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Featured Rug Cleaners

  1. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-乘風清潔環保服務公司
    New Pro
  2. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-吳鳯嫦
    1 Reviews
  3. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-Susan  Wong
    Susan Wong
    11 Reviews
    本人Susan ,從事家居清潔有10年經驗。曾替不同國籍家庭服務,自己亦一路以來照顧家居和處理不同家頭細務。本人工作認真 盡量幫僱主解決問題 重視時間觀念。
  4. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-TNT Group Limited
    TNT Group Limited
    3 Reviews
    天天清潔 以高端的深層清潔服務為主,對敏感的預防及舒緩效果顯汪,為閣下帶來真正清潔的體驗,從此不再為家居內的細菌及塵蟎而煩惱。 我們的服務範圍包括: 利用強力拍打器把床褥上會引致鼻敏感及皮膚病的塵蟎排洩物澈底清除。利用醫療級的吸塵機把全屋難以觸及的地方內的霉菌吸得一乾二淨,防止細菌長期滋生,使我們的抵抗力減弱。除此,我們還會用180ºC 的高溫,高達8 BAR 的高氣壓蒸汽機為您的家居清除頑固的污積,同時殺滅細菌,使我們家中大大減低受細菌感染機會,長期保持健康。 服務:床褥清潔, 梳化清潔...
  5. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-家務王
    4 Reviews
    「家務皇」致力為客戶提供專業、優質的家居服務,我們努力培訓出一班至優質, 至熱誠的本地家傭,務求以專業、誠懇的服務態度,助您和您心愛的家人解決一切 家中繁瑣事務,讓您在忙碌工作的同時,亦能享受悠閑的家居生活。
  6. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-卓越家居清潔公司
    6 Reviews
    我們宗旨: 卓越家居清潔公司為您提供一站式專業家居清潔服務,由僱員的背景以及個人的專長都一一為您精心挑選,無需浪費客戶的精神和時間.我們更有專人跟進您的需要,讓您享受舒適悠閒的家居生活。
  7. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-May suen
    May suen
    1 Reviews
    本人畢業於再培訓中心之家務助理課程。獲得有關家居清潔知識。 本人的缺點是心急,烹飪比較弱。優點是工作快手;成實;守時。
  8. Rug Cleaning-Rug Cleaner-多多家居清潔公司
    3 Reviews

Actual Rug Cleaning Requests

See other similar requests in Hong Kong 

  • “Commercial Rug Cleaning Service”

    Jenny IP

    Hong Kong-Wan Chai

    What is the size of the rug that needs to be cleaned?Below 10 Sq. Ft.
    What material is your rug made of?Acrylic, Nylon rug
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?We have one large ikea rug and a 2 seater sofa in our office which needs steam cleaning
  • “Help me clean 4 rugs”

    Marcos Li

    Hong Kong-Mid-Level

    What is the size of the rug that needs to be cleaned?Below 10 Sq. Ft.
    What material is your rug made of?Acrylic, Nylon rug
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?We have 4 rugs in total to clean.
  • “Deep clean my dirty rug”


    Kowloon-Cheung Sha Wan

    What is the size of the rug that needs to be cleaned?10 - 30 Sq. Ft.
    What material is your rug made of?Pile rug
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?what is the best way to clean my rug?

Customer Reviews

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Based on 58 reviews
  • Steven Hui
    4 months ago

    工作認真 清潔很乾淨 好有效率 值得推薦

  • Jen
    last month


  • Eva Sin
    5 months ago


  • Ling
    26 days ago


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