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  • Help Infant change Nappies
  • Feed to Infant
  • Prepare meal for infants
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  • 君姐清潔 silverspoon catering
    (23 Reviews)
    I hold professional cosmetology, professional cooking and domestic helper league credentials or certificates. It is hoped that the search for a job will also proceed in these areas and give play to their strengths. In addition, I am also one of the pillars of the family economy. It is understood that stopping the hand and stopping work can make more sense. Always work is actively responsible for diligence. With good training and professional knowledge. In the area of ​​self-employment, they are all in front of the group. Give yourself a slogan: Like the service industry, training services, optimize the service industry.
  • 蘇小姐
    Real Care is a one-stop company for professional home services: [Services]: "Sincerely - Lovingly - Really" - providing 24-hour home visits to elderly private care services, personal care workers, hospitals and homes to accompany, escort services, escort members, rehabilitation care, and residential care homes Period, short-term) for part time nannies. Our team has trained qualified nursing staff: nurses RN.EN, health workers, private care workers, personal care workers, paramedics, physiotherapy assistants, regular staff, domestic helpers, and escorts. The team not only has professional knowledge, but also has rich experience and is absolutely confident to hire! Services include: daily feeding, bathing, measuring pulse/blood pressure, nasogastric tube, urinary tract, care wounds, peritoneal dialysis, drug injection, etc. 24-hour service is provided, and senior health is a priority!
  • pro maid
    Supreme Service
    (70 Reviews)
    This is PROMAID! Our mission is help customers to solve problems! We have a group of professional, experienced and scrupulous maids which could provide varieties of cleaning services. The quality of our service is guaranteed, most of the maids have already got re-training certificate, if not, we will provide the on-the-job training for them, and will not arrange any work unless they passed the exam. We’d like to become a social enterprise in the future, assist the low-class females to improve the quality of their lives. Many customers, who are used to hire foreign domestic workers, are likely to let us help them to find new maids for the foreign domestic workers’ break or the space of waiting for a new foreign domestic worker.
  • Susan Wong
    (13 Reviews)
    Susan, I have 10 years of experience in household cleaning. He has worked for families of different nationalities. He has also taken care of his family and dealt with different things. I work hard to help employers solve problems and pay attention to the concept of time.
  • May suen
    (1 Reviews)
    I graduated from the Domestic Training Assistant course at the Retraining Center. Get knowledge about household cleaning. My shortcomings are impatient and cooking is weak. The advantages are fast work; success; punctuality.
  • My surname is Ng. I am a housewife and I have a simple part-time cleaning service. I hope to meet a part-time clean job in Hong Kong Island. I believe that I am a person who really cleans you!
  • 天高清潔
    The company provides professional cleaning and pest control services
  • 家務王
    (4 Reviews)
    “Housekeeping Emperor” is committed to providing professional and quality home furnishing services to our customers. We strive to train one group to the highest quality. To zealous local domestic helpers, with a professional and sincere attitude to help you and your beloved family solve everything The tedious work at home allows you to enjoy a leisurely home life while working hard.
  • Dion
    (5 Reviews)
    I have been a domestic helper for ten years! I am honest and honest, I work on time, I am responsible for the work, I am not afraid of hard work, I am not afraid of fatigue, I am not afraid of dirty, I am polite to the guests, I can give guests five-star service
  • MaMaria 媽媽好幫手
    (10 Reviews)
    Hello, We are MaMaria and we are here to help you find the best part time cleaner! Price: HK$110/ Hour for minimum 3 hour bookings HK$120/ Hour for minimum 2 hour bookings (Note: Applicable for locations within 10mins walk from an MTR station) For locations beyond 10 mins walk from an MTR station, an additional HK$10 / Hour is applicable Add-Ons: Employee Compensation Insurance: + HK$30/ day Cleaning supplies: + HK$100 Mop and bucket: +HK$100.
  • Smart Home 智舒適
    (7 Reviews)
    Established in 2007, Smart Home has been providing premium home services in Hong Kong over the years. With over 50,000 households we’ve served, we aim to provide quality services with professionalism to our customers. Your satisfaction is the greatest recognition we could have. We are proud to be the designated Home Service supplier for some reputable estates in Hong Kong (eg. Marinella Aberdeen, Sai Wan Ho Grand Promenade, Ma On Shan Double cove, Tseung Kwan O The Metro City, and Tai Kok Tsui Metro Harbour View, etc.). With our continuous improvement, we are pleased to remain as one of the largest Home Service Providers in Hong Kong throughout the years.
  • 卓爾清潔公司
    (6 Reviews)
    Hello, my name is Mr. Wong / Miss Wong. Provide you with one-stop cleaning service ~ Home Cleaning ~ Office Cleaning ~ After Cleaning ~ Pest Control Service ~ Floor Waxing and Polishing, Home Size Problems, etc. Professionals meticulously follow each project. Communicate your opinions with your customers. Let customers feel that our home service brings a different life experience - so as to create a loved one that the customer loves, can also contact and provide services at any time. We aim to serve our customers quickly and properly - with care and professionalism. You can arrange services directly by phone or whatapps.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 3 reviews
    Feb 20 2020
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Many thanks to Elsa for taking good care of me!

    Jan 06 2018
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Li Sheng's introduction is very patient and detailed, and the house assistant is also very diligent, clean and patient, and the overall service is very satisfactory.

    kinki leung
    Dec 20 2017
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    In the past, I have used other companies to hire domestic helpers. So far, I think Yijian company is good! Mr.lee is very conscientious, he quickly helped me find a suitable candidate and followed up well.

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    Actual Babysitter Requests

    • "Hiring a part time babysitter"

      New Territories-Sha Tin

      What kind of babysitting services you are looking for?Feed to Infant, Prepare meal for infants
      How many hours do you need the babysitter for?5
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Part time babysitter near me
    • "How much should I pay my babysitter"

      Kowloon-Diamond Hill

      What kind of babysitting services you are looking for?Shower for the infants, Massage for Infants
      What time should the babysitter come to your place?18:00 - 20:00
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?I would like to know babysitting rates
    • "babysitter, urgent"

      Hong Kong-Heng Fa Chuen

      What is the age of the baby?7 month old
      What kind of babysitting services you are looking for?Help Infant change Nappies
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?I need a babysitter at home on last Sunday of this month

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