2018 Average Cost for Event Photography in Hong Kong

Average 800 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for event photography is HKD800 per hour. To hire a event photographer, you are likely to spend between HKD300 and HKD 2,500 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 300$ 2,500$ 800

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          Event Photography Hong Kong Cost Details

          Event Photography basically refers to graduation photography, family photography, party photography, birthday photography, 100th day birthday celebration photography, proposal photography, corporate photography, and so on. If you want to reminisce the past by keeping memories in photographs, photography is for you. How much does it cost to hire an Event Photographer? If you want to know some cost details of event photography, why don't you read the following article?

          1)Event Photography Actual Cost

          According to the duration of the photo shoot, genre, background of the photographer, number of photographers, venue, etc., a different cost will be charged. The more experienced a photographer is, the higher the cost. Also, it usually costs more during peak season, in outdoors, or with a large number of photographers. Commercial event photography would also cost more than that of private.

          As there are many freelance photographers, every photographer has different charges. Some photographers charge by hour, while other charge by project. For example, private event photography like family photography and graduation photography are cheaper, usually below $1,500. As for parties and wedding events, the charge would be around $2,000 to $5,000. Corporate event photography ranges from a few thousands to a few millions, depending on the event size, professional equipment, and labor required.

          2)Event Photography Services Content

          Every event, such as graduation photography, banquet photography, wedding proposal photography, birthday photography, and hundredth day birthday celebration, has different requirements. Therefore, there are different photography packages and personalized photography. Basically, photography packages covers certain duration and number of photos. Motion photos mainly capture the interaction between people, while still photos capture environments, ceremonies, and presentations. All photo should be saved in a high resolution, and clients have to be given license to use all of the photos. Some photographers provide post-production services as well.

          Apart form the above services, large-scale photo shoots will involve professional makeup and styling services, such as wedding banquets, award ceremonies, etc. and also equipped with professional external light and lighting technicians.

          3)Event Photography Additional Cost

          If the photo shoot takes place in inconvenient places, photographers will charge additional cost if transportation cost is involved. Apart from that, large commercial events also need the help of lighting technicians and videographers, which will as well raise the price of the whole package. If the on-day shooting exceeds the estimated duration, extra cost will be charged for the exceeded time. Photographers normally provide digital photos. Extra cost will be charged if hard copies are required.

          User Review
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          • Cheung
            November 29, 2021
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            The result is very satisfactory. The photographer is also very professional. During the shooting process, if you don’t know how to pose, the photographer will prompt you where to look. Angles and furnishings will also be recommended. Recommend recommendation~

          • Ricky
            November 28, 2021
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            Henry is a photographer full of humanism. In addition to his extremely professional qualities, his works also incorporate my own exploration and thinking about society, humanities, life, and freedom. This is also the reason why I must finally invite Henry as the photographer for my college graduation ceremony. Whether it's a formal occasion or casual modeling shots, Henry can do it well. He is both a professional photographer and a very good friend. Add your own thoughts on humanities and society in your works, and use your works to influence and contribute to society. Henry is such a photographer.

          • Judy Wang
            November 17, 2021
            Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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            Ask Marcus to come and take the photo. The filming is good and the service is good.

          • Kristen Gallagher
            November 14, 2021

            Great service and final product! Made my kids smile and we got some great photos!! Thanks Andy!!

          • Jason Tong
            November 9, 2021
            Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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            Andy is very nice, he will teach me to pose, and I will show you how beautiful and natural! Ying Zuo has a few resistances and helps me to hold the d-phase well, which is great value for money! The photo is good and the pro is so serious! Will understand the needs of my place, and then help me plan the photography plan, so careful. If I want to take pictures again later, I will want to go back again 🥰

          • Nir
            November 4, 2021

            We are very happy with Andy's photography service from the start of the conversation. He came before on time to setup his equipments and very professional throughout. He sent us the pics immediately by working on it late night. Quality of pics also very good. Overall, I strongly recommend his service.

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