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A good website design can catch the attention of your potential customers on the Internet. Web page design involves not only design itself, but it also requires professional programming skills to make a good layout. Looking for a web design company or web designer in Hong Kong?

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  • JKDesignHK
    (10 Reviews)
    KDesignHK was founded by 3 senior members. Each of them have their own strengths, and their fields of work include graphic design, marketing and promotion, human resources, and information technology. We put all of these strengths together to serve our customers' needs. Since 2013, we have served over 300 SMEs and 100 self-employed people (including online businesses). Our services include designs of namecards, posters, exhibitions, etc. All of these have received the support of our clients. We have also taken part in some corporate promotional campaigns. We will serve you and your business genuinely. We look forward to becoming your good working partner.
  • Bill Ko @ Visible One
    Silver Tier
    (5 Reviews)
    Hi, I'm Bill from Visible One. Nowadays, with the mature development of the Internet, websites have become the most basic needs of all walks of life. Customers tend to check the company's website before and after purchase to learn about the company's services and products, especially for first-time customers. So a successful web page is very important in developing business and maintaining an edge. Visible One has a team with many years of experience in web design, website development and marketing. We are active in Singapore and Hong Kong. We love to learn and research the latest technology and technology, and we are committed to assisting local SMEs to extend and grow their business online. We are committed to providing custom web development services, free from all limitations, and all websites start with a blank slate. All projects are...
  • Innpression
    (1 Reviews)
    Nice to meet you, we're INNPRESSION. We are confident that we could help leave a strong impression with our innovative design and Facebook marketing skills. We have great experience and professional Google Adwords qualifications! For Website design, our website designer will provide detailed design style for your selection while able to educate our client with current marketing trend, untill our client are clear and understand their needs. We offer unlimted changes of design before any confirmation as well! Some of our clients includes, Hilton Garden Inn Hong Kong Mongkok, Spaceplan and more big scale companies. Can't wait to connect with you!
  • Web Design City
    (2 Reviews)
    Founded in 2006, Web Design City is a Website Design company based in Hong Kong, providing innovative web design concepts and marketing methods, logo design, web programming, and services of the like. With our professional knowledge and experience in designing websites and marking, we can make your business a success on the Internet.
  • Ray Fung
    (2 Reviews)
    I’m Ray Fung, a web developer from Hong Kong. Engaged in web development and design, I solve clients' problems and improve their business processes, thereby reducing operation costs and increasing revenue. Twelve years of experience doesn't lie; I can quickly understand what our client needs and provide a solution within a short timeframe. I'm skilled in web design, web development, and UI design, and have developed numerous systems for my clients, such as financial office automatic systems, CRMs, CMSs, shopping carts, learning management systems, and inventory systems. Furthermore, I have partnered with other professionals so that we can provide you with a one-stop service for network infrastructure design, marketing, and photography.
  • ////////////
    (3 Reviews)
    Hello. My name is Nicole and I’m a freelance web developer base in Hong Kong. Working worldwide with startups, agencies, designers and production houses. I specialized in tailor made website, responsive website, CMS etc. If you’d like, you can view some of my freelance work here:
  • EvolPro IT Solutions
    (1 Reviews)
    EvolPro IT Solutions is a Hong Kong base local business, which specialises in Web Hosting, IT Maintenance, Website Design, Data Security and Virtualization. Products/Services: - Web Hosting - IT Maintenance - Website Design - Data Security - Virtualization - PC/Server Hardware Purchase
  • 騰建資訊科技有限公司
    We are a start-up providing IT services. Unlike average IT companies, we do not only provide website and apps design services, but also digital marketing and PR services, including promotion and content writing on social media. Our target clients include businesses, elite schools, professionals, and political figures.
  • Sonder Production
    Sonder Production is a one-stop digital service provider. Service ranges from website design, content writing, banner design, name card design to online marketing (Facebook, Instagram and search engine advertisement and management) Our staff has local marketing agency background with 3+ years of client servicing experience and is now working as freelance staff. Our time is flexible. Sonder Production treasures every opportunity we meet. The word 'sonder' (noun), refers to the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own - populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness. We believe there is an amazing story behind everyone and every company and we hope to bring this message to the max.
  • Cathy
    (1 Reviews)
    We provide professional photoshop services, as well as namecard, logo, poster, website, and UI design services.
  • Wible-tech
    WTCCL is an IT consultant company in Hong Kong. We aim at providing all-rounded software proposals and services for SMEs, letting them enjoy the convenience brought by digitalized systems. Our motto is to carefully listen to our clients' needs, provide the best plans to them, and assist them in any business-related needs. The business environment today is fast-paced and competitive. All companies have to stay innovative and efficient. This requires a strong and flexible foundation and a trustworthy IT consultant company. It should cater the needs, potential, and experience of clients, helping you move on steadily in your business.
  • thinka Incorporation
    (2 Reviews)
    Thinka Solutions is a professional website and apps development company. Our clients include HKU, CUHK, Citizen watches and Swipe. We are experienced in developing multi-functional and single-pafe websites. In 2016, one of our mobile apps have won a Microsoft competition. If you want to know more, welcoem to our website -
  • Customer Reviews
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    Alicia HO
    May 19 2022

    They were great.

    HS Lai
    Dec 03 2021

    Good job and good design

    Christy Wong
    Oct 18 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The website is well done, fast and convenient, thank you.

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    Actual Web Design Requests

    • "Freelance Web Designer in Hong Kong"

      Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

      What kind of service do you need?Extend the Website
      What functions would be involved in your website?Discussion Forum, Gallery/Video/Audio, Members Sign up/Customer Service, News and Blog
      Which devices will your website be applicable to?Desktop computer, Mobile phone
    • "Web designer in Hong Kong"

      Hong Kong-Causeway Bay

      What kind of service do you need?Design a New Website
      What functions would be involved in your website?Shopping and Online Payment, Product / Information Present
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Don't have the idea on price, would like to ask some quotes and know more about the website design price in Hong Kong
    • "I want to design a website"

      Kowloon-Kowloon Bay

      What kind of service do you need?Design a New Website
      Which following items do you need design on?Illustration, Photos/ Media, Sitemap (webpage structure)
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Would you please provide some website design template first?

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    If I want to create a website, what web page design softwares do I need?

    Tools for website design include Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Fireworks, and Expression Studio

    What are the differences between HTML and XML?

    HTML is a hypertext which is created based on SGML. Html can be read by most browsers and can be used to design a website. Html functions include making charts, images, hyperlinks, and the like. XML can be understood as the simplified version of SGML, especially in designing website documents. It can also be read and delivered via websites and apps.

    What makes a good website design?

    Aesthetics is of course important for designs of any sort. But it is not enough for a website to look aesthetic. A professional web designer or website design company produces creative layouts which align with your brand's image. On top of that, the website should be readable and user-friendly in terms of its functions.

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