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Express PCR Test | Include Door-to-door Delivery & Doctor Tele-consultation

Toby is cooperating with HEAL Medical, to provide door-to-door PCR tests and remote doctor consultation. Get COVID-19 PCR test report within 12-36 hours for outbound travel and stay safe at home. Doctor tele-consultation help to manage the COVID-19 symptoms and medication delivery will be provided. Arrangement for outpatient services is required for entry into Mainland China.
Toby is cooperating with HEAL Medical, to provide door-to-door PCR tests and remote doctor consultation. Get COVID-19 PCR test report within 12-36 hours for outbound travel and stay safe at home. Doctor tele-consultation help to manage the COVID-19 symptoms and medication delivery will be provided. Arrangement for outpatient services is required for entry into Mainland China.
Express PCR Test (12-36 Hour)

Includes doctor tele-consultation, door-to-door delivery and express test result within 12-36 hours. For traveling to China, your tests need to be carried out in a registered clinic by a doctor.

From $2500
Door-to-door PCR Test

Includes doctor tele-consultation, door-to-door delivery of PCR test kits and PCR test result. The PCR test report could be used for outbound travel.

From $1800
Doctor Teleconsultation

If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or have symptoms, doctor tele-consultation allows you to consult a doctor without leaving home. Medication delivery service is included.

From $900
China PCR Nasal Swabs Test

Suitable for those who need to enter Mainland China. You need to go to the clinic, and the registered doctor trained in western medicine will do the nasal swab sampling for you on the spot. 

From $1550

Safe and standardized procedure

The pick-up process is safe, fast, and reliable.
Choose your pick-up time and pay in advance.
Upon payment completion, you will receive SMS confirmation.
Please wait for PCR test kits to your homes after the doctor tele-consultation.
Take your deep throat saliva specimen. You will receive a call reminder 15 minutes before pick-up time.
Hand your specimen to the courier.
You specimen will be delivered on time and successfully.

How to schedule the PCR Service

Schedule Pick-Up
Only takes 3 minutes to fill out the required info and receive payment confirmation shortly after.
Receive Confirmation
Receive a booking confirmation email and SMS notification in 1-3 business days.
Wait for Services
Schedule your time for Doctor Consultation and Delivery Service
Multiple safety protocols to protect the health and wellbeing of our customers and courier
Professional Service
All courier are trained in pandemic prevention and sample handling.
Safe Process
Pick-up service fully complies with DoH guidelines.
Comprehensive Protective Measures
All courier will wear masks, disposable gloves, have alcohol hand sanitizer, specimen storage box and disposable storage bags


Are the COVID-19 testing institutions recognised by the Hong Kong SAR Government?

The PCR specimen testing for COVID-19 report is conducted by a local laboratory recognized by the Hong Kong SAR government. The laboratory is not under Toby or HEAL Medical Group.

Are the COVID-19 testing institutions on the list of medical testing institutions that are mutually recognised by Hong Kong SAR government and Guangdong?

Yes. According to the Port Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, people entering Guangdong from Hong Kong must go to a medical testing institution recognized by Hong Kong SAR government and Guangdong to undergo PCR testing, and obtain a test report that meets the requirements. The method of testing and sampling must be Nasal Swab or Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs. For our service, the PCR specimen testing for COVID-19 report is conducted by a local laboratory recognized by the Hong Kong SAR government and Guangdong.

How long will the test result take? In what form will it be delivered to me?

After the specimen is collected, they will be sent to the local Hong Kong medical testing institution for testing on the same day. You will receive the PCR test report (PDF) in the form of email and WhatsApp within 12-36 hours* at the earliest. The actual specific report arrival time will be adjusted according to the number of tests conducted and the timing of specimen submission.

How many test samples can be included with each scheduled pick-up?

There is no limit and no additional cost.

Is PCR Tests suitable for individuals under the age of 18?

In general, individuals under the age of 18 are welcome to do the test under the guidance of parents or guardians. Respiratory specimens such as deep throat saliva, combined throat and nasal swab and nasopharyngeal specimens are the specimen types of choice for diagnosing COVID-19 infection. For children under 3 years old, collecting respiratory specimens is not feasible. Stool specimen may be used as an alternative for testing. We are welcome to know your specific needs.

How do I know when a courier will arrive to deliver and collect my PCE test kits?

If your order has been successfully confirmed, you will receive a text message or an email notification. Please note that the actual delivery time varies depending on the traffic and schedule. You will be informed 30mins before the courier's arrival.

Will Toby serve Corporate clients for the PCR tests?

Yes, we are happy to provide corporations with our group service for PCR Tests. For more information, please contact us.

