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[Special Massage Offer] 100 minutes of ancient Thai massage + aromatherapy soothing massage
Relax muscles and eliminate fatigue
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[Special Massage Offer] 100 minutes of ancient Thai massage + lymphatic drainage massage
Relax muscles and eliminate fatigue
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[Special Massage Offer] 100 minutes aromatherapy soothing massage + lymphatic drainage massage
Improve blood circulation and promote metabolism
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Toby never hard-sells certifications

Massage Palace Thai Thai has obtained Toby's never hard-sell certification, which ensures that you are free from lengthy, high-pressure sales and fatigue bombardment, and can provide services with peace of mind.
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Provide authentic Thai traditional massage to relieve your physical fatigue and discomfort

Massage Palace Thai Thai understands that urbanites lead busy lives and develop different bad habits, which lead to various minor problems in the body. The massage shop provides you with authentic ancient Thai massage, using professional Thai massage techniques - rolling, stretching, stretching and other movements to deeply stimulate different acupoints on the body, help you relax tight muscles, and help you resolve body pain. disease, and even has chiropractic effects. Want to get rid of physical fatigue easily? Let a professional Thai masseur help you relieve fatigue, restore health and vitality, and care for your body from the inside out.

Located in the center of the busy city, a small corner where you can put your feet down

The massage shop is located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Its convenient location allows you to go to Massage Palace Thai Thai at any time to experience treatments and relax. The service purpose of Massage Palace Thai Thai is not only to help guests solve their physical discomforts, but also to take care of their mental health, providing space for rest and meditation in their busy schedules. The store adopts Thai-style decoration style, allowing you to enjoy various Thai massages as if you are in Thailand. In addition, Massage Palace Thai Thai has a terrace with open views. Guests can go to the terrace to watch the downtown scenery before and after treatment, slow down the pace of life and balance their mental health.

Performed by Thai masters and using authentic Thai massage techniques

Massage Palace Thai Thai has 7 Thai masseurs on site. All of them have more than ten years of massage experience and have obtained professional massage certificates issued by Thailand. Master Thai specializes in providing traditional and authentic Thai massage. The masseur provides guests with a gentle Thai massage to truly relax your body. During the massage, the masseur will use massage oil that has the effect of soothing muscle soreness. The massage oil contains natural ingredients. Let the guests' body and mind be truly healed.

Carefully understand the needs of customers and strive to solve their physical problems

The professional masseuses at Massage Palace Thai Thai will first understand the guests' needs and preferences, recommend appropriate massage treatments to the guests, and provide targeted Thai massages that can improve the guests' health. The masseur will also follow up the client's condition carefully to ensure that after the treatment, the client's body aches and other discomforts can be eliminated, thereby achieving a real improvement in physical health.

The massage parlor is fully equipped to take care of your various needs

Massage Palace Thai Thai also focuses on your feelings and experience. The store provides WiFi and chargers to customers, and also provides Thai fruit tea for drinking. The massage shop provides single and double private rooms, so you can go together, invite family, one other person or close friends to enjoy the private box space. Massage shops also attach great importance to environmental and utensil hygiene. The utensils used during massage are all disposable and the room will be disinfected after each treatment. At the same time, the massage shop provides you with shower facilities and dressing tables. Attentively take care of each guest's needs and entertain every distinguished guest.
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Nat Ho
Good location and nice environment

師傅手勢不錯 地點近地鐵站 環境舒適

Roland yip

15/F, Hermes Commercial Building, 4-4A Hillwood Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong (MTR Jordan station Exit D)
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