Which Face Slimming Treatment is the Best - HIFU, V-Lift, Thermage or Botox?

Updated on Dec 10 2019

Are you shy to be in the front while taking photos all the time?Is there any way to solve the pimple-face and chubby face? Nowadays there are all kinds of medical cosmetology face slimming treatment in the market, the popular ones for instance, Hifu, Liftera-V, Thermage and Botox. But what’s the difference between them?Let’s go ahead and figure it out.

Brief Introduction of 4 Common Treatment


Hifu, with its’ full name High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is based on applying high-energy ultrasound to generate thermal energy between 60-70 degrees, and lead the energy into Superficial Musculo- Aponeurotic System(SMAS)to stimulate collagen synthesis, make the tissues react for the further repairing and enhance the density of collagen after the collagen synthesis. Because the aponeurosis is the main supporting of the face, stimulating and regenerating the collagen in aponeurosis makes the effect of tightening the skin.


Thermage applies high-energy Mono-polar Radiofrequency technique to relieve the skin depression and lift up facial outline through thermal energy to heat up the deep part in the skin which contains rich collagen. So far, Thermage is the only treatment certificated by medical research FDA that can be applied on the skin around the eyes.


Liftera-V is actually one of Hifu methods, based on the burying the invisible energy into the aponeurosis and the dermis, construct the skin in net, stimulate and regenerate the collagen synthesis and reconstruction, to tighten up the skin. Another type of lift method is to inject the albumin gland into the base of skin. Different from Liftera-V, the traditional lift method applies pdo albumin gland, injecting the albumin gland into the dermis and enhance the foundation of the skin from the bottom, to support the whole face, while Liftera-V applies the energy to stimulate and regenerate collagen.


Botox is a high unified protein. Through injecting it, it can relax the facial muscles showing the wrinkles on the skin surface, stop the nerve cells which make the muscles shrink and cause the wrinkles, smooth the face outline, relieve the moving wrinkles and expression wrinkles, prevent the new wrinkles and tighten up the loose skin to slim the face.

Comparison of Face Slimming Treatment

1. Reference price

Hifu (Depending on the devices and machines)

Ultherapy (American) around HK$25000-HK$35000 Doublo (Korean) for around HK$15000-HK$25000

Liftera-V: Around $3,000 - $7,000

Thermage (Depending on the applied part)

Face+Neck for $42,000 - $70,000 ; Eyes for $20,000 - $30,000


Around $3,000-$6,000

2. Treatment Times

Hifu: 1-2 times/ year

Liftera-V:1 time/ every 1.5 - 3 months, consistently for 3-6 times

Thermage:1 time/ year

Botox:2-3 times/ year

3. Depth of Treatment

Hifu:1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5 mm

Liftera-V:1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm

Thermage:1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm

Botox:Not applicable

4. Theory Of The Treatment

Hifu:High-energy Ultrasound(stable point);Linearly Sending Energy

Liftera-V:Vortex Ultrasound;Moving-Curvedly Sending Energy

Thermage:Monopolar Radiofrequency

Botox:Not applicable

5. Effect Of The Treatment

Hifu:Maintain for 9-12 months

Liftera-V:Maintain for around 36 months

Thermage:Maintain for 12-18 months

Botox:Maintain for 4 months

6. Applicable for

The 4 treatments above are all applicable for those who are troubled by wrinkled skin, loose skin, double-chin, eye fine lines, facial fine lines and other issues.

7. Short Term Reaction

Hifu:red, swollen, dry and skin

Liftera-V:temperary redness, swollenness or bruise

Thermage:redness or light swollenness

Botox:pain, bruise and inflammation in the injected parts



The common part of these 4 treatments is apply or stimulate collagen synthesis. For this, it’s really clear that collagen is the important ingredient to lift up and tighten the skin, and it can literally make the effect on it. There are 2 different depths in the normal treatment, 4.5mm for stimulating the SMAS while 3.0mm for stimulating dermis. Inject the energy into different depths of the skin and stimulate the collagen synthesis in different levels and aspects.