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Featured BAFS Tutors

  1. BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutoring-Iris Actris
    Iris Actris
    • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutorial - BAFS Teacher - DSE BAFS Tutor-Tutor Circle 尋補
      Tutor Circle 尋補
    • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutoring-Whitney Too
      Whitney Too
      • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutorial - BAFS Teacher - DSE BAFS Tutor-William Chan
        William Chan
        • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutoring-Miss Koey
          Miss Koey
          • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutoring-Jumbo Tutor
            Jumbo Tutor
          • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutorial - BAFS Teacher - DSE BAFS Tutor-Tutorland 香港補習中介平台
            Tutorland 香港補習中介平台
            • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutoring-Full Time BAFS tutor
              Full Time BAFS tutor
              • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutorial - BAFS Teacher - DSE BAFS Tutor-TutorDuck-補習介紹
              • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutoring-Chloe Cheng
                Chloe Cheng
                • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutorial - BAFS Teacher - DSE BAFS Tutor-Claire Lam
                  Claire Lam
                  • BAFS Tutor - BAFS Tutoring-Angel Lee
                    Angel Lee

                    Actual BAFS Tutoring Requests

                    See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                    • “Get ready for BAFS Exam”

                      Lam Lam

                      Hong Kong-Heng Fa Chuen

                      How often would you like to meet?Once a week
                      How long would you like the lessons to be?More than 2 hours
                      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Teach me some BAFS concepts
                    • "BAFS tutorial class"

                      Wong Fung

                      New Territories-Fanling

                      Which school year are you in?S.5
                      Do you prefer 1 on 1 lesson or group lesson?Group Lessons
                      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Some BAFS exam skills
                    • "Waiting for a BAFS teacher who would like to teach English module"

                      Mrs Tong

                      New Territories-Ma On Shan

                      What is the allocated language in your current BAFS course?English
                      Do you prefer 1 on 1 lesson or group lesson?1 on 1 private lessons
                      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Explain and teach my daughter in Englsih.

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                    • 周芷攸
                      July 17, 2018

                    • Niki Yip
                      July 15, 2018


                    • 何汶霏
                      July 14, 2018

                    • Tammy Tam
                      July 13, 2018

                    • 黃修文
                      July 13, 2018

                    • yoyo
                      July 11, 2018

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