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Wanna be the K-Pop star you've always wanted to be? K-Pop dance is known for its sharp and perfected choreography along with memorable moves. Like all other types of dance, K-Pop dancing improves your health and fitness, coordination and posture. Performing in front of people allows expression of your artistic self and enhances your confidence!

Join a K-Pop dance class now to learn the trendiest and popular choreography from experienced K-pop dancers!

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  • Friends Junction Dance Company
    Silver Tier
    (25 Reviews)
    My department is a Friends Junction Dance Company. The school has been open for 8 years to teach young children, teenagers or adults. I have worked with Korean companies such as sm, jyp, fnc, cube, etc. I have the latest or popular Kpop dance classes, and I can participate in the removal of the left Kpop. Jazzfunk, urban, etc., and the school, dance teachers have the same performance and experience. I want to know more about me. I can go to my website www.friendsjunctiondance.com,
    (3 Reviews)
    🏫AI STUDIO HK丨2015丨🏆Rich stage and teaching experience, award-winning tutors🎶Provide professional K-pop dance courses🕺 • 🎥Hong Kong’s first dance school to provide K-pop shooting courses🎥 ✨All 18 districts in Hong Kong assign tutors to designated locations Classes✨ ✨Welcome private 1:1/self-organized classes/community centers/schools/clubs and other teamwork✨ 👩‍🏫self-organized classes/private class courses👩‍🏫: (we can assign a tutor to a designated place for class) ✅ can choose Songs and flexible appointments for class time, region and number of classes ✅Remote and on-site teaching is possible✅The fee includes the Kwun Tong studio venue and a free shooting service 📍Dance studio address🏫: Kwun Tong Hongtu...
    (2 Reviews)
    Founded in 2006, Sano Dance Studio opened in 2006 and is conveniently located in Wanchai, Taikoo and Kwun Tong. It is only about 3 minutes walk from the nearby subway station. Sano Dance Studio is dedicated to designing slim and slim dance classes for ladies. Let you dance, draw the color, suitable for self-cultivation, you are the type, you are both the body to swing with the music, simple and easy to learn, and with the strong music rhythm, practice some beautiful dance moves, there are Systematic and targeted reduction of fat in different parts, large amount of exercise, can tighten muscle lines, shaping bodybuilding. Let women of all women become healthy, beautiful, confident and proud from the inside out! ==========...
  • Hey Girls Hong Kong
    The POWER of GIRL# 💕 Hong Kong Women Sports Comprehensive Platform, promoting women sports and communication, providing full-time class coaching, regularly updating event information, collecting various sports courses and offers!! Supporting women strength!! Supporting Hong Kong women's ports!!
  • SGM Dance Production
    Professional choreographers and dancers provide dance performances, product promotion, planning and dance training, various multi-class classroom master K-pop modern dance street dance jazz dance
  • Gear Attic
    It is committed to promoting performing arts and providing a wide range of art courses including dance classes, drama classes, Hawaiian classes, and other related performance services.
  • EasyCoach
    EasyCoach is a teaching platform that provides a complete teaching environment and facilities for instructors and students to teach and learn. Our Japanese language class will be taught by the star advisor Professor Ma Jinglun/Arnaldo: Michael Mae is an MS in Information Technology from the University of Portsmouth, UK. He studied in Japan and was awarded the title of “Cultural Education Specialist” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. Has Japanese language proficiency test - N1 qualification. Once worked in Japanese manuscript translation and proofreading. Translated animation works include Amazing Adventures of Magic Card and JoJo of Variety Sakura. Translation works of Japanese Drama include Mr. Kim Hachik. Since 00, he has been engaged in Japanese education. Arnaldo 08-2010 studied in Tokyo, Japan. After returning to Hong Kong, he began to teach Japanese.
  • cherie wong
    (2 Reviews)
    Now serving the performing arts industry, a former contemporary dance student
  • Sophia Lo, Aerial Art
    (1 Reviews)
    About Sophia Lo : - Aerial Art Director - Hammock Dance & Tricks Instructor and Trainer - Aerial Yoga Instructor - Stretching Yoga Instructor - Dance Choreographer - Performer Sophia Kayan is a co-founder & Aerial Art Director in her own studio - ...
  • EG dance
    (9 Reviews)
    Emilie is a dance instructor who focuses on physical training and basic skills training. She started her hip hop dance in the United States in 2010. After returning to Hong Kong, she was invited by artist Zhang Zhiheng and her partner to invite them in One plus studio. Teach and dance. In addition to her commitment to teaching dance, Emilie has also performed choreographies and dance performances for some companies and groups, and choreographed and danced at the ConnieTalbot "Gravity" World Tour Hong Kong Station in 2014. In 2014, in the Hong Kong Futang suffering songs and dances, the gala dinner led the young people to perform in dance, completed the YE in June 2016...
  • Ziberty Sports Studio
    Ziberty Sports Studio - Hong Kong's first Sports Studio, featuring fancy skipping, dancing, yoga and fitness (including functional training and personal trainer services), offers a wide range of sports courses for professionals of all ages to try professionally. Exercise experience and feel the joy of sports. What the classroom brings is not only the improvement of physical quality and skills, but also the new motivation for life through different types and levels of sports courses. We love sports, dare to challenge and be creative. We are also a former medium and small, university physical education teacher and former Hong Kong team head coach and former Hong Kong team member who graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • 大型專業舞蹈表演經驗者丨Ricky Wong
    Qualifications: Have taught at Dance Union@ Sunny Wong for 7 years (teaching age includes 5 years old or above) Special skills: Dance creation, Kpop, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Music editing. Performance experience: 2010 Standard Chartered Fun Carnival 2010 Shanghai Adidas fashion show 2010 荃加福禄寿 universe longest concert 2010 TVB 72 tenant shooting 2011 Guangzhou beauty in the flower city 2011 ACG Hong Kong video animation section performance guest 2011 Standard Chartered Art Fun Carnival 2012 Fu Lu Shou's years of laughter not to leave 3 brothers concert 2012 Guangzhou
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    Oct 16 2021
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    The teacher is very patient, attentive to class, and very professional. I hope I can study with the teacher for a long time and develop a good posture

