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Actual Cooking Service Requests

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  • “Hiring a Home Chef”

    Elvia Lam

    Kowloon-Diamond Hill

    How often do you need the cooking service?one-off only
    Which flavour would you prefer?Light
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?I would like to find an experienced home chef who can cook Chinese meals
  • “Looking for a Chef at Home”


    Hong Kong-Central

    How often do you need the cooking service?once a week
    Which flavour would you prefer?Strong, Nutrition
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Want to hire a private chef with Japanese cooking experience
  • “Finding a Private Chef”

    Mrs. Wong

    Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

    How often do you need the cooking service?twice a week
    Which flavour would you prefer?Cannot intake spicy food
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Would like to know if there are any extra fees for the home chef

Customer Reviews

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Average Personal Chef Rating:
  • tatpenguin
    November 12, 2018
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    I have compared a lot of employment centers before and after. In the end, I have been a Singaporean sister who has been in Singapore for two years. My sister is doing good work, knowing English, Chinese literature is tight, really good, and I am willing to learn. My two children are good. I wish sister, thank you ann and Sam

  • Michelle Lin
    September 7, 2018
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    Excellent! It’s very positive energy to be with her: D, it’s great to do things fast, not to pick things up, high quality, and to drive with the location. ^^

  • Yau lee
    March 19, 2018
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    Knowing my generosity and efficiency, I will help you find the right one. I have a problem and I will help me solve it.

  • Claudia Lau
    February 15, 2018
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    Thank you for helping Miss Wu to clean the house and clean it carefully. Regardless of service attitude or courtesy, you are very good and on time, very satisfied!

  • Xavier Lam
    December 19, 2017
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    Understand that cleanliness is difficult to control the quality of my sister, but I feel there is a heart. Customer service is also in place, at least 4,5 colleagues are responsible for the same thing, there are formal Invoice/quotaiton, etc., I feel a lot of big companies. Praise

  • 周小姐
    November 24, 2017
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    When the Filipino maid is full, he has to worry about the score. However, the customer service has explained that the anti-domestic assistant has to provide the anti-tools himself so try it out, and ok 喎 喎 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我I'm too far away, my sister is late, but I don't want to be on time.

About Cooking Services - Personal Chefs

The Personal Chefs on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. Your needs will be catered regardless of which chefs you need, including chef at home, home chef, chef cook, private chef hong kong and so on. You can hire our Pros without worries.

Apart from the recommended Personal Chefs, I'd also like to check the price of Personal Chefs!

Just let HelloToby know what your requirements are. In no time, you will receive at least 4 quotations from Personal Chefs. You can easily pick the Pros who fit your requirements most, and hire the one who suits you most based on his/her quotation and past reviews. Your service requests will find its best solution - anytime and anywhere.

How will a personal chef/ home chef/ domestic cook prepare meals for me?

A domestic cook will make the dishes as per your style, taste & preference. You may talk to the private chef or home chef in advance to find the right cook for your household. We can find you all types of cooks as per your requirement.

How much are home chef prices?

If you enjoy entertaining but cooking is not your strong suit, you may want to consider hiring a personal chef to come to your home and prepare a gourmet meal for you and a group of friends. Unlike private chefs, who prepare meals regularly for a family, a personal chef comes to your house to prepare a meal based on a menu set ahead of time for a number of guests you are entertaining. The cost of hiring a personal chef for your event will vary based on your menu and the number of guests you are serving. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $100 or more per person, depending on your menu and where you live. Costs will increase for menus featuring more expensive items, such as premium fish and meat.

Will there be any extra fee when I hire a personal chef/ home chef?

Many chefs include kitchen cleanup in their total cost, but it’s a good idea to ask to make sure. Also, the chef may charge an additional fee for travel beyond a certain distance. It is better to check before hiring the personal chef.

Average cost for hiring a Personal Chef
Average 90 /hour in Hong Kong
Average$ 90MinimumMaximum$ 85$ 100

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