2018 Average Cost for Math Tutoring in Hong Kong

Average 200 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for Korean Language Lesson is HKD200 per hour. To hire a Korean Teacher, you are likely to spend between HKD150 and HKD 350 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 150$ 350$ 200

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        Math Tutoring Hong Kong Cost Details

        As one the compulsory subjects in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, Maths tutorials have always been one of the most popular among the students. Since there are huge number of students studying Maths and Maths tutors Hong Kong, the fees of employing an Maths tutor are relatively stable. However, the fees of employing an Maths tutor and joining an Maths class in a tutorial centre will be different.

        1) Math Tutorial Actual Cost

        In generally, the hourly rate for an Maths tutorial will be from $130 to $180. Different factors can affect the prices of an Maths tutorial. For example, the students’ form will affect the price. When the students are promoted to a higher form, their fees of attending an Maths tutorial will be higher. The experiences and qualifications of the Maths tutor will also affect the prices. The well-known Maths tutors can charge higher than other normal tutors by 10% to 30%.

        The time, venue and the number of students can both affect the prices of a Maths tutorial. Owing to the traffic conditions, some private Maths tutors will request for additional charge for covering his or her transportation fees.

        2) Math Tutorial Services Content

        Generally, the Maths tutorial class will last for 60 to 90 minutes. Most students will join the class 1 to 2 times per week. Before the Maths examination, they will opt for prolonging the class for a better preparation. A good Maths tutor should explain clearly to the students about the Maths concepts and set up a study plan for them. Sometimes, the Maths tutor will even prepare maths practice paper for them to practise. The Maths tutors use this mean to train up students’ examination skills and understand how to use the maths formula.

        The private Maths tutorial allows the private tutors to fully understand the students’ conditions, so that the tutors can do work to improve on their weaknesses. The students can directly ask questions to the tutors when they face difficulties.

        3) Math Tutorial Additional Cost

        To let the students better understand the public examination questions, some Maths tutors will buy some Maths exercise books, prepare their own notes and photocopy the maths past papers, this might lead to an additional cost.

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        • william
          July 27, 2022

          I can feel her enthusiasm from her teaching.

        • 吴生
          July 26, 2022

          Very capable and patient!

        • Chen
          March 29, 2022


        • Ho Wai Yan
          December 24, 2021
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          Dress up like a Christmas tree, serious, cute, and potential

        • 朱英綺
          October 16, 2021
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          Serious and responsible, he explained every action very carefully, and patiently answered my questions when I encountered them.

        • 黃秋萍
          October 16, 2021
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          Professional, serious, responsible, try our best to meet customer needs, worthy of your trust.

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