    Oct 13 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The teacher has a good attitude and teaches the children to be serious and careful.

    Sep 29 2021
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    The teacher’s attitude is good, but unfortunately faced with financial problems at the time, I hope I can learn from the teacher again next time

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    Actual K-pop Dance Class Requests

    • "Wanna get a dance teacher for my daughter "

      Hong Kong- Sai Yin Pun

      What is the student's current K-Pop dance level?No experience
      How old is the student who wants to learn K-Pop dance?10 or below
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?One on one tutoring
    • "learn more advanced K-pop dancing skills "

      Hong Kong - Central

      What is the student's current K-Pop dance level?Intermediate
      How old is the student who wants to learn K-Pop dance?19-25 years old
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?Private Small Class (2-6 persons) (Non open to other students)
    • "want to train my dance team for an important performance "

      Kowloon - Kowloon City

      What is the student's current K-Pop dance level?Advanced
      How old is the student who wants to learn K-Pop dance?11-18 years old
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?Private Group Class (7 or above persons) (Non open to other students)

    About K-Pop Dance Class - Kpop Dancer, K pop Dance, Dance Class HK

    The Kpop dancers, Kpop dance instructors and Kpop dance studios on Toby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. The Kpop dance class covers choreography, melody composition, Kpop dance instruction, and even performance participation. Our platform not only refers Kpop dance instructors and dance schools, we provide their profile and portfolio for your reference. You can hire our Pros without worries.

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    What is Kpop dance?

    K-pop dance, short for korean pop dance. K-pop dances are influenced by different cultures, most commonly found genres include hip-hop, modern dance, Jazz, Popping, ballet, street dance, ballet. Kids and adult are both welcome to learn kpop dance. You can immitate your favourite Kpop star in no time!

    What are the benefits of Kpop dance?

    Alike other dance genres, Kpop dance brings a lot of benefits such as fitness and wellness, enhancing coordination and sense of rhythm, improving social skills and so on.. Study shows that k-pop fitness for 2 consecutive weeks can lose a lot of weight!

    What kind of qualifications do the Kpop dance instructors have?

    Currently there is no set of certification that is required for kpop dance instructors. However, you can assess the instructor by their past dance or teahcing experience and competition awards.

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