3rd Gen Pico Laser Skin Rejuvenation & Spot Removal Treatment

Destroy melanin, fight off freckles and hormonal spots
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1 x 3rd Gen Pico Laser Skin Rejuvenation & Spot Removal Treatment

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The third-generation picosecond laser has 1064nm, 755mn can break through melanin faster than the traditional nanosecond laser speed 7 times faster, the faster the speed, the stronger the damage to melanin, and the shorter the residence time, the lower the damage to the skin .
Various deep spots such as freckles and hormonal spots
Large pores, bumps, stretch marks
Eyebrow washing, tattoo removal
Skin rejuvenation, whitening and yellowing
Tighten pores and smooth wrinkles
Acne Mark, Thousand Year Mark

Introduction to treatment

Picosecond 3 The dust effect of mechanical laser laser shattering and decomposing melanin particles has surpassed all current laser equipment, and it is quickly removed and metabolized.
The energy of each laser light emitted during picosecond (ps) treatment only stays on the skin for a very short time (minimum 550 x 10-12), which is 7 times faster than ordinary lasers (NS 1064nm) and 7 times faster to apply The picosecond time can produce rapid mechanical light shock wave on melanin, instantly causing melanin to produce strong shock wave, which can be metabolized quickly, greatly reduce thermal damage, prevent anti-blackening, and quickly recover. The treatment effect is better than all current spot removal laser equipment.
In addition, in the past, the use of traditional lasers to remove spots and tattoos (especially green or light-colored tattoos) required multiple and frequent treatments, or the repair period after treatment, and there was a risk of scarring. And now the rapid mechanical shock wave of the 755nm picosecond 3 laser can reduce the number of treatments and reduce the repair period, making it easier and less burdensome to remove spots and tattoos, and the effect of hormonal spots under 755nm treatment is even more outstanding.
1ps (picosecond) 1 picosecond=0.0000000000001 second=10-12 seconds (the only technology in the world, many applications)
(1) The speed is fast and the time to stay on the skin is short, so after the treatment, it is not easy to be red and swollen, not easy to be injured, not easy to bleed, and the recovery period is greatly shortened
(2) It is not easy to reverse the black. The reason for the black is the accumulation of laser heat energy. However, because the picosecond laser has a fast speed, the use of extremely short pulse output mode replaces the principle of thermal effect, and the heat energy is not easy to accumulate, so it is more than traditional lasers. It is not easy to counter black.
(3) The treatment effect is significant. In terms of lasers, the shorter the time, the better the mechanical shock intensity can be achieved. Picosecond lasers are 7 times faster than ordinary lasers. Coupled with 755 wavelength and high energy, the effect is better. Significant.
1. The number of treatments required is small and the effect is remarkable:
The picosecond laser 755 wavelength is extremely specific for the absorption of melanin precipitation, and it is the current laser crown. This high melanin clearance rate is greater than
The required number of treatments, once done, has a significant effect; on the other hand, its speed of breaking melanin is 7 times faster than traditional nanosecond lasers. Therefore, the traditional laser needs 10 times to remove the pigment, and the picosecond laser only needs 5-6 times to completely remove it.
2. Reduce anti-black, speed is 750PS: Because the speed is faster, unlike traditional laser, the skin tissue will accumulate heat energy and cause light-heat effect, which solves the side effects of anti-black and leaving scars. Spot removal No longer requires frequent treatment and anti-black problems as before.
3. Fast treatment time: It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, which is very fast compared to the traditional laser treatment time, and it truly kills the spots.
4. Process to reduce trauma. After the treatment, redness and swelling are reduced and the recovery speed is extremely fast. It only takes 10-14 hours. After completion, you can live as usual, put on makeup and maintain, eliminating the troublesome recovery period of traditional lasers.

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