Pico laser超皮秒激光(10次)

High-energy laser breaks up dark spots and brings remarkable de-spotting, whitening and skin rejuvenation effects
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12 x Picosecond Plus Laser II Treatment

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About the Treatment

Picosecond Plus Laser II is the most popular treatment at KYNA Beauty. The
process uses an American medical-grade equipment that has been internationally certified by FDA and CE, the Picosecond Plus Laser II. Picosecond Plus Laser II uses technology to focus energy, the treatment speed is 90 times higher than that of traditional lasers. The effect of 1 treatment is equivalent to 3 times of ordinary lasers, which greatly reduces the treatment time and frequency.
The powerful de-spotting ability of Picosecond Plus Laser II can also reduce the risk of melanin reactivation, so that the dark spot will not regrow.
It can also transmit shock waves to the deep layer of the skin, activate the repair mechanism, promote the renewal and proliferation of collagen, and achieve the effect of whitening and rejuvenation of the skin.
Moreover, picosecond laser de-spotting can reduce the risk of heat injury in the skin, the treatment process does not cause bleeding, and the recovery period is short.
The treatment can achieve a combination of skin lightening, rejuvenation and pore reduction!
FDA, CE, FCC certified with various industry de-spotting awards.

Treatment Steps

Step 1: Cleanse the face
Step 2: Picosecond treatment
1. Unlimited number of laser beams during the treatment, the guest can choose how many beams to shoot according to their tolerance level and their
2. The guest can also change to other device heads for different functions - including 1064 wavelength for whitening, rejuvenating skin and minimising pores, 755 wavelength for removing acne marks and de-spotting
Step 3: Complimentary Blue Light Hydrating Cooling Therapy + Essence Mask
Keep your skin sufficiently hydrated after the treatment, which is beneficial for skin repair.

Treatment Effect

Solve various skin problems such as freckles, hormonal spots, and dilute acne marks and other aged marks.
Rejuvenate and whiten skin, improve skin tone, reduce melanin, bumps and holes; reduce pores and smooth wrinkles


Please remember to arrive on time. There may be no make-up for any lost time.

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