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  • Iris Actris
    (2 Reviews)
    公司成立 公司秘書 會計審計報稅 企業咨詢 上市 升學服務 會計補習 QP ACCA 大學課程 Company Formation, Company Secretarial, Accounting, Auditing, taxation, Business Consultancy, IPO, Educational, Training and Tutoring, Accounting
  • Tutor Circle 尋補
    Supreme Service
    (121 Reviews)
    Tutor Circle-Provide the most suitable tutor
  • Founder and Director in Hillstar Education
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    (71 Reviews)
    Founder and Director in Hillstar Education - Graduate of the School of Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong ( Journalism and Communication) - Graduated from St. Paul's Secondary School and Hang Seng Business College (now known as Hang Seng School of Management), and graduated from St. Paul's Lu Middle School has been ranked No. 1 for a long time - was selected as the 2008-2009 Hong Kong Outstanding Student, and continued to serve as a consultant of the "Hong Kong Outstanding Students Association" after joining the society - Served as a steering committee of the "Young Crop Academic Progress Award" to discover, commend and nurture young people Talents - Invited to many middle schools as keynote speakers and tutors for remedial classes,...
  • William Chan
    (1 Reviews)
    Hello everyone, my name is Will sir! I just graduated from a well-known UK university and am now working in an investment bank in Hong Kong. I originally studied in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. After DSE, I went to the UK to enter a university, majoring in Accounting and Finance. After graduation, I returned to Hong Kong to work. I myself like children, I have patience and love, and I also hope to communicate more with parents, and truly understand the needs of both parents and children. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time!
  • Miss Koey
    (1 Reviews)
    Female tutor: Koey Lai graduated from the Department of Economics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong with 8 years of Fufeng tutoring. The Economics and Accounting departments have achieved outstanding results in public trials. They have taught at large chain tutorial schools and day schools. Many of the students who have been taught come from prestigious schools, and both Chinese and English courses are available. He has thoroughly tested the business and has been patiently teaching, and has carefully deconstructed all previous public test questions and points. Welcome inquiry, whatsapp 623***82
  • Jumbo Tutor
    Silver Tier
    (5 Reviews)
    Gifted and Talented Private Tutors come to teach the concept of quality, professionalism and confidence: Gifted and Talented Support believes that every child can become an excellent and unique talent in the field of his expertise with proper training. The Gifted and Talented supplement encourages parents to learn more about and explore their children's expertise, and encourages children to develop their own interests, so that they can contribute to their respective areas of expertise in the future. Gifted and Talented Supplement believes that the most successful people in the world are not necessarily the ones who make the most money, but those who can achieve a balance in all aspects of life, including: relationships, health, personal interests, work, and family. Gifted and Talented Supplement hopes that in the process of growth, children will have the opportunity to explore their own potential and grow up healthily and happily. Become a healthy person in body, mind and spirit, and in the future can become a social...
  • Tutorland 香港補習中介平台
    (1 Reviews)
    Tutoring, if you want to do it, you must do the best! Hello! My name is Tutorland, a platform for parents and students to find tutors. My database has more than 1,000 tutors who have verified their qualifications. Successfully matched elite tutors for more than 300 parents and students! Do you have any special requirements for tutors? I will immediately find a suitable tutor than you. 1. Completely free —> We promise never to charge any referral or brokerage fees. 2. Excellent teachers—> More than 85% of the instructors have DSE 5* or above 3. Flexible classes—> The time, place, and subjects are determined by parents or students, highly flexible to suit your needs.
  • Full Time BAFS tutor
    5** in DSE BAFS Exam
  • 堅持為學生做到最好!...
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    (160 Reviews)
    🔥Keep doing the best for your students! 🔺Introduction to tutoring|Free private tutoring | Star-level revision service 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓 🔻Only the tutor’s first tuition fee is charged as an intermediary fee 🔸#private tutoring, #tutorjoining, #group tutoring can be registered on this website ,You can also leave information on IG Direct or WhatsApp 540***15, and we can carefully choose the most suitable for you! 👍 💯Government registration|Accumulated 6892 students served
  • Chloe Cheng
    Ms. Chloe Cheng | Bachelor of Laws, HKU | Economics, BAFS tutor | Straight As in HKALE Economics, Principles of Accounts, Business Studies, Chinese Language & Culture | A grade in HKCEE Economics | 5** in 2017 DSE Economics | 5** in 2017 DSE BAFS ...
  • Claire Lam
    DSE Economics 5*, BSFS 5, English 5. Graduate of English Studies UGC uni degree
  • Angel Lee
    (2 Reviews)
    Provide tutoring and related counseling, and can perform translation work in both Chinese and English. He has been engaged in audit work and can provide relevant individuals with tax returns for inquiries and assistance.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 202 reviews
    Aug 06 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Very friendly and approachable, teaching strategies are very good and effective in helping me improve my weak areas

    Jul 27 2022

    I can feel her enthusiasm from her teaching.

    Jul 26 2022

    Very capable and patient!

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    Actual BAFS Tutoring Requests

    • “Get ready for BAFS Exam”

      Hong Kong-Heng Fa Chuen

      How often would you like to meet?Once a week
      How long would you like the lessons to be?More than 2 hours
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Teach me some BAFS concepts
    • "BAFS tutorial class"

      New Territories-Fanling

      Which school year are you in?S.5
      Do you prefer 1 on 1 lesson or group lesson?Group Lessons
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Some BAFS exam skills
    • "Waiting for a BAFS teacher who would like to teach English module"

      New Territories-Ma On Shan

      What is the allocated language in your current BAFS course?English
      Do you prefer 1 on 1 lesson or group lesson?1 on 1 private lessons
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Explain and teach my daughter in Englsih.

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