Bespoke Service【Triple-Action Anti-aging Facial Treatment】

100% customized beauty treatments according to your needs
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【Triple Age-Preservation Treatment】retens Medical will customize the treatment for you 100% according to your needs.

Treatment Includes

retens Medical will use a skin analyzer device to help customers understand their skin problems, and then using the FDA-certified and CE-certified high-end European and American machines and medical products, we will tailor three treatment packages that are most suitable for your skin problems. The treatment will solve your skin problems comprehensively, achieve whitening and spot removal, restore elasticity and create sharp contours!

4 High-end Beauty Devices | 2 Medical Product Treatment

Choose 3 out of the following 6 services:

1.【PicoSure Whitening and Rejuvenation - Pigmentation Savior】

PicoSure, certified by the US FDA, is the world's first picosecond laser instrument with all three wavelengths. It shows obvious effects after one treatment and has a unique honeycomb instant effect lens, so it’s been praised as the "Ferrari of the beauty industry". The instrument uses the 755nm wavelength to focus on melanin and crushes the spots into dust, this reduces melanin, improves uneven skin tone, tightens pores, reduces fine lines, and stimulates collagen regeneration. It can also help to remove freckles, sunburn, hormonal spots, age spots and other pigmentation problems.

2.【Fotona™️ Full Face Laser Skin Renewal Treatment-Skin Rejuvenation】

Fotona treatment mainly uses laser to shrink fat cells and realign them. Laser has a significant effect on shrinking pores. It can also improve bumps and holes, restore skin to a delicate state, and easily solve skin problems such as large pores! It can also improve dull skin, lighten acne and scars, stimulate cell repair and regeneration, and enhance the regeneration and reorganization of tissue cells and collagen.

3.【Collagen BB Gun-Restore Elasticity】

The collagen BB gun uses the mesh radio frequency technology to penetrate deep into the dermis and heat it to 60-70°C to activate the collagen regeneration system and stimulate collagen proliferation. After the treatment, it will help you restore skin elasticity immediately, and turn your skin baby-smoonth! Coupled with the "lift and slide" technique to enhance the contour, it can help smooth fine lines, enhance the contour, and improve sagging and droopy skin. The instrument is more suitable for the eyes, face, neck and chin, and increases collagen for your skin!

4.【Cannula Needleless Lifting-Collagen Regeneration】

Cannula Needleless Lifting Machine is equipped with four probes, which are mainly used to enhance facial contours, stimulate collagen proliferation, regenerate youthful skin, remove wrinkles and eye lines, tighten double chin and neck, and help you reduce your face size, making you more photogenic! The instrument also uses the MDT (Multiple Duration Technology) mode to form an invisible tension network in the fascia by focusing on the dotted energy polar lines formed by the hot spots to promote the proliferation of the dermis, instantly lift and tighten the contour, and smooth wrinkles, tighten skin and improve skin elasticity.

5.【DermaQuest High-efficiency Care-Firming and Anti-aging】

DermaQuest, a leading medical stem cell skin care brand, uses stem cells to push the efficacy of skin care products to the highest level. It can achieve the effect of deep cleansing, skin tightening and anti-aging. The treatment process will first deep clean the pores and dirt for you, and then introduce the stem cell collagen regeneration essence into the skin, providing an effective treatment of deep moisturizing, collagen regeneration, and tightening and anti-aging. Coupled with other high-end equipment treatments in【Age-Preservation Treatment】to strengthen the curative effect of the treatment and make your skin tender like when you were eighteen!

6.【Mesoestetic Unique Custom Blending Technique-Bespoke Service】

retens Medical’s professional therapists and doctors will use Mesoestetic medical beauty products, which have obtained the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality and hygiene and safety certification, to find the right blend for your skin, and formulate the most suitable combination of essences and treatment methods for you. For example, the introduction machine, water gun, micro-needle, hand needle, etc., achieve the effects of lightened spots and whitening, activating cell water injection, anti-inflammatory repair, and powerful repair and regeneration.

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