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  • I don't use any accounting softwares
  • MYOB
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  • Peachtree (By Sage)
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Featured Accountants

  1. Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-EASEC
    • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-Wisdom Buddies Business Solutions Ltd
      Wisdom Buddies Business Solutions Ltd
      • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-Henry Liu
        Henry Liu
        • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-A. Power Company
          A. Power Company
        • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-KH Lam
          KH Lam
          • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-R's Workshop
            R's Workshop
            • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-陳生
              • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-Kyo Fung
                Kyo Fung
                • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-V CPA LIMITED 文森會計師有限公司
                  V CPA LIMITED 文森會計師有限公司
                  • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-KKSC Business Consultancy Ltd.
                    KKSC Business Consultancy Ltd.
                    • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-Queenie Tang
                      Queenie Tang
                      • Bookkeeping -  Bookkeeper - Accounting Company - Accountant-Treasure Wise Company
                        Treasure Wise Company

                        Actual Accounting Request

                        See Other Similar Requests in Hong Kong

                        • "Long-term experienced Accountant wanted"

                          Mr. Wong

                          Hong Kong -Central

                          Which company type does your company belong to?Individual or Sole Proprietorship
                          What business does your company do?Transport and Logistics
                          What kind of accounting and bookkeeping services do you need?Preparation of financial statements - monthly, quarterly and or annual reporting; Customer billing and invoicing; Establish internal accounting systems, accounting policies and procedures, accounting manuals
                        • "IPO issuance. Need extra auditors"


                          Hong Kong - Sai Yin Pun

                          Which company type does your company belong to?Limited Company
                          What business does your company do?Financial Sector
                          What kind of accounting and bookkeeping services do you need?Review on accounting policies, and advice on the next year's legal tax arrangements Others (Please specify): Internal Auditing
                        • "New company want an accountant to the handle the inventory"


                          Kowloon - Kowloon City

                          Which company type does your company belong to?Partnership
                          What business does your company do?Innovation Technology
                          What kind of accounting and bookkeeping services do you need?Accounting software selection & implementation; Prepare ledger, cash account, bank account, accounts receivable; Others (Please specify): Handle Inventory and Merchandising

                        Customer Reviews

                        Average Bookkeeper Rating:
                        Based on 161 reviews
                        • Ivan
                          August 22, 2017

                          Excellent service and highly recommended.

                        • Angus Hung
                          June 3, 2017


                        • Leo
                          May 20, 2017


                        • Bryan
                          May 31, 2017

                          非常專業, 態度認真, 很有禮貌, 速度很快, 結果很滿意. 處理很快,很有耐性。

                        • manson
                          May 23, 2017


                        • Guijun Li
                          March 3, 2018

                          Mr. Chan is very nice! Besides the accounting service, he also taught me many knowledges on the business running and management. Really looking forward to working with him again.

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