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  • Ava Make Up
    Supreme Service
    (13 Reviews)
    Ava Make Up was founded in 2010 by the founder Ava Yung. Since 2007, he has obtained a number of internationally recognized certificates ITEC Level 3 Theatre and Media Make Up, CIBTAC Media Make Up, INFA obtained Glod Master, and graduated from Make Up For Ever. Professional ACADEMY has opened her own studio for eight years. She is currently a bridal makeup artist and tutor. She is mainly responsible for serving customers with nude makeup, bridal makeup, daily makeup, Korean and Japanese makeup, banquet makeup, mummy and sister makeup. She is good at youth makeup. wedding reception
  • Himawari Makeup
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    (60 Reviews)
    Lisa graduated from UCLA and Zing Makeup School. An age-reducing makeup that focuses on fresh, natural and uplifting temperament. Good at changeable and textured hairstyles and delicate and translucent small face makeup 🌻 Lisa has six years of experience in bridal makeup. She has served more than 1,000 customers and brides since her business. The confirmation rate of brides-to-be after makeup test in 2016-19 is nearly 100%. Won customer satisfaction and support!
  • Irene Fong
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    (39 Reviews)
    Being a makeup artist for 6 years who has participated in fashion show, car show, magazine and weddings. Irene Fong graduated from UCSD and found out that she was passionate about makeup and decided to go for her dream!
  • C. Shiny makeup&hair styling|Cynthia Shiny
    Supreme Service
    (193 Reviews)
    ✨Cynthia✨ has 12 years of experience in wedding makeup 💄 styling 💇🏻✨ Participated in a number of makeup and hairstyle jobs✨ 🎙️ concerts 💃 stage plays 📺 TV/commercials 📚 magazines✨ In addition, we also provide ✨ 🪞face/body painting and halloween FX makeup Services👩🏻‍🏫Make-up class and hair-styling class Introduction of Make-up class 1⃣️ Pre-makeup care (choose the skin care products that suit you) 2⃣️ foundation and concealer skills 3⃣️ eyebrow shaping skills 4⃣️ eye shadow / eyeliner / false eyelashes and double eyelid stickers to modify the eyes Shape 5⃣️Use shadow/light and shadow to improve facial contour 6⃣️Rouge effect...
    (1 Reviews)
    Japanese and Korean makeup is the mainstay, heavy makeup and light makeup will make decisions based on understanding of each person's contours and personal preferences, and try to present your most beautiful side.
  • bling make up
    (6 Reviews)
    Bling make up is good at creating a delicate face, patiently listen to the preferences of the guests, and make an appointment now!
  • Clover Events Limited
    (5 Reviews)
    Our company can provide you with professional bridal makeup and party makeup styling services. If you are interested, please contact us to provide a special category of services (such as decoration) or all services. We can provide you with the following services: - Small party makeup - Styling services for birthdays, anniversary celebrations, and product launches -Wedding banquet return gift, souvenir or small event gift Guests can order individual makeup and styling services or order the entire party preparation package, welcome to contact us on the platform for a quote!
    (2 Reviews)
    Simple & Elegance 新娘化妝髮型服務
  • Esther-Makeup
    (62 Reviews)
    Hello! I'm a makeup artist from Taiwan - Esther✨ with 10 years of experience in the styling industry! The following is my work resume 📝 I hope to have the opportunity to serve you all! ❤️ Experience: News Channel - China Television, FTV, Zhongtian TV. Magazines - VIVI Magazine, Hair and Makeup Books, Clothing Catalog Variety Show - Moment of Fame, Dog Mouth Does Not Spit Ivory, Bingbing Is So Happy, Dongsen Shopping Soothing, Invincible Freshmen, This is Called Love, Video Game Advertising - Family Mart, Carrefour Advertising, KFC advertising large-scale activities - 2006 ~ 2007 * Golden Bell Award and Golden Horse Award. 2007~2015*Mazu's Light Meets Southeast Concert 2007~2016*Practice Fashion Show Sofa 2006~2008...
  • Shell Chung
    (5 Reviews)
    Professional bridal makeup and hair stylist with more than 10 years of experience in portrait design. Participated in TV commercials, fashion shows, operas, commercials and model shooting, etc. Worked as a guest speaker at VTC Professional hair and makeup artist Portrait photographer Has more than 10 years of personal image design experience Has been involved in television advertising, fashion shows, opera, advertising and model shooting and so on Served as guest speaker at VTC
  • 希·夢 司儀統籌婚禮專家
    (4 Reviews)
    Professional one-stop wedding planning experts, welcome to inquire!
    (1 Reviews)
    HONG KONG MAKE UP ARTIST Bride | Banquet | Sisters | Advertising Photography Makeup | The semi-permanent makeup uses natural plant colors imported from South Korea, including one free color supplement. Provide door-to-door service. Welcome inquiry/whatsapp +852 606***61
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 240 reviews
    Feb 04 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    David is a really good emcee! To be honest, as a bride, I was not in the venue for a lot of time that night, and many people could not hear the emcee's speech. However, after listening to many friends speaking in local dialect, I felt that the emcee's speech was very clear, and it was very easy to invigorate the atmosphere. And there was a special guest who appeared, David's son (of course we had communicated with him beforehand), he brought his son on stage to 'host' him for a short period of time at the beginning of the show. He was so cute and cute. The elders and relatives and elders were all very happy. Except for the person on the left, who is nice and has a good voice, which are basic skills that a host of ceremonies must have, David did a good job in all aspects and was very professional. He was very knowledgeable during the tea ceremony at the dinner. My husband and I introduced each other before entering the venue. Well, all the rituals at the end, etc. I did a good job of adapting to improvisations. Seeing that my husband and I are sometimes too nervous to react, or when my brothers and sisters don't respond properly, he will immediately pay attention to the year-on-year instructions, which is definitely helpful. There are so many left! My husband and I are very satisfied and feel so lucky to have David as the officiant for our wedding! When friends around me get married, they will 100% definitely recommend him to their friends!

