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Finding electricity repair service in Hong Kong? Or you just moved into a new house but had no idea how to arrange the wires, cables and distribution box? Want to install all the electrical components such as fuses, switches, cables, sockets and fuse boxes?

HelloToby can help you find professional electrical service providers with Certificates of Registration Electrical Worker from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. You can also find registered Electrical Contractors from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) on our site!

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What kind of device(s) that requires electricity engineering service?

  • Light Tube
  • Light Button
  • Electricity plug and socket
  • Fusebox
  • Well Water Pump (draw water up)
  • Pressure Tank Water Pump
  • Centrifugal Water Pump
  • Others (Please specify)
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Featured Electrical Engineers

  • 生命樹設計工程有限公司
    (5 Reviews)
    The company has many years of experience. The shop is located in Fu Po Garden, Ma On Shan. The major customers are mainly in Sha Tin and Ma On Shan, including HOS estates and private housing estates. We are committed to providing professional interior design and engineering services to our customers. Various projects include residential, retail, office, school and institution. With professional design and construction masters, all projects can be delivered on time and hand-crafted, and are highly appreciated by customers! Design: All computer plans and 3D color renderings, the effect is clear at a glance: professional management staff planning and supervision to ensure high quality and on time delivery
  • Clovia Cheung
    (6 Reviews)
    We are an eco-friendly interior design firm in Hong Kong. We provide interior design service. And constructor provides at Hong Kong. The design does not just remove all the thing and create it. We can save your money and save time to finish your p...
  • 啊波
    (2 Reviews)
    Air-conditioning installation. Inspection and maintenance. Central air-conditioning and split-type air-conditioning. Refrigerator. Ice machine. Add refrigerant. And cctv system. Professional maintenance. Now working in the large-scale air-conditioning company outside the position of the master. Attitude sincere and serious. Please help a lot
  • Mag Chow
    Professionals provide various types of services. We hope that people can receive high-quality services. We also find that the scope of services can solve a basket of problems and have different feelings. Welcome to whatsapp, wechat, email, Skype and ITU.
  • 富盈冷氣裝修工程公司 Sam
    (9 Reviews)
    -Confidence guarantee-professional team of masters📄 ✅holding the Hong Kong government approved minor works contractor license📜-one-stop service-guarantee to solve household problems 🏡 ✅An Xin, also known as Xin Fu Ying Air-Conditioning Decoration Engineering Company Sam Master 👣 Service Outline 👣 Plumbing Repair 🚰 Sanitary ware installation🧹 paint work🛢 floor renovation🧱 air-conditioning cleaning🧽 electric light installation💡 wood repair🪵 aluminum window repair🪟 waterproof and leak-proof💦 custom furniture
  • lam
    (3 Reviews)
    Hong Kong professional paint engineering works by specialist paint technicians for many years to undertake residential, office, residential, etc... Rich paint experience at reasonable prices, quality materials, professional manual and perfect maintenance services as customers A reward for the project will not be outsourced; quality assurance is not a good project. The beauty and durability of the project are selected for the highest quality materials and each process is meticulous to achieve <beauty> <Durable> All shovel paint projects have 12 months of structural maintenance (by the date of completion). The paints are made of well-known brands ICI Dulux or Nippon Latex, with confidence in quality.
  • 雷霆工程
    Professional Our team has a wide range of expertise and skills, and has many years of engineering experience to quickly and professionally complete every project. Innovation Although we are experienced, we will never rest on our laurels. We dare to innovate and try, constantly improve our technology, and improve customer productivity in the interests of our clients. Mutual trust We believe that trust comes from communication. We start from the customer's standpoint, build mutual trust through listening and communication, let customers see our enthusiasm, and deliver the project to our team with confidence. Your affair is my business! Our business scope: Smart power management design and case installation. Network cabling, network camera installation. Interior design and decoration, engineering and technical consultants, various installation and maintenance works. Welcome to find out about Wh...
  • KEN
    Company: ASH Technology company Business: Commercial, home size installation, maintenance, design engineering. Audio and video system engineering, dubbing professional including. Size decoration changes, lighting control, smart homes, various meeting rooms. (3D projection production) Professional dubbing 15 years of work experience. Registered Electric Contractor Company Philosophy The company has provided services for the core Attitude Service Heart professional service to provide services for the target company name easy to name ASH work scope 1 commercial renovation, change. 2/Residential decoration, change. 3/ audio and video system: provide audio system design, audio quotes, engineering quotes. smart system...
  • 浩鉦工程公司
    (1 Reviews)
    Haoyu Engineering has been established for many years and has extensive experience in decoration and has gained the trust and support of many customers. The company has always been customer first, the price is reasonable, hand-fine, to provide customers with quotes, design, decoration, water and electricity and other one-stop service.
  • 希軒工程公司
    (6 Reviews)
    The company has received 1: Business Registration Certificate 2: Electrical and Mechanical Services License 3: Woodworking Certificate 4: Paint Certificate General Home Repair, Installation, Renovation Project 24 hours a year for customer service
  • cielo paint祥盛油漆維修工程公司
    (4 Reviews)
    CIELO PAINT Xiangsheng paint maintenance engineering company team master for seniority and craft licensee various renovation works paint rental renovation various paint repair whole house shovel bottom new package project floor repair new and various decoration
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 3185 reviews
    Jan 19 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The two masters are very polite and efficient

