2018 Average Cost for Chinese Tutoring in Hong Kong

Average 220 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for Chinese Tutoring Lesson is HKD220 per hour. To hire a Chinese Tutor, you are likely to spend between HKD160 and HKD 300 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 160$ 300$ 220

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          Chinese Tutoring Hong Kong Cost Details

          Chinese is the native language for most of the secondary school students, and most of the students have studied it since their childhood. Yet, it is still difficult for most of the students to understand the classical Chinese and how to do the integrated tasks properly. Since some of them cannot utilise the Chinese examination skills properly, thus they failed to obtain good results in the DSE Chinese exam.

          Once if the students failed to obtain level 3 or above in the DSE Chinese exam, they are no longer able to be enrolled in the university. Parents can consider to join the Chinese tutoring class organised by the Chinese professionals to improve their Chinese standard. The Chinese class and Chinese tutorials might charge differently. If you want to know more about the prices of joining Chinese class, don’t miss out this passage!

          1) Chinese Tutoring Actual Cost

          In generally, the hourly rate for an Chinese tutorial will be from $150 to $250. Different factors can affect the prices of an Chinese tutorial. For example, the students’ form will affect the price. When the students are promoted to a higher form, their fees of attending an Chinese tutorial will be higher. The experiences and qualifications of the Chinese tutor will also affect the prices. The well-known Chinese tutors can charge higher than other normal tutors by 10% to 30%.

          The time, venue and the number of students can both affect the prices of a Chinese tutorial. Owing to the traffic conditions, some private Chinese tutors will request for additional charge for covering his or her transportation fees.

          If the students are willing to pay more, they can find private Chinese tutors to have one-to-one Chinese tutorials or Chinese class in small group. Hiring a Chinese tutors, the hourly rate will be $200. As for the experienced Chinese tutors, the hourly rate will be $400.

          2) Chinese Tutoring Services Content

          In the market, there are one-to-one Chinese tutorial class or Chinese class for students to choose. Generally, the Chinese tutorial class will last for 60 to 90 minutes. Most students will join the class 1 to 3 times per week. They will arrange the Chinese tutorials during weekends or after school during weekdays. Before the Chinese examination, they will opt for prolonging the class for a better preparation. They will drill more on different kinds of Chinese examinations, such as DSE Chinese speaking and Chinese writing.

          A good Chinese tutor should understand the students’ ability and set up a study plan for them. Apart from consolidating the students’ Chinese skills, the Chinese tutor will even prepare examination questions for them to practise. The Chinese tutors use this mean to train up students’ examination skills and understand how to use the equations.

          Most of the students opt for the private Chinese tutorial as it allows the private tutors to fully understand the students’ conditions, so that the tutors can do work to improve on their weaknesses. The students can directly ask questions to the tutors when they face difficulties.

          3) Chinese Tutoring Additional Cost

          To let the students better understand the public examination questions, some Chinese tutors will buy some Chinese exercise books, prepare their own notes and photocopy the past examination papers, this might lead to an additional cost.

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          • Tsang po yee
            January 16, 2021

            So good

          • Tracy
            December 31, 2020
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            The explanation is clear and good

          • Salim Kasim
            December 28, 2020

            One of the best teacher I've ever seen

          • Kristine
            December 28, 2020
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            Qi teaching materials, past paper, flexible time for class. 🌞good

          • Natalie
            December 28, 2020

            用心教導學生 skillful teacher 有耐心教導學生

          • 林瑋頡
            December 18, 2020
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            During the whole semester of high school, due to some factors, my studies have completely regressed. Thank you for your careful teaching. The teaching period is not boring, the content is integrated and easy to understand, and the teaching is focused on the key points. The teacher also provides me with more perspectives to see things, so that I am right. I have different opinions about myself and the future. This is the greatest gift the teacher gave me. Thank you, Mr. Xu, for being a noble person at this stage of my life. I hope that more confused children like me can receive the help of the teacher and provide them with With the same idea, create your own future!

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