are taking medicine, you can continue taking as per doctor’s prescription. 4. If you are pregnant, please inform the medical centre to cancel the x-ray. 5. For females, avoid 7 days before or after the menstrual period. Urine analysis cannot be conducted if you are in the menstrual period because blood contamination may affects the results. 6. For details about each body checkup item, please refer to the instructions provided by the medical centre.