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skin whitening and spot removal
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Pico with Whitening & Moisturizing Treatment
Makes the effect of fading spots more obvious
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Pico with Organic Cell Meridian Facial Emaciation
Not only freckle removal, but also reshapes white skin
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Toby No Hard Sell Certification

Skin Secret is awarded with the Toby No Hard Sell Certification, which guarantees that you will not face any lengthy, high-pressure hard selling and bombarding, so that you can enjoy your treatment in complete peace and quiet.
Want to know how Toby No Hard Sell Certification can protect you? Please refer to for more details.

Merchant profile

Skin Secret is a professional beauty and massage shop located in Yuen Long. When you enter the shop, you feel comfortable and feel extremely relaxed.
Skin Secret's beauticians have been engaged in the beauty industry for twenty-seven years and Picocare for fifteen years experience so they have rich beauty experience and professional skills. They can definitely be able to solve any of your beauty problems and problems. Moreover, the in-store beauticians serve the guests with the most considerate and professional services. Therefore, customers can enjoy a comfortable and satisfying beauty experience.

Different from traditional facial stores, pursuing physical and mental satisfaction

Skin Secret is different from traditional facial shops. Using Picocare as an example, Skin Secret's beauticians understand the needs of customers for moisturizing care after enjoying the Pico treatment, so they will focus more on the moisturising treatment after the Pico treatment. Also, Skin Secret not only takes care of your skin needs and maintains your skin in the best condition with professional beauty services, but also takes into account your physical and mental state, and provides you with professional massage techniques. Therefore, it can maintain your skin is in the best condition. It can also relax the body and mind. Skin Secret hope that their customers may have a feeling of well-being away from the crowd when coming to Skin Secret. This is an important message that Skin Secret wants to bring to the guests.

Customer serve as first, Never Hardsel

Skin Secret advocates never hardsell, and guests don’t need to worry about any hardsell situation. Skin Secret aims to treat every customer with the most sincere attitude, and believes in serving every customer with the most professional technology and strength, and with strength to make customers believe in their professionalism from the bottom of their hearts, so there is no need to use fatigue bombing sales methods, endless additional purchase plans to promote sales to customers can also obtain the affirmative trust and recommendation of customers.

Break the previous bundled package model and adopt a one-time beauty charge

Skin Secret also provides one-time beauty treatments for customers to choose, with the purpose of breaking the negative feelings of the beauty industry brought by the bundles of traditional chain beauty salons. Skin Secret’s beauticians have worked in traditional beauty salons and are well aware of the strong negative feelings brought to customers by the past package bundling model. Therefore, they are determined to break the traditional model and adopt a one-time beauty fee, so that customers do not have to feel anything about beauty consumption. Pressure gives customers more freedom, so they can choose different treatments for their skin problems every time, without fear of buying unnecessary treatments because of Hardsell, and can achieve effective improvement.

Popular treatment

Skin Secret’s Picocare has obtained ITE4 international certification and is managed by a licensed optical therapist who has undergone professional assessment. Therefore, it has a lot of professional theories on Pico spot removal, and it must be professional, safe and reliable. Picocare is more effective than freckle removal, not only freckle removal, but also remodeling and whitening of the skin. At the same time, it can also completely eliminate dark and shallow spots, instantly crush melanin, dilute acne marks, and the treatment effect is significant, so that you will no longer be troubled by various spots, and your skin will return to a smooth and translucent glow, bringing unprecedented whitening and tenderness. Skin effect! Combined with Skin Secret's professional organic cell meridian slimming massage, it helps blood circulation, removes toxins and unblocks the blocked meridians, so that your face can be whitened, spotted and thinned!
Picocare efficacy:
- Repel stains
- Smoothes scars
- Tattoo cleaning
- Remove wrinkles and print
No Hard Sell
Over 20 Years of Experience
Comfortable Environment


Sheung Man Chan

Ching Cheng

Tony Lau

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