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                            • Cyrus
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                              六月 3, 2019

                              Very patient!

                            • Pero Li
                              六月 2, 2017
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                              The attitude is serious, the speed is very fast, and the result is very satisfactory.

                            • yu
                              二月 10, 2019
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                              well! The place is clean and manage! Friendly owner

                            • POPO
                              七月 21, 2019
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                              Clean and tidy, reasonable price

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                            Party Room Average Cost

                            Party Room cost table
                            How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

                            Actual Party Room Requests

                            • “We would like to do our own catering”

                              Kowloon-Lam Tin

                              How many guests do you expect in the party room?Others (Please Specify): Around 50
                              What services and/or equipment would you like the party room to provide?Others (Please specify): Sound system, tables and chairs
                              Anything else you would like your Pro to know?We would like to do our own catering including soft drinks, water and hard drinks
                            • “Hold a birthday party, looking for Causeway Bay events venue”

                              Hong Kong-Tin Hau

                              How many guests do you expect in the party room?6 - 10
                              What services and/or equipment would you like the party room to provide?Kitchen, Fridge, Table And Chairs
                              Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Can you prepare soft drinks for us?
                            • “Want to find Kowloon event venue for Girls Night”

                              Kowloon-Mong Kok

                              How many guests do you expect in the party room?21 - 30
                              What services and/or equipment would you like the party room to provide?Kitchen, Fridge, Television, Microphones, Table And Chairs
                              Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Stay overnight

                            About Party Room Vendor - Venue Rental / Event Venue / Party Venue / Yuen Long Party Room / Kwun Tong Party Room / Causeway Bay Party Room

                            There are so many party rooms with different themes and you don't know how to choose the best one? You can select the best party rooms based on different celebration occasions, or the variety of games including game console, board games or giant action gaming such as pool soccer or bubble soccer. Whether you want to do a chill Girl's Night Out, hold a family birthday party or have company team building, you have come to the right place!

                            Answer a few questions, and get up to 4 quotes from the best party room vendors within mins! 100% FREE! Save you 99% of time.

                            Whenever I want to gather with my friends or have a party with them, it inevitably annoys me about where we should go to have a party. After all, Hong Kong is a small place with limited room. At last, we always ended either in restaurant "Hea" to eat something in a Cafe to drink a cup of tea. If we want to gather in a private place, and have a heart to heart conversation with close friends, Party Room is surely the best choice. Nowadays, all kinds of Party Room are endlessly producing special and unique means to attract customers, such as overnight Party Room, Party Room cooking, Mahjong, Board Games, electronic games, KTV system, ball pool and so on. Yet, different Party Rooms have different rates and surcharges. If you want to learn the service charge standards to rent a Party Venue in Hong Kong, the following will be your best guide to select the most suited party room for you.

                            Looking for a party room in Yuen Long, Kwun Tong or Causeway Bay? Whether you are looking for Wong Chuk Hang rooms, Causeway Bay venue for parties, or Kowloon venue for parties, Toby will provide the best party room options to you!

                            Apart from the recommended Party Rooms, I'd also like to check the price of Party Room!

                            1) Service Charge of Party Room

                            Nowadays, Party Venue is no longer the place with a single room and some simple facilities. The current Party Room varies from one to another, for instance, some have private kitchens, KTV system and facilities, and others have overnight renting services. The standard renting cost of indoor Party Room is usually dependent on the size, theme, number of people and event date etc. Party Rooms with a medium-sized capacity, equipped with all-round function, and huge capacity are certainly charged higher than others.

                            A small and medium-sized theme Party Room probably can hold 8 to 12 people, and is suitable for all kinds of theme parties, birthday party, gathering party, festival celebrating party, family gathering and so on. Normally, Party Room in Hong Kong will provide all kinds of Board games, darts machine, Mahjong, America pool, mini theatre, etc., and the price range from $20 per hour to $150 per hour. In an ordinary day, block booking is charged $800 per two hours. On weekends and public vacation, the price will also increase, and the block booking will be $1,000 per two hours.

