2021 Average Cost for Guitar Lessons in Singapore

While the fee for each individual is lesser in group classes when compared to one on one lessons, the average price for guitar class per student comes around $35 to $60 per lesson. The total monthly costs can go to $260 - $300 per guitar student.

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How much does it cost to apply for guitar classes in Singapore? The average price per student comes around $35 to $60 per lesson. Each lesson consists of 30 to 40 minutes and a month typically consists of 4 lessons. For specialized and advanced classes for musical exams, class rates can go up to $112 (as per the latest price by Yamaha) for individual guitar classes. The price of advanced group classes lies in the range of $65 to $80.

1) What are the major costs involved in guitar classes?

Apart from the tuition fees, the major cost of taking up guitar classes is the actual guitar itself. There are many makers and varieties of guitars available such as electric, Spanish and acoustic. Added to this, the maker matters as well. An original limited edition Gibson would cost a whole lot more than some local manufacturer. As far as students are concerned, they should start with affordable and reliable acoustic guitars before moving on to expensive instruments. Certain guitar classes might also charge a registration during the initiation of the class. Apart from this, the only major expense that is involved is travel.

2) What are the potential sources of additional costs?

Apart from the purchase of the guitar (if the guitar tuition center doesn’t provide one), there are certain additional costs involved in taking up guitar classes. Primarily, there are certain major costs involved in maintaining a guitar. Strings and bridges need routine replacement along with turnkeys. There are times when the fret board needs to be replaced entirely along with other accessories. Apart from these costs, the guitar tutor might ask for extra payment for extra and advanced classes and for providing training material. These, apart from traveling are the only other sources of potential costs in guitar classes.  

3) How to minimize maintenance costs of guitars?

There are several factors that are to be considered while taking care of your instrument. Long exposure to extreme temperatures is definitely harmful to the body of the guitar and might even alter the sounds dues expansion and contraction of strings and other metallic parts. One should make a habit of unwinding the strings every time one finishes playing. This will not only improve the life of the strings but also develop a good musical ear as you have to tune your guitar every single time. Additionally, regular furniture polish should never be used to clean a guitar. There are separate coatings available for guitars that are easily available at music stores.

4) What can we do to save money on learning guitar?

The idea here is to cut down on the excessive and take steps to reduce consumption of resources and energy. The basics of cost-saving will include judicious use of instruments and studio facilities. One should routinely get their instruments checked by professionals to check additional costs in the future.

Traveling costs can be significantly reduced by switching to temporary locations such as hostels which are located in the vicinity of the guitar tuition center. Parents should also demand trial classes and few weeks for free demo classes from every guitar tuition center that they view. A lot of guitar tuition services offer special discounts and offers when their services are taken up in bulk orders. Neighbors and children from common classes or schools can team up with their parents and endorse the services of a tuition service at a heavily discounted price.  

5) Do guitar classes provide their own instruments?

Most well-established guitar classes provide their own instruments along with studio facilities. They also provide their own music training materials. Most music tutoring services that train students for musical exams provide accompaniment services along with coaching for musical exams. Private guitar tutors who conduct one-on-one classes might ask their students to get their own guitars as it might be difficult for those solo teachers to provide an instrument for everyone.

6) Is it necessary to focus on music theory?

Ideally speaking, everything that you will learn will be a part of music theory. What differs is the approach to this. Some teachers might focus on theory first, going through all the concepts of song and melody creation whereas others might choose to teach their students simple strumming and chords first. NO matter the approach an understanding of music theory will not only allow students to learn different styles on their own but also allow them to attain professional-level mastery over time.

7) Is it vital to stick to their plan?

Professional guitar tutoring services consist of experienced MOE and NIE-trained teachers who can understand the various strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. The course or goal-plan that they prescribe caters to the unique needs of the student. Hence, it is strongly advised to never deviate from the prescribed action-plan.

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Actual Guitar Lessons Requests

  • "One to one guitar lesson"



    How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?19 - 25 years old
    What is the student's current acoustic guitar experience?1 - 3 years
    What is the student's purpose of learning acoustic guitar?Long term
  • "I don't know how to play guitar. Please teach me."



    What is the student's current acoustic guitar experience?No experience
    How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?19 - 25 years old
    What is the student's purpose of learning acoustic guitar?Long term
  • "Guitar lessons for kids"


    Bukit Batok

    How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?Younger than 12 years old
    What is the student's current acoustic guitar experience?1 - 3 years
    What is the student's purpose of learning acoustic guitar?Short term

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