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Office buildings, shops, or installed home carpets lack cleaning and maintenance are easy to hide a lot of stains, dust, bacteria, mites. It is not only affecting the appearance, but also affecting health. Toby provides professional and powerful carpet cleaning and maintenance services to remove allergens for you.

Oriental Carpet
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Luxury carpets are investment. To maximize their life, they must be maintained and cleaned regularly. The cleaning process by a dedicated person can ensure that there is no chemical residue, avoid secondary pollution and protect the carpet material.

Small Residential Carpet
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Household carpets contain a lot of dirt, dander, dust mites, etc. If there are children playing on the carpet at home, these dirts may cause skin sensitivity and pollute the air. We use non-toxic cleaning agents to ensure that no by-products that pollute the space are left.

Tailor-maded Services

There are many ways to clean carpets. We use powerful decontamination and fast technology to tailor your carpet to an exclusive solution.
Extraction Cleaning

Quickly dissolve stubborn stains and suck them all away. The solution can effectively clean the deep stains of the carpet, and the effect is remarkable.

High Tempreature Steaming

Steaming and washing the carpet can not only clean up stains, but also completely sterilize and deodorize. Toby's high-quality carpet cleaner and carpet steaming machine can effectively shorten the cleaning time and will not damage the carpet fibers.

Carpet Shampooing

When cleaning the carpet, the single brush machine runs the bristles at high speed and sprays the diluted detergent at the same time, which can effectively remove the dirt, dust, insects, lice, and mites in the deep layer of the carpet. It is suitable for most office use.

Anti-fouling and insect-proof maintenance

The anti-return coating after cleaning the carpet can not only prevent stains and insects, but also prevent the carpet from fading, depilation, hardening and mold, and prolong the service life of the carpet.

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Deep Cleaning
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Maintenance and protection

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Apr 11 2023
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Very nice, quick and serious. Very professional and worth recommending. The price is affordable.

Nicole Wong
Jul 23 2022

Yes energetic and dynamic

Hannah Zhang
Jun 30 2022

Good and efficient

Largest home services booking platform in HK
Service covers all regions in Hong Kong
Strict selection of technicians and quality control
Transparent Pricing
7-day CS Support