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How old is the student who wants to learn violin?

  • 5 years old or younger
  • 6 - 10 years old
  • 11 - 18 years old
  • 19 - 25 years old
  • 26 - 44 years old
  • 45 - 64 years old
  • 65 years old or above
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Featured Violin Teachers

  • Six Months Rebellion Music
    (6 Reviews)
    At Six Months Rebellion Music we believe that music has no boundaries; so should learning a musical instrument. Hence we want to provide a safe, easy and efficient way where you can learn from the comfort of your own home. We are Hong Kong based e...
  • Wolfgang Violin Studio
    The Wolfgang Violin Studio helps children to take their first steps into the beautiful world of violin. The violin classes are taken by teachers who have completed Grade 8 of violin exams.
  • Doreimi Music School
    Doreimi Music Schools is among the music schools offering the best violin lessons in Singapore. Their grading systems are dictated by the ABRSM and the Trinity College of London. Students will be trained to finish grades 1 to 8.
  • Tanglewood Music School
    Tanglewood is one of the best music schools offering violin lessons in Singapore. Not only are you trained to attend exams such as ABRSM and Trinity but you are also taught to pass each learning level relatively quickly.
  • Replugged Music
    Replugged Music School has worked with several prominent artistes. They have given several performances and workshops. The teachers at Replugged Music School focus on giving their students dedicated violin lessons.
  • Learn Violin Lessons
    Learn Violin Lessons is a music school that is exclusively dedicated to teaching violin lessons. The teachers at the center are ABRSM above Grade 8 certified and focus on giving the optimal violin training for both adults and children.
  • Praise Music School
    The patient teachers at Praise Music Schools will guide you slowly and steadily through the course of your violin lessons. The center provides proper coaching so that you can attend certification exams once you complete your violin lessons.
  • Stradivari Strings
    Stradivari Strings is among one of the best music schools in Singapore. They offer a variety of services from musical education to musical therapy. The center focuses on one-to-one coaching for violin training.
  • Singapore Violin Lessons
    Singapore Violin Lessons has some of the best violin lessons Singapore has to offer. The instructors are calm and patient and they are dedicated to helping students master the proper techniques. The staff at Singapore Violin Lessons believe that a...
  • STRINGS Violin Lessons
    Strings violin lessons is one of the best violin schools in Singapore. Their professional staff take both group and private lessons. They are patient and ensure that your child is able to bring out his or her hidden passions out while learning wit...
  • Violin Lessons Singapore Pte Ltd
    The Guitar Lessons Singapore Ltd, is a guitar tutoring service in Singapore who have partnered with Violin Lessons Singapore Ptd Ltd. They provide guitar classes for a wide range of students from children and beginners to amateurs and adults. Guit...
  • Asia Music School ( Yishun )
    The Asia Music School is the best place for your children to begin their violin lessons. The instructors at Asia Music School are highly qualified, gentle, and dedicated teachers who strive to ensure that your child has a wonderful experience and ...
  • Edvox Music School Punggol
    Edvoc Music School offers affordable violin lessons in Singapore. They focus on quality and ensure that students are well versed in technique and pitch.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 368 reviews
    Jul 03 2023


    Jul 02 2023

    an Chow is a wonderful violin teacher whom my 7-years-old daughter loves to take lessons from. My daughter sees her own rapid and solid improvement through his unique pedagogy. I find his result-and-fun-oriented teaching unique because he makes sure that the class is not boring while striving to make the student learn and advance a lot. He does technique drilling in a way that you don’t feel like you are doing something boringly repetitive. And, he shares his experiences to enhance the learning of his students in a holistic fashion. I have two daughters who play the violin and have come across many violin teachers. Ian is definitely one of the very best. P.s. I also teach (subjects that are not music related). I am surprisingly pleased to learn something from him about teaching. He knows how to point out mistakes without making his students feel bad. His approach is very empathetic.

    Jun 25 2023

    琴行老闆的態度良好友善,可以有效率及有禮貌地解答哂問題 琴老師可以配合學生的期望,共同努力 6至8級學費一樣,真心值得被更多學生發現

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    Violin Lessons Average Cost

    Violin Lessons cost table
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    Actual Violin Lessons Requests

    • "Violin teacher in Singapore"


      Has the student attained any music-related qualifications?No, my daughter is a beginner
      In what language would you like the teacher to teach in?English
      How many lessons per week would you like?One lesson (45-60 mins depending on the teacher)
    • "Looking for a professional Violinist"


      Has the student attained any music-related qualifications?ABRSM Grade 8
      In what language would you like the teacher to teach in?English/ Mandarin
      How many lessons per week would you like?2
    • "Grade 5 Violin lessons"

      Hume Avenue

      Has the student attained any music-related qualifications?Grade 4 and approaching Grade 5
      In what language would you like the teacher to teach in?Mandarin
      How many lessons per week would you like?45 mins, once per week

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    What is the minimum age to join violin lessons?

    The perfect age to start violin lessons would be around 6 years although in many cases parents do bring children who are much younger than that. However, at six years, your child is completely capable of quickly grasping concepts and techniques.

    What is the age limit for joining violin classes?

    There is no age limit as such when it comes to learning violin. It can be learnt by adults of any age although, with age, the learning process is quite slow and mastering the violin will take some time.

    Should I opt for private or group lessons?

    While group lessons tend to be cheaper than private lessons, when you look at student growth, private lessons are preferable. This is because, with private lessons, the teacher is able to fully focus on a single student and able to correct any specific issues. The student will be able to better master the technique and style that suits them the best with the help of a teacher who is focused only on them.

    Do you always have to start from a beginner's class even if you have some knowledge of the instrument?

    Not necessarily. Most violin teachers will first evaluate the extent of their students' knowledge, and then based on their assessment, they will register you with the appropriate level of training.

    How do you know if your violin is the right one for you?

    Simply take it to your violin instructor and he or she will help you determine whether the violin you own is the perfect one for you. Different people have different requirements and what suits one person may not necessarily suit the other.

    What is a graded music exam and why should you take one?

    A graded music exam is an assessment of how an individual understands and makes music. Experts assess individuals based on their creativity, sharpness, technique, and depth of understanding. Each time you pass a grade, it is an achievement of well-rounded musical education. A graded music exam shows how far along you are in your musical education and the areas you need to improve on. Graded exams mostly include playing pieces, sight-reading (to check for familiarity with musical notes) and aural tests.

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