Enquiry and Transaction Hotlines

For transaction, you may contact us by emailing to ProSupport@hellotoby.com or call us at 3703 3250. Operation hour: Mon-Sun 09:00 - 18:00
For Service Enquiry, you may contact HEAL Medical Centre by calling 3565 2868 or WhatsApp 9329 8821

The list of service address where are not in our delivery zone

New Territories: Brides Pool, Mong Tseng Wai, Nim Wan, Sheung / Ha Pak Nai, Nam Sang Wai, Lung Kwu Tan, Lady MacLehose Holiday Village, Wong Shek Pier, High Island Reservoir, Po Toi O, Tai Au Mun, Yung Shue O, Tai Mong Tsai, Pak Tam Chung, Kam Shan, Tseng Tau, Ma On Shan Tsuen, Sha Tau Kok, Ta Shek Wu, Luk Keng, Wu Kau Tang, Sheung Shui Wa Shan, Ta Kwu Ling and Sandy Ridge, Lau Fau Shan.
Hongkong island: Tai Tam, Shek O, Big Wave Bay, Hok Tsui Tsuen, Cape D’Aguilar
Islands: Ngong Ping, Pui O, Tai O, Tong Fuk, Mui Wo, Tung Chung Road, Tai Long Wan Village, Asia Expo, Ma Wan, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port , Discovery Bay, Siu Ho Wan, Cheung Chau and all outlying islands.
Others: Frontier Closed Area, Lo Wu and Man Kam To, all areas that need to provide permission document.
If your address is not on the above list but also out of our delivery zone, we will contact you to cancel after the order is placed.

Can I reschedule the service after booking?

Yes. If you need to change the date and time after placing the order, please kindly notify us at least 3 day in advance for the service arrangement. This might charge a surcharge. This service is not refundable.

What happens if my test result shows positive? How will Toby help?

If your test result shows positive or you have any major symptoms, it is best to consult your family doctor or government hospital for immediate help. Toby has gathered some government guidelines to deal with such cases. 
1. Set up Self-Isolation at home. Please see the government guidelines.
2. Get Symptom-Relief Medications Ready
You may consider taking paracetamol or ibuprofen for fever, headache, or other body aches. Please check in advance with your doctor for allergy and suitability of taking such drugs
3. Follow the instructions from the Department of Health

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What is the Door-to-door PCR test?

The door-to-door PCR test uses deep throat saliva specimens for testing. Deep throat saliva test is one of the direct testing methods for COVID-19. The person being tested can collect the deep throat saliva specimen by themselves, and send the specimen to a medical center or hospital to get the test result, the sensitivity and accuracy of this test are both over 90%.

Why the PCR test?

If you need to leave Hong Kong urgently (such as business travel, returning to school, immigration, etc.), you need to obtain a certificate of negative PCR test result as a proof of health for overseas travel. The express door-to-door PCR test result can be obtained by email or WhatsApp in PDF format within 12-36 hours. If you suspect infection, are in home quarantine, have close contact with a confirmed patient, etc., a PCR test can buy peace of mind for yourself and your family, whether your symptoms are severe or mild. You can also take a PCR test if your company requires a health certificate.

Can I definitely leave Hong Kong (Travel abroad or Mainland China) if I have a negative PCR test result?

Generally, a negative PCR test report from a local laboratory recognized by the Hong Kong SAR government to conduct PCR testing for COVID-19, can be used as a health certificate for overseas travel. If you need to travel to Mainland China, you can choose either Express PCR test (results received within 12-36 hours), or the China PCR Nasal Swabs Test. For both Express PCR test and China PCR Nasal Swabs Test, you need to visit the registered clinic and get tested by a doctor. The entry testing requirements for each country change at any time, and the validity period of the report also depends on the entry requirements of different countries and regions. It is recommended to check the latest official entry regulations of your destination before departure to ensure that the most suitable testing method is selected.

What do I need to prepare before test sampling?

The PCR test uses deep throat saliva as the specimen. The higher the saliva concentration, the more accurate the test result. According to the Hospital Authority's "Patient Information Sheet on Deep Throat Saliva Collection", before collecting deep throat saliva specimens, you should not eat, gargle or brush your teeth within 2 hours to ensure high saliva concentration and accurate deep throat saliva test results. Take a deep throat saliva specimen in a well-ventilated area and keep a distance of more than 2 meters from others.

How to collect the PCR test specimen at home?

The method of collecting PCR test specimens (deep throat saliva) is very simple. The deep throat saliva test kit has a sample bottle and two sealed bags. Since it is necessary to collect saliva deep in the throat, the action of "spitting" is required to clear the saliva from the throat, and into the sample bottle. If the amount cannot fill the bottom of the bottle (about 4 ml), it is necessary to repeat the collection until the amount is sufficient, and try to avoid saliva contaminating the outside of the sample bottle. After the collection is completed, please close and tighten the cap of the specimen bottle to ensure that there is no leakage. Dry the sample bottle body and wash your hands. Put the bottle into a specimen bag, keep the bottle upright and clean your hands afterwards. Then put the sealed bag into the second bag and seal up the outer-layer bag.