    Jan 30 2024

    a very professional , caring , wholehearted master of ceremony !!! We had a very smooth and touched wedding !!

    William Wong
    Jan 29 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    It was a very correct decision to invite David to be the MC of my wedding. He delivered a speech as the master of ceremony and introduced the new couple's acquaintance. His voice and diction were able to bring the guests into the mood in a short time. My newlyweds were also very confident in carrying out all the processes under David's leadership. David discovered some very inconspicuous details through experience. When I moved my wife during the wedding, and the whole wedding ended successfully, I I believe that if any of my friends get married in the future, they will definitely recommend David as their officiant.

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    Wedding Hair and Makeup Average Cost

    Total Price: $1,500
    Total Price: $6,800
    Total Price: $13,000
    Wedding Hair and Makeup cost table
    Total Price: $1,500
    Total Price: $6,800
    Total Price: $13,000
    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

    Wedding Hair and Makeup Service Request

    • "Looking For a Bridal Makeup Artist"

      New Territories – Tsuen Wan

      Occasion in need of wedding hair and makeup services?Full Wedding Day
      What makeup style you looking for?Morning makeup, evening smoky makeup
      What else do you need to let the Pro know?On Big Day, I hope to change makeup in the morning and evening, and create multiple looks, which is eye-catching!
    • "Hire a big day makeup artist to help mother and grandma make up"

      New Territories – Kwai Chung

      Occasion in need of wedding hair and makeup services?Wedding day dinner
      What makeup style are you looking for?Chinese and natural makeup
      What else do you need to let the Pro know?Mainly helping me, my mom and grandma with makeup and touch-ups.
    • "I want Korean makeup and hairstyles"

      Hong Kong – Siu Sai Wan

      Occasion in need of wedding hair and makeup services?On the day of registration
      What kind of makeup style are you looking for?Japanese makeup or Korean makeup style, simplicity is the main
      What else do you need to let the experts know?The Korean wedding dresses have been selected, and the wedding dresses of the bridesmaids are mainly in Korean style.

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    Why you need a Bridal Hair Styling?

    Marriage is one of the most important days in one's life. In addition to the guests on that day, the wedding banquet process and wedding records will also be recorded in detail. Therefore, compared with general makeup, Big Day makeup will be closer to dinner makeup, banquet makeup, etc., so that the bride's contours and facial features can be more prominent when she is on the mirror. Moreover, the makeup artist will follow B2B (Brides to Be) for a day to help touch up and change makeup.

    How many types of bridal styling?

    Bridal styles are divided into Japanese, Korean, European and American (Western) and Chinese styles. The Korean bridal look created by Korean bridal makeup and Korean bridal hairstyle is the most popular bridal look in recent years, and it is also one of the makeup styles recommended by makeup artists for newcomers. In addition, Taiwan's Big Day makeup artists know how to integrate traditional Chinese bridal makeup and Western makeup techniques, so they are also very popular in the Hong Kong makeup industry.

    What does a bridal makeup service include?

    Before the wedding, the wedding makeup artist will try the makeup with the bride-to-be (the makeup artist will demonstrate the makeup and design the bridal hairstyle). Under different lighting, the bride-to-be will know the actual makeup style (Korean bridal makeup, Japanese bridal makeup) and the results of the bridal makeup look. In order to describe the desired makeup, the bride should prepare the desired bridal makeup and bridal hairstyle. On the other hand, if you can tell the details of your face and facial features and the expected Big Day hair style (hair color, length, hairstyle), you can not only deepen the understanding with the makeup team, but also make the makeup and hair combing more smoothly. After selecting a wedding makeup artist, you must determine the gap and wedding date as soon as possible, and check the makeup package charges.

    Bridal Makeup Price:

    Bridal makeup service prices start from $1,500. The fee will vary based on factors such as the popularity of the MUA bridal makeup, the style or complexity of the makeup, the number of people, the number of makeup changes, etc. In addition to general bridal makeup companies, there are also "one-stop" wedding preparation companies in the market, which can help you handle the major events of the wedding day in one stop. From Make Up Artists, wedding photographers, even wedding venue setups, and more. Customers should pay attention to the price of different items in the price list, to ensure that the price of the entire bridal makeup package is also the price of different wedding services, in order to find a fair and beautiful bridal makeup.

    Bridal Makeup and Styling Additional Charges:

    Bridal try-on generally requires an additional fee, which takes about 2.5-3 hours and ranges from $200 to $900. On the big day of marriage, grandparents and other relatives can want wedding makeup. Due to the large number of guests, if the sisters, bridesmaids, grooms... all want makeup set services on the day of Big Day, the newlyweds should book more than one makeup artist/makeup team according to the actual number of people who need makeup to help each person deal with styling problems.

    How to choose a bridal makeup artist?

    As a once-in-a-lifetime makeup artist, you should choose a patient, careful, and even polite MUA compared to a star-rated bridal makeup artist with higher craftsmanship and higher fees. Because when you go to the wedding scene, whether you are a novice or an experienced wedding makeup artist, you will face different unexpected environments. Compared with makeup skills, the way you treat people before and after Big Day is also an important consideration.

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