2018 Average Cost for Videography in Hong Kong

Average 18,000 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for videography is HKD18,000 per hour. To hire a videographer, you are likely to spend between HKD4,500 and HKD 80,000 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 4,500$ 80,000$ 18,000

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          Videography Hong Kong Cost Details

          In this era of visual images, many companies make use of videos or films for promotion, but the production procedures and cost details are often unclear. To actually produce a video, there are a lot of skills and procedures involved. You can refer to the following cost guide for more details.

          1)Videography Actual Cost

          In videography, we can roughly divide the process into three parts, namely pre-production, video taking, and post-production. If you already have an idea of how the video will be like, and only videography support is needed, the cost charged by small production houses would be $2,000/hour minimum. As for post-production fees, it depends on the video's length and difficulty. If it is not too difficult, a video within 3 minutes including editing, title sequence and epilogue, etc. will cost $2,500 or above.

          Normally, for promotional videos, online advertisements, Youtube advertisements, etc, if you wish to seek help from a production team, prices can vary as creative elements are involved. A one-minute video costs at least $20,000. Clients will usually be given an approximate budget before setting a respective videography plan.

          In videography production, most of the cost comes from the labor. The more manpower you need on the video shoot day, the more expensive it would cost. Normally, around 70% of the cost comes from man power. When you make a budget, you can consider the manpower you need, such as the cost of hiring actors/ actresses, number of crew members, etc. to get an approximate budget.

          2)Videography Services Content

          Videography involves many different professions, from preparation of equipment, searching for filming location, and casting in early stages to videography, lighting, boom operation, directing, performance etc. on the actual date, as well as editing, special effects, subtitling, etc. All of these procedures involve costs, but are adjustable according to your budget.

          3)Videography Additional Cost

          Videography production houses usually provide motion graphic design. But if you prefer longer animation clips, there will be extra costs. Normally there are no additional costs to videography packages, but if you make changes to the aforementioned terms, extra cost will be charged.

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