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Preferred location for office workers

Want to find authentic Chinese massage in the central business district, but also need reasonable fees, comfortable environment, and good location? Although Tangzu is located in the business district of Central, but understands the bitterness of the hard work of office workers, so the price is reasonable and the service is considerate. There are male and female technicians in the store who provide considerate services according to personal preferences. They are not only loved by locals, but also the first choice of tourists. After work, you can go to Tangzu to relax and relieve the fatigue of the day.
[You can go directly to the main entrance of the Massage Shop Hollywood Road from the Central Pedestrian Elevator, and you can easily find the trace of Xintangzu]
There are many chairs in the lobby of Tangzu, which is definitely suitable for a family or a group of friends. Many office workers come to Xintangzu to enjoy massage services after a tiring day of work. It is not only a muscle relaxation, but also a breathing space for the soul. In order to fit the style of Tang people, Tangzu adopted dim lighting to make customers feel more relaxed physically and mentally. The boss uses soft warm wood as the mainstay and incorporates the Chinese Tang style, so that customers can enjoy the most relaxing moment and the most authentic Chinese massage experience.

Authentic Chinese Massage

Tangzu, as the name suggests, pays the most attention to the tired feet of customers every day, and hopes to provide the most intimate service to relieve superficial pain and relax tense muscles. In addition to relaxing the feet, many customers also hope to improve pain or improve the appearance of the feet, etc. Therefore, Tangzu provides a series of package tickets to satisfy customers and get two best services at one time. Professionally trained masseurs will provide appropriate strength according to the preferences and needs of the guests. Authentic foot massage is nothing more than a little painful, but as one of the most popular items among customers, I believe everyone is deeply in love with the sense of comfort after the feet are relaxed, especially foot massage, don't think about it!

Professional master with selected essential oils

Tangzu provides up to 20 experienced masseuses, all of whom have more than 15 years of experience. Familiar with the acupuncture points of the human body, and accurately find out the hidden problems of your body. Precisely apply pressure to the acupuncture points, stimulate the qi of the meridians to dredge the qi and blood, relieve physical fatigue and achieve the effect of health care for you. The essential oils used in the course of treatment are from Hong Kong local brands. When selecting essential oils, try to find products with herbal ingredients, hoping to achieve the effect of health preservation and body conditioning. Tangzu also provides Shanghai Foot Approval Service, which will provide care for your feet while improving your body functions. The service is also managed by Shanghai masters, I hope you can experience the most authentic Shanghai feet.

Attentive service

In addition, Tangzu also took adequate hygiene measures during the epidemic. After each course of treatment, the equipment used will be thoroughly disinfected to ensure that you can enjoy the course of treatment in a hygienic environment. During the period, there will be Chinese tea for you to enjoy, caring for your every need, hoping that you can eliminate fatigue and relax in a beautiful, comfortable, clean and hygienic environment. Don't foot and provide independent room to increase privacy. Many celebrities and KOLs have already visited and experienced, confidence is guaranteed.
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