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Toby never hard-sells certifications

Buddha Thai Massage has obtained Toby's never hard-sell certification, which ensures that you are free from lengthy, high-pressure sales and fatigue bombardment, and can provide services with peace of mind.
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Find the source of Thai massage at Buddha Thai Massage

Welcome to Buddha Thai Massage, let us take you to explore the origin of Thai massage. As we all know, Thai massage is famous for its extremely difficult and immediate effects. It focuses on stretching the limbs and large and small muscle groups of the human body. Through acupressure, rotation, twisting and other technical movements, it can not only relieve physical fatigue and soreness, dredge meridians, and improve circulation. Qi activates blood and can improve joint flexibility and muscle strength. Buddha Thai Massage inherits the traditional massage techniques of Thailand. All masseurs are from Thailand and have at least twenty years of massage experience. They are familiar with every detail of Thai massage. Whether it is traditional ancient Thai massage, Thai foot massage, oil massage, or lymphatic drainage, the massage team at Buddha Thai Massage can provide you with the most authentic and professional massage services!

Buddha Thai Massage carefully selected Thai aromatherapy essential oils

At Buddha Thai Massage, all the essential oils we use are imported from Thailand and extracted from local natural plants in Thailand. For example, the most representative Frangipani essential oil is rich in antioxidants and free radicals. It can not only hydrate and nourish the skin, but also help regulate the skin. The gastrointestinal tract and eliminate moisture; and jasmine essential oil, known as the "King of Essential Oils", is even more powerful and fragrant, helping to improve the quality of sleep. It can also balance hormone secretion and provide excellent maintenance for the female uterus. It can also regulate estrogen levels and improve various symptoms of female cycle discomfort. The masseurs at Buddha Thai Massage will recommend the most suitable essential oils for you based on your needs and physical condition, and provide personalized services. They all speak fluent Cantonese, so you don’t have to worry about anything, just relax and enjoy!

Come and enjoy a Thai journey at Buddha Thai Massage

Buddha Thai Massage is committed to creating the most comfortable environment for every guest. When you step into Buddha Thai Massage, the wooden decoration and Thai decorations that can be seen everywhere come into view, making you immersed as if you are in Thailand. Buddha Thai Massage has three foot baths, three single rooms and one double room to meet the different needs of guests. Health and safety are also important to Buddha Thai Massage. We use disposable utensils, strictly clean the store, and disinfect the room and massage bed before and after services. It is our daily routine. We will also provide free Thai lemongrass tea and Thai desserts, so that you can experience the unique charm of Thai culture while relaxing. Come to Buddha Thai Massage to enjoy an authentic, relaxing and relaxing Thai trip!

How to book a massage treatment at Buddha Thai Massage online?

Swipe to the "Special Services" section of the page, select the treatment provided by Buddha Thai Massage, and click "Book an Appointment". Next, fill in the required number of people, date, time and personal information. After that, choose online payment or on-site payment to pay and complete the registration. Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the reservation has been successfully made. You only need to go to the store with the redemption code within the agreed time to enjoy the service!
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按摩手法專業,自己本身的運動量很多、肌肉較繃緊,做完兩小時淋巴疏通後放鬆了很多 🖤 師傅很細心、會問你冷不冷,仰睡的時候會開暖墊保持後背溫暖 :)
按摩手法專業,自己本身的運動量很多、肌肉較繃緊,做完兩小時淋巴疏通後放鬆了很多 🖤 師傅很細心、會問你冷不冷,仰睡的時候會開暖墊保持後背溫暖 :)

Mrs. Wong
Enjoy,good service

good experience, the price is reasonable, service is good.

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