Salus Talent “Fit & Firm” Programme x 10

Increases muscle mass, speeds up fat burning, and enhances body contour
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・Salus Talent “Fit & Firm” Programme x 10

About the Treatment

Want to lose weight without doing anything?! Say bye-bye to your fat and pain 👋
🔹 This latest non-invasive treatment uses contactless electromagnetic to give multiple results with no pain and no open wounds!
✨Contactless Muscle Gain & Weight Loss! Contactless Pelvis Tightening! Contactless Pain Relief!✨
🔹Targeting the motor neurons of muscles, the treatment can contract muscles and offer high-intensity training with a 30-minute session giving 30,000 contractions to increase muscle mass by 16% and speed up fat burning by 19%!
🔹 Whether you want to lose weight or enhance your body contour, the “Fit & Firm” programme is definitely your top choice for incredible results ❗
Plan A: Muscle-Gain & Fat-Loss Treatment - $280/ Session, $2800/10 Sessions
Plan B: Pelvic Tightening Treatment - $280/ Session, $2800/10 Sessions
Plan C: K.O Pain Relief Treatment - $280/Session, $2800/10 Sessions
❗ Plan A to C (Choose 2 out of 3): $480/Session, $4800/10 Sessions❗
【No Hard Sell|Clear Pricing】

Efficacies of PLAN A - Muscle-Gain & Fat-Loss Treatment

- Increases muscle mass
- Improves diastasis recti
- Enhances muscle contour
- Achieves firm abs
- Reduces bat wings
- Lifts butt muscles

Efficacies of PLAN B - Pelvic Tightening Treatment

- Reduces urinary incontinence
- Relieves chronic pelvic pain
- Strengthens the pelvis after childbirth
- Improves prostate functions
- Tightens the pelvic floor

Efficacies of PLAN C - K.O Pain Relief Treatment

- Improves blood circulation
- Relieves muscle tension
- Restores physical energy
- Relieves pain and stress


-Please remember to arrive on time. There will be no make-up for any lost time.
-Female Only

Terms and Conditions
Effective Period
Within 60 days of purchase
How to Redeem
1. A confirmation email will be sent to you after the payment has been received. Please make your booking with the merchant at your earliest convenience. 2. Before consuming the service, please present your Redemption Code (stated in the confirmation email or under “My Voucher“ in your account) to the merchant to redeem the service.
Terms and Conditions
1. This voucher can only be redeemed once and cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. 2. This voucher is valid for 60 days from the day of purchase. Strictly no extension will be allowed. 3. The Redemption Code must be presented to the merchant and verified for redemption. 4. In case of a dispute, Toby reserves the right of the final decision on the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.
1. Please make your booking in advance. 2. The treatment should take 1-2 hours. 3. Please inform the merchant 2 days in advance if you need to reschedule. 4. A confirmation email will be sent within the next 5 minutes after successful payment. If you do not receive it, it is possible that the email has been caught by the spam filter. Please check the spam folder of your email account. In the future, kindly ensure all emails from Toby are marked as "Not Spam".

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