All You Need to Know About CO2 Laser Mole Removal

Updated on Dec 10 2019

There are many people paying the cosmetic beauty center for Wart and Mole Removal Treatment. In fact, besides the factor of appearance, those small units of wart and mole can turn into illness by any time. No matters the big or small wart and moles, they can all turn to negative melanoma, even Skin Cancer in serious condition. As we say preventing the illness is better than curing it,  for the sake of health and appearance, most of the people would go for different healing treatment in trustable beauty center, and care for the effect of wart and mole removal treatment very much.

“Wart” and “Mole” Introduction

The difference between “Wart” and “Mole” is “Wart ” is small on appearance and flat, while ”Mole” has a relatively protruding surface with hair on it, though it doesn’t make much difference between these two on medical science. The forming of both wart and mole is because over pigmentation which shows on the surface of the skin. According to the color, we can see the level of the pigmentation. There are two kinds of wart and mole, congenital one and acquired one; the congenital one is ascribable to genetic inheritance, while the acquired one is mostly affected by the environment, for instance sun exposure can change the color, shape and size of the wart and mole.

Co2 Laser Wart Removal Theory

Nowadays, many beauty centers offer wart and mole removal laser treatment with  Co2 Laser. Laser device can generate the wave length between 10600-10800nm, in high energy and penetration, concentrating the energy and exporting the light wave. Since Co2 laser wavelength is longer and better in penetrating than normal laser, able to get deep into epidermis and dermis and break the accumulated melanin down there. The improvement of the precision of laser device makes it more precisely in the treatment, lowering down the possibility of affecting or damaging the skin around the applied part. Different from the traditional operation, the whole treatment has nothing to do with the real wound that requires stitching. You don’t have to worry about if the wound gets infected or leaves a visible scar. The wound gets encrusted and recovers really fast. For around 7 days after the treatment, it’d encrust and fall, making the surface smooth again. The effect of Co2 Laser is visible after 1-2 treatments. Besides Co2 Laser, the high developed heat gasification can gasify the unusual skin tissues, and use the thin needle and electric thermal energy to remove the harmless wart and mole.

Treatment Times

It’s not a treatment that shows the effect in only one apply. It’d come back if there’s pigmentation in the deep layer of the skin. According to your need, you can do one more treatment 2 months later after the first one.

The Effect Of Co2 Laser Wart and Mole Removal Treatment

✓ Wart Removal ✓ Mole Removal✓ Fat Granule Removal✓ Naveus Removal✓ Improve the cuticle

Short Term Reaction

After the laser, it might have some reactions of temporary tingly sensation, distending pain with heat, red skin and itch.

After Treatment

1)Avoid approaching UV causing pigmentation.

2)Avoild places with high temperature, such as steamed bath.

3)Stay the wound clean

4)Avoid water, in case the wound get infected.

Reference Price

Wart and Mole Removal Laser Treatment for 10 time, the original price is HKS$380, now the special trial offer for only HK$360, able to apply in different parts.

Trial Price HK$50/ unit; The Original Price for HK$100/unit


Co2 laser is the safe and effective choise for qucikly removing wart, mole, naevus and fat granule. While for those light-colored and small wart and mole, besides laser treatment, there are also some wart and mole removing creams and potions in the market. Wart removal products are mostly made of camphor wood oil and Salicylic acid, with different effect according to different density of the ingredients. Salicylic acid has the effect of exfoliation, making the protruding mole and wart falling gradually, while camphor wood oil has antibacterial effect, helping to smooth the stimulated skin! For more information about how to improve facial issues, check the articles here:Naevus Removal IntroducionPico-Laser IntroductionColored Spots Removal Introduction.