                            Big theme Party Room can hold 15 to 40 people, the charge is probably $128 to $480 per hour from Monday to Friday. But if you make a block booking, the price will be much more favorable and the number of people will not be limited, it will be around $3,000 per two hours. On weekends and public vacation, the price will correspondingly go up, and the block booking will be $3,500 per two hours.

                            Another factor which may also affect the price of a party room is its location. For example, if you are looking for a party room in Kowloon (eg. Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok), New Territories (eg Tuen Mun, Shatin), they may have different prices.

                            2) The services of Party Room Vendors

                            Except for private room, Party Room will also offer relevant facilities. According to the features of event venue, it can have KTV system, the decoration styles of different themes that are designed for various parties, such as birthday party, classmates gathering, friends gathering, corporate team building, proposal party, single party, and so on.

                            Each event room vendors has different theme of design, and the facilities provided have some differences. However, the most fundamental facilities, like WiFi, Board games, electronic games, and for some, Mahjong and KTV system, are equipped. Some more sophisticated Party Rooms that on a high-end route will have the traditional arcade,

                            4K high-definition TV, private theater, advanced sound equipment, Karaoke stereo, PS4, VR, Wii, Switch, XBOX ONE S somatosensory, automatic Mahjong, ball pool, BBQ barbecue equipment.

                            3) Extra charge

                            Some local Party Rooms will charge for catering if available, the customers are expected to pay for extra fees for food and drink.

                            If you need to decorate on your own and arrange the room for a certain party atmosphere, please contact the staff in advance, and you need to pay for extra charge for ground arrangement fee.

                            How many people can Party Room hold?

                            Different Party Room can hold different numbers of people. We have mini event space or party-theme room, which suits 2 people candlelight dinner, 3 people girlfriends party or 4 people child-parents gathering. Middle-sized Party Room is for common friends gathering (7 - 10 people) or kids party venue. If you have a large group of people for a party, you can make a block booking in large party venues, so no one else can disturb you!

                            Could I stay overnight in Party Room?

                            Some of the round-the-clock Party Room (such as in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long) will provide overnight Party Room services at the request of guests. You can come with you friends and order some take-out and catering to Party Room, then enjoy the food while watching movies, playing Mahjong, singing songs. Please call to book in advance, then just come to Party Room that you have booked to have an overnight fun with your friends!

                            What kind of activity does Party Room is suitable for?

                            Firstly, you can rent Party Room for shooting venue, through decorating, it could be a stage for making some microfilms, short movies. Secondly, on the market, there are family-focused Party Room, where there are ball pool, Wii, Switch and other development games. Thirdly, venues for parties has different decoration styles, you can rent the ground for a birthday party, couple anniversary, friends parties, corporate Team building, proposal party, single party, etc.

                            What’s fun to have a party in Hong Kong?

                            Except for the above-mentioned entertainment facilities, the party ground also provides our customers with a variety of colourful entertainment facilities, such as Board games, electronic games, PS4, VR, PSVR, etc. Moreover, in some venue, there are also kitchens, BBQ places (barbecue), KTV facilities and to name just a few. In the same place, we have all the entertainment factors for you, and we are committed to making you happy at every second here!

                            What other services do the Party Room provide?

                            Party Room in Hong Kong can offer you catering services (such as help customers to book food, prepare gifts), customers only need to pay for the food and drink that they order. If needed, Party Room can be decorated according to the requirement of customers to produce a special Party atmosphere. (Please note that the decoration and arrangement fee is commonly not included in the Party Room rent fee, and customers are expected to pay for extra fee generated from the decoration and arrangement). For example, if a private venue has a kitchen, customers can, of course, use the kitchen to cook. But after that, before leaving, customers need to clean the kitchen by themselves. If feel troublesome, you can inform Party Room to arrange cleaning service, but cleaning fees will be applied.

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