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Why the name Corner Color Bar?

The store is named "Corner Color Bar" instead of "Salon" like other hair salons, because the name "Corner Color Bar" contains the owner's hope for the store and its business philosophy - to provide customers with a In the same place as "Bar", it gives customers a "Corner" to rest and relax. Corner Color Bar's "Coloring" and other professional services are different from ordinary salons. In addition to providing customers with haircut services, they also allow guests to enjoy relaxing haircut and hair care treatments.

A haircut that exceeds expectations with Japanese hospitality

Although Corner Color Bar also belongs to the Hair Corner Group, it is different from other Hair Corner hair salons. Corner Color Bar has joined the Japanese hair salon business philosophy. The Corner Color Bar provides guests with a variety of dyeing services, allowing them to enjoy a new hairdressing experience. Whether it is business model or haircut service, Corner Color Bar has some Japanese colors and Omotenashi spirit-care about every detail and bring guests an experience beyond expectations.

A course that effectively stabilizes the health of the scalp "Scalp Care Course"

The weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable, and the unpredictable weather will not only make the skin quality worse, but also make the health of the scalp unstable. Corner's new "S Corner Scalp Care Series" is managed by Corner's professional scalp therapist, using sophisticated equipment to detect and analyze the condition of the scalp and hair follicles, so as to provide professional solutions to stabilize scalp problems. Through professional equipment and high-pressure spray technology, in order to match different targeted problems, the "scalp care treatment" introduces live hair growth essence into the hair follicles, effectively unblocks the hair follicles and purifies the scalp, repairs and protects damaged hair, and stimulates hair growth.
For daily maintenance, Corner's "Scalp Treatment" effectively promotes scalp health and fights inflammation. With a healthy scalp, stronger hair will grow, reduce the risk of hair loss and hair loss, improve and prevent fine and thin hair, flattened hair, and thinning hair! And if your scalp is prone to allergies and itching during the season change, or you have allergic symptoms, or even have redness or dandruff, the "scalp care course" is your first choice. After using professional equipment to locate the problem, the therapist will With different patented technologies, it deeply exfoliates and cleans the scalp, and then introduces high-efficiency scalp repairing essence to treat various scalp problems directly, quickly and in a targeted manner, allowing you to regain a healthy and refreshing scalp.

The hair stylist chooses the most suitable product for you

Corner believes that different customers have different needs, so Corner uses hair products of different brands from all over the world for you. All products are hypoallergenic products, and some products contain natural ingredients, which are absolutely safe and non-allergenic. The hair stylist will analyze the customer's needs, hair and scalp conditions, choose the most suitable hair products, and ensure that the products will not cause burden or damage to the customer's scalp. On the other hand, the hairdressing equipment used by Corner has been certified by the US FDA and the European Union CE, which can effectively protect the health of hair and scalp.

Pay attention to the scalp and hair health of each customer

Corner understands the importance of hair to customers, and every fine hair will be carefully cared for. Corner's hair stylists have all received strict training from the group, and all hair stylists have ten to twenty years of experience in hairdressing, which is your confident choice. A professional hair stylist will first understand the client's scalp health status, analyze the root cause of scalp instability for you, and then introduce the appropriate course of treatment for you, so that you can solve scalp problems in a targeted manner. The hair stylist will explain the daily scalp care tips to the client during the course of treatment. After the treatment, Corner’s hair stylist will follow up the client’s situation by phone according to the client’s condition, and will also advise the client on the time of the next treatment session , so that customers can gradually improve the health of the scalp and help you regain healthy hair.

Corner is committed to providing guests with a different experience journey

In addition to a clean and comfortable environment, Corner also hopes to leave a deep impression on customers through thoughtful customer experience, capture customers' hearts, and let customers enjoy an unforgettable hairdressing journey. Since the hair treatment process generally takes a long time for the customer, clean water will be provided to the customer during the service. In addition, the store also provides WiFi and chargers for customers to use, hoping that customers will not feel dull during the process. After the service is completed, Corner will also disinfect the utensils used in the treatment to ensure that guests can enjoy the hairdressing treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.
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Audrey Chow


My hairstylist was Ben , he cut my hair exactly how I wanted my hair to be and gave great suggestions . Coming again next time and keep it up with the good work !!👏👏👏

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