    Jan 18 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Very satisfied with the quality of service and work attitude.

    Pierre Patris
    Jan 18 2022

    Chun did a great job, he fixed the big problem we had since 2 months with these bad smells at the flat. So happy to finally found our home nice and cozy again !

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    Electrical Engineering Average Cost

    Electrical Engineering cost table
    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

    Actual Electrical Engineering Requests

    • "Light Bulbs and LEDs don't work in home"

      Hong Kong- Sai yin pun

      Where is this Power engineering Service for?Home
      Which power engineering services are you looking for?Electricity Inspection; Fuse Panel Replacement
      What kind of device(s) that requires electrical engineering service?Light Tube
    • "The wires at office need rearrangement"

      Kowloon-Tsuen Wan

      Where is this Power engineering Service for?Office
      Which power engineering services are you looking for?Conduit & Wiring Work; Circuit Design
      What kind of device(s) that requires electrical engineering service?Electricity plug and socket; Fusebox; The whole office needs electrical rennovation.
    • "Just finished the home renovation. Want someone to check the electrical appliances in home "

      Hong Kong - Central

      Where is this Power engineering Service for?Home
      Which power engineering services are you looking for?Electricity Inspection; Electricity maintenance
      What kind of device(s) that requires electrical engineering service?Others (Please specify): Depending on specific parts that need to be replaced

    About Home Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineer

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    What is the difference in requirements between the five different grades of certificates of registration for electrical workers?

    Grade A means electrical work on a low voltage fixed electrical installation not exceeding 400A, single or three phase. Grade B means electrical work of the same kind not exceeding 2500A, single or three phase. Grade C means electrical work on a low voltage fixed electrical installation of any capacity. ALl of these grades do not include installation work of a neon sign, an air-conditioner or a low voltage unvented electric thermal storage type water heater.

    What is the difference between electricians and 'plumbing and electrical artisans'?

    Qualified plumbing and electrical artisans are called 'Registered Electrical Workers' while electricians are referred to as 'Licensed Plumbers'. There is also another category called 'Registered Gas Installers'. Workers have to sit in exams to obtain all the above qualifications.

    How to ensure electrical engineering service is safely conduted?

    All electrical works must be carried out by registered electrical contractors or registered electrical workers. Do not handle them yourself. Upon completion of the project(s), engineering personnel should be consulted for inspection and testing. A certificate of completion should be issued to confirm that the finished electrical device complies with legal safety specifications. You should schedule inspections and tests on a regular basis for regular maintenance. If there is any problem, be sure to arrange for a check and repair from professionals.

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