10 X Aqua Peel

Provides nourishment and moisturization and promotes metabolism
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10 x Aqua Peel

Additional Services

*All additional services must be paid on-site.
*Choose 1 of the below treatments*
+ $380 for the Advanced Box Set (Original Price: $1,200)
【Choose a combination to treat your skin problems】
1. ANKEL MARNI Organic Rose Hydrolat Treatment
-Provides a moisturizing and whitening effect
2. RAFFINE PARIS Galaxy Effect System Professional Treatment
-Enhances facial contour and provides a firming effect
3. RAFFINE PARIS Intelligence Stem Cell Regeneration Treatment
-Revitalizes cell activity and speeds up metabolism
4. RAFFINE PARIS Placenta Oxygen PLus Treatment
-Promotes collagen production and reduces wrinkles
5. Clover Royal Jelly DNA Reborn Treatment
-Rebuilds skin structure and provides a firming and anti-wrinkle effect

About the Treatment

Aqua Peel is a non-invasive skincare treatment that uses different probe heads, dermabrasion, negative pressure, and injection to soften aging keratin, discharge grease and dirt from pores, and suck out dead cells, blackheads, and comedones. This treatment also applies a moisturizing essence to give a soothing and calming effect, boost the absorption of nutrients, and improve microcirculation.

Service Procedures

Step 1: Face Cleansing
Step 2: 30-Minute Deep Cleansing (Aqua Peel with AHA, BHA, and Rejuv Serum)
Step 3: Moisturizing Face Mask

Treatment for

- Accumulation of aging keratin
- Blackheads and comedones


-Removes aging keratin
-Cleanses and refines pores


- This offer is only suitable for new customers above the age of 18.
- Each customer is eligible to one booking and cannot redeem it with any other offers.
- Please remember to arrive on time. There will be no make-up for any lost time.

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1. The date and time selected by the customer within the validity period of the reservation service. 2. The coupon is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase.
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1. Reservation is required; 2. It is recommended that guests reserve 1-2 hours for the treatment; 3. If customers need to change their reservation, they must notify the merchant 48 hours in advance; 4. The "Payment Confirmation Email" will be sent within 5 minutes after payment. If you do not receive our email as usual, please check the "Spam Box" in your email. If you find an email from Toby, please mark it as "No spam"

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