2021 Average Cost for Chinese Tutoring in Singapore

On an average, a tutor for Chinese (Mandarin) costs about $40 per hour for students in levels one to four. Years five and six average about $45-50 and the higher levels range anywhere from $35 to $120 an hour depending on the grade and the qualifications of the tutor.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Chinese Tutor in Singapore?

MinimumMaximumAverage$ 20$ 100$ 65

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          What are the average costs of academic tutoring in Singapore? The cost of Chinese tutoring would depend largely on the level of the language being taught; beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc. The cost also depends on whether the tutor is a trainee teacher, qualified teacher or retired teacher. Another factor determining costs will be if the tutoring is a one-to-one class or a tutoring class.

          If a private tutor is registered with an agency the rates a usually lower than those who are not. All costs stated are hourly rates and will vary depending on the time of the session.

          1) What are the costs involved in a private tutoring and tutoring centers for Chinese?

          There are various factors that affect the cost of Chinese tutoring, these include:

          1. Private tutor v/s group tutoring,
          2. School level of the child,
          3. The qualifications of the tutor,
          4. Whether the tutor needs to commute a long distance to your home, and
          5. The number of hours per session.

          On an average, there is a $20 difference in the hourly rate between private tutors and group tutoring at a center, for lower classes with the former being more expensive. However, in the higher classes, the difference can go up to $35.

          Degree students charge less for private tutoring, and their rates are more comparable to a group session. A degree student could charge $15-20 an hour while a qualified teacher could charge $30-40 at the pre-school level. By the time a student is in the A Level private tutor costs could range from a minimum of $30 to a maximum of $120 per hour. Taking into consideration that there could be four 1-2 hour sessions a month parents could pay a maximum of $960 for a fully qualified private tutor.

          Group classes, on the other hand, would charge a maximum of $35 per hour which in the long run works out much cheaper that private tutoring.

          2) How to choose between private and group tutoring?

          Parents who are having a hard time deciding between a private tutor and group tutoring for Chinese for their child should consider a few points:

          First, what is the child’s level of understanding the Chinese language? If the child is performing reasonably well in school but just needs a little extra push, a group session could be adequate. However, if the child is falling behind and could benefit from one-to-one sessions, then a private tutor is a better option.

          Second, what is your budget? As mentioned, the cost of a private tutor for Chinese can be very expensive especially in the higher classes. If finding a good quality private tutor within your budget is not working out then you should consider a good quality Chinese group tutoring session which would be more economical.

          Lastly, what class is your child in? Private Chinese tutors for lower classes are cheaper and might help build a strong foundation for your child in the early years.

          Keep in mind that when hiring a private Chinese tutor you always check the tutor’s credentials to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

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          • Kate
            September 16, 2022

            Miss Chong is a patient teacher. My son loves her lessons!

          • Melody
            August 6, 2022


          • william
            July 27, 2022

            I can feel her enthusiasm from her teaching.

          • 吴生
            July 26, 2022

            Very capable and patient!

          • Chen
            March 29, 2022


          • Timothy
            September 30, 2021

            very professional and experienced in teaching IELTS and with strong devotion to help every student. Highly recommended

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