2021 Average Cost for Piano Lessons in Singapore

The average cost for piano lessons is SGD $45 per hour. If you are planning to pick up the lessons seriously and religiously, on a week-to-week basis, you are likely to spend at an average of SGD $100.

How much Does It Cost To Hire a Piano Teacher in Singapore?

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Piano Lesson Cost Details

The average cost for piano lessons is SGD $45/hour. The cost of the lessons will vary on the number of days per week you would like to take the lessons and the length per day. Based on the data on HelloToby, booking a piano lesson in Singapore will like cost between SGD $25-$100/hour

1) What factors will affect the prices of a piano lesson?

There are a lot of things to consider if you want to get piano lessons in Singapore. One is to know your mastery in playing the piano, whether you are just a beginner, intermediate or an expert. For beginners, from grades 1 to 4, you will learn the basics of playing the piano. You will begin to learn how to read and play small notes in a slow manner until you are prepared to do harder lessons and become an intermediate piano student, learner or player. For this, the cost may be SGD$25/hour up to approximately SGD$35 depending on the expertise of the piano teacher and/or his credentials. For intermediate students, this will require an average knowledge in playing the piano thus the teacher has to step up his game in teaching piano lessons. For this, the average cost of piano lessons may be SGD$45/hour up to SGD$65/hour. This stage could be from grades 5 to 6. For expert level piano students, the knowledge and skill required from a piano teacher is ultimately high so the rates are higher. This is for grades 7 to 8 and rates can go high as SGD$80/hour up to SGD$100/hour or more depending on the expertise of the piano teacher. You may want to consider the option in getting piano lessons in groups or in a class since this should be less expensive compared to a one-on-one session with your piano teacher. This may be a fun way to learn how to play the piano and gaining more friends who share the same passion as you do or your child does. It also takes out the routinary boredom you get when you learn playing the piano by yourself. It also brings out the competitiveness in you or your child’s. If you start to slack off and the rest of the class are picking up with the speed of the lessons, it can motivate you to learn as fast as them. However, if this is a challenge, since not all students have the same learning speed, it is more advisable to get a personal piano teacher to teach you at your speed or pace. Regular piano exams must also be included in the fees to consider. Depending on the expert level of the teacher and the length of time needed to prepare the exams as well as the length of time needed to take the exams, the fees may be around the three-figure rate.If you need a diploma, it may be a higher rate or an extra fee. Basing from these figures, you may have an idea already what your fees will be should you require more than an hour of lessons everyday or how many times a week you want to study with your piano teacher. From beginner level up to grade 8, it may take more than just a couple of years, especially if you are only getting the piano lessons a few times per week or per month even. So, considering all these expenses, it is important to determine how serious you are or how serious your child is in learning how to play the piano. This type of investment is a considerably expensive one that you have to consider.

2) What is the cost of having a piano at home?

For serious students who wish to learn how to play the piano up to the expert level, they may want to own a piano keyboard or a grand piano depending on the type of music they wish to play and master. Owning a piano is a serious matter for students who wish to practice on their own. A new piano can cost at least SGD$5000 but they don’t need to buy a new one. They have an option a second-hand piano for half the price. If you know someone who has a piano and is generous enough to let you borrow one for the time being, then that should be more ideal than buying a new one or a second-hand. Buying a new one should be an option if they have reached a certain level of expertise, if they wish. That is why it is important to determine how serious you are in learning the piano and what level of expertise you or your child wish to attain. Over time, playing the piano can wear out the instrument, thus they also need to consider repair and fine-tuning fees when the need arises. One should bear in mind that not all piano teachers have the knowledge or expertise to fine-tune a piano. There are several shops or service professionals in Singapore that you can contact to get this done.

3) Is there any additional cost for attending a piano lesson?

Travel costs of students and/or for the teacher should also be considered. This may not be included in the teacher’s per hour rate. There may be, however, lessons offered that are done online. Virtual classrooms these days are all the rage so if you hate traveling and are confident in taking lessons online, you may want to ask if the piano teacher offers this type of teaching. Nothing beats the one-on-one, personal and classic method of teaching though. Real-time interaction can be more precise and the ease of teaching and learning is ideal.

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Actual Piano Lessons Requests

  • ”I would like to learn how to play the piano”


    Bukit Timah

    How many hours do you need piano lessons for per week?Others (Please Specify): 2-3 hours only
    Do you require the teacher to travel to your home or would you prefer to travel to the teacher’s studio or location?Others (Please specify): Can do either.
    Do you have your own piano?Others (Please Specify): I am still considering whether I should buy one.
  • ”Cheap piano lessons”

    Laurence Yu


    What kind of music do you like to learn on the piano?Others (Please Specify): Classical and pop mellow songs
    How many hours do you need piano lessons for per week?Others (Please Specify): Depending on my schedule on a weekly basis
    Do you have your own piano?Others (Please Specify): I don’t. Is that required?
  • ”I need weekly piano lessons”

    Stephanie Lee


    How many hours do you need piano lessons per week?Others (Please Specify): 1 hour a day, 3 times a week
    Do you require the teacher to travel to your home or would you prefer to travel to the teacher’s studio or location?Others (Please specify): I can travel to the piano teacher’s location or he can go to my house.
    Do you have your own piano?Others (Please Specify): Yes, I have an old one that still plays but planning to buy a new one soon.

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