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A good website design can catch the attention of your potential customers on the Internet. Web page design involves not only design itself, but it also requires professional programming skills to make a good layout. Looking for a web design company or web designer in Hong Kong?

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Featured Website Designers

  1. website design - JKDesignHK - website design hong kong-JKDesignHK
    • Website Design - Bill KO - web design hk-網站開發 網頁設計 香港 公司
      網站開發 網頁設計 香港 公司
    • Website design INNPRESSION - website designer-Innpression
    • Website design - Web Design City - web design company-Web Design City
      Web Design City
      • Website design - Ray Fung - web designer hong kong-Ray Fung
        Ray Fung
        • Website design - Nicole Tsui - website design hong kong price-5yrs+ web develop experience
          5yrs+ web develop experience
          • Website design - EvolPro IT Solutions - good website design-EvolPro IT Solutions
            EvolPro IT Solutions
            • Website design - creative web design-騰建資訊科技有限公司
              • Website Design - Sonder Production - modern website design-Sonder Production
                Sonder Production
                • Website design - Cathy - design website-Cathy
                  • Website Design - Wible-tech - design a website-Wible-tech
                    • Website design - thinka solutions - the best website-thinka Incorporation
                      thinka Incorporation

                      Actual Web Design Requests

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                      • "Freelance Web Designer in Hong Kong"


                        Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

                        What kind of service do you need?Extend the Website
                        What functions would be involved in your website?Discussion Forum, Gallery/Video/Audio, Members Sign up/Customer Service, News and Blog
                        Which devices will your website be applicable to?Desktop computer, Mobile phone
                      • "Web designer in Hong Kong"

                        Amy Fong

                        Hong Kong-Causeway Bay

                        What kind of service do you need?Design a New Website
                        What functions would be involved in your website?Shopping and Online Payment, Product / Information Present
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Don't have the idea on price, would like to ask some quotes and know more about the website design price in Hong Kong
                      • "I want to design a website"

                        Mr. Chen

                        Kowloon-Kowloon Bay

                        What kind of service do you need?Design a New Website
                        Which following items do you need design on?Illustration, Photos/ Media, Sitemap (webpage structure)
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Would you please provide some website design template first?

                      Customer Reviews

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                      Average Web Designer Rating:
                      • Henry Ma
                        November 20, 2018

                        I am surprised to find such a high quality programmer here. Chris is super quick to response and work extremely efficient. He explained clearly of what he will do before he modified my website. Extremely professional & trustworthy. Strongly recommend

                      • Kitty Cheung
                        May 17, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        I am so happy that Iki is the master of my wedding day! Includes a wedding ceremony at the White Church and a dinner at the Discovery Bay Hotel in the evening. Iki is a very professional master of ceremonies. Her pre-preparation work is sufficient. She is tailor-made for me to personalize the opening remarks. I personally prepare the lectures, which makes me feel relieved and relieves the burden of my husband and my husband. Careful confirmation of the wedding details, the atmosphere of the scene is also very good. After the event, the guests all praised her for her decent and lively performance. Thanks to Iki for all the help and assistance provided on the wedding day!

                      • Suey Tang
                        June 16, 2018

                        Emily is such a professional and helpful translator. Appreciate her effectiveness! I will definitely ask for her help if I got any translation or proofreading next time! Highly recommend👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

                      • Gary Chan
                        October 20, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        The designer is very patient and has no troubles. I listen to my generous demands. The most important thing is to show up. I want to talk about it. I want to talk about the truth. It’s rare in the market because I ask myself to be a more savvy person. Expectation, but the last part is full of surprises. Thank you very much.

                      • Dor
                        June 4, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        High cost performance and high MC! Helping the house and business people to be both MC, people, and know the wild. Really happy, you can find a iki helper, there is a channel, I know that there will be a leak in the wedding, so that the scene will be deserted, so that the scene will be chaotic. Really definitely recommend one of the MC!

                      • Kate Makhija
                        May 15, 2019

                        I hired Caroline to do hair and make up myself and a friend for a formal event, and she did a great job. Very professional and patient, and understood exactly the look we were going for (bold, dramatic). Would highly recommend her!

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                      If I want to create a website, what web page design softwares do I need?

                      Tools for website design include Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Fireworks, and Expression Studio

                      What are the differences between HTML and XML?

                      HTML is a hypertext which is created based on SGML. Html can be read by most browsers and can be used to design a website. Html functions include making charts, images, hyperlinks, and the like. XML can be understood as the simplified version of SGML, especially in designing website documents. It can also be read and delivered via websites and apps.

                      What makes a good website design?

                      Aesthetics is of course important for designs of any sort. But it is not enough for a website to look aesthetic. A professional web designer or website design company produces creative layouts which align with your brand's image. On top of that, the website should be readable and user-friendly in terms of its functions.

                      Average cost for hiring a Web Designer
                      Minimum$ 3,000
                      Average$ 6,000
                      Maximum$ 